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Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

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Title Screen

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Developer: Revolution Software
Publishers: THQ (EU), The Adventure Company (US), 1C Company (RU), Marvelous Entertainment (JP)
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Windows, Xbox
Released in JP: September 30, 2004 (PlayStation 2)
Released in US: November 17, 2003 (Windows), December 2, 2003 (Xbox)
Released in EU: November 14, 2003
Released in RU: April 30, 2004 (Windows)

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon is the 3rd installment in the Broken Sword franchise. It brought the series to 3D and removed point-and-click elements.

Hidden Text

Some jokey credits are hidden at the end of data_00.pak.

Barry The Monkey

A six sided dice

Special Thanks to:
Mysterious Marvin??????
(Source: joostp)

Bink Video Player

The DATA.PAK file on the PS2 version of the game includes the entirety of the BINKW32.DLL file, which is used for video rendering on the Windows version.