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Developer: David Johnston
Platform: Mac OS Classic
Released in EU: October 9, 1999

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Bloodlust is a Metroidvania platformer for Macintosh...


...As well as an experiment in something akin to distributed computing.

At the time of the game's release, a £1,000,000 prize was on offer for the first person to solve the Eternity puzzle. Despite one estimate that a million computers guessing randomly wouldn't solve it within the lifetime of the universe, Bloodlust used spare CPU cycles to give it the old college try.

A winning solution would have been dumped, in a format readable by the game's programmer, to a text file redeemable for half of the prize money. Since it's astronomically unlikely that anyone will ever trigger this naturally, here's the in-game message that would've been displayed:

This is important!!!
When you finish playing,
please read the Eternity
section in the help me file

(The contest was won in 2000 by a pair of mathematicians, so don't bother configuring your server farm to run SheepShaver.)