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Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling (Nintendo 64)

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Title Screen

Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling

Developer: Point of View
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in US: December 23, 1999

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Unused Text

Present at 0x7B6AB0 in the ROM are the credits. The beginning has some commented out notes.

# Commented out lines start with a #, and are not printed
# First char is font (0..2, smallest to largest), second is style (A..)
# Totally empty lines are implicitly the same size as a 0A line without text.
# Styles are as follows:
# A:.Standard w/ drop
# B:.Standard no drop
# C:.Highlight w/ drop
# D:.Highlight no drop
# E:.Black
# F:.White w/ drop
# G:.White no drop
# H:.Yellow w/ drop
# I:.Yellow no drop
# Lines prepended by a P are PSX specific, W are Win95 specific

And at the end is one more commented out line.

# To keep things happy, make sure there's a linefeed at the end of the file - NM 6/5/98
(Source: Ferrox)

Development Text

80077F04 1asdstpl
80077F18 1ah1a
80077F20 1as1a
80077F28 1ah2a
80077F30 1as2a
80077F38 1ah3a
80077F40 1ah1b
80077F48 1as1b
80077F50 1ah1c
80077F58 1ah1d
80077F60 1ah1e
80077F68 1asdstpr
80077F98 cbsdstp
80077FA0 cbappr
80077FA8 cbh1a
80077FB0 cbs1a
80077FB8 cbh2a
80077FC0 cbs2a
80077FC8 cbh3a
80077FD0 cbh1b
80077FD8 cbs1b
80077FE0 cbh1c
80077FE8 cbh1d
80077FF0 cbh1e
80078108 tinyfont
80078114 bigfont
8007811C hugefont
80078194 tvfb_r
800781A4 tvfb_ul
800781AC tvfb_ll
800781B4 s_meter
800781BC wdacc
800781C4 wdpwr
800781CC lane10
800781D4 lane01
800781DC l_pinspt
800781E8 l_arrow
800781F0 l_spot
800781F8 l_guttr
80078200 ovhdarow
8007820C shdng01
80078214 shdng02
8007821C vcr01
80078224 vcr02
8007822C vcr03
80078234 vcr04
8007823C vcr05
80078244 vcr06
8007824C vcr07
80078254 vcr08
8007825C vcr09
80078264 prac01
8007826C prac02
80078274 prac03
8007827C prac04
80078284 blend
8007829C pyramid
800782AC tophat
800782B4 metertl
800782BC meterbod
800782C8 metertip
800782D4 mtlflip
800782DC mbodflip
800782E8 mtipflip
800782F4 meterclt
80078300 refpal
800783C8 sbl_a1
800783D0 sbl_a2
800783D8 sbl_b1
800783E0 sbl_b2
800783E8 sbl_c1
800783F0 sbl_c2
800783F8 sbl_d1
80078400 sbl_d2
80078408 sbl_e1
80078410 sbl_e2
80078418 sbl_f1
80078420 sbl_f2
80078440 ma_ai
80078448 cb_ai
80078450 pb_ai
80078458 sj_ai
80078460 jp_ai
80078468 rw_ai
80078470 ww_ai
80078480 al%02d_
80078488 ar%02d_
80078494 fkonepin
800784A8 fkpins
800784B0 fkpinsr
800784B8 pointer
800784C0 pinring
800784C8 pinspot
800784D0 lolane
800784D8 lnarrows
800784E4 ln_strip
800784F0 underlane
800784FC hghdhg
80078504 lrhdhg
8007850C hghdrr
80078514 pillar
8007851C ballrtrn
80078528 mskngtp
80078530 msktext
80078538 fakelnl
80078540 fakelnr
80078548 fakedvl
80078550 fakedvr
80078558 lmskngbt
8007856C lapproac
80078578 lleftcrw
80078584 lrghtcrw
80078590 lrearcrw
8007859C lleftwal
800785A8 lrghtwal
800785B4 lrearwal
800785C0 lchairs
800785C8 lbanners
800785D4 lceiling
800785E0 rmskngbt
800785F4 rapproac
80078600 rleftcrw
8007860C rrghtcrw
80078618 rrearcrw
80078624 rleftwal
80078630 rrghtwal
8007863C rrearwal
80078648 rchairs
80078650 rbanners
8007865C rceiling
80078F00 face_ma
80078F08 face_cb
80078F10 face_pb
80078F18 face_sj
80078F20 face_jp
80078F28 face_rw
80078F30 face_ww
80078F38 contset1
80078F44 contset2
80078F50 contset3
80078F5C tl_dsc
80078F64 tl_z3
80078F6C tl_sn
80078F74 tl_jpo
80078F7C tl_toc
80078F84 tl_tpc
80078F8C tl_mo
80078F94 tl_sm
80078F9C tl_tc
80078FA4 oil_blnd
80078FB0 oil_flat
80078FBC oil_pmid
80078FC8 oil_pmid
80078FD4 oil_toph
80078FE0 credits
80079010 options
80079018 trophy
80079020 vidadj
80079028 donot
80079030 cosmic
80079038 stars
80079040 phones
80079048 bcreate
80079050 newgame
80079058 openplay
80079064 practice
80079070 career
80079078 money
80079080 addcpu
80079088 yearbook
80079094 credit
8007909C memcardi
800790A8 n64ctrl
80079754 oil__end
80079760 bigfont
80079768 tinyfont
80079774 hugefont
80079780 n64_abtn
8007978C n64_bbtn
80079798 n64btndn
800797A4 n64btnlf
800797B0 n64_dirbtn
800797BC n64btnrt
800797C8 memcard
800797D0 carticon
800797DC psx_box
800797E4 sarrow
800797EC sbttns
800797F4 bword
800797FC bword01
80079804 btitle
8007980C bsquare3
80079A6C 1_b%c%c%c
80079AC0 _1a_gfa
80079C60 \n64\bowling\source\loaddump_%d.txt
80079C84 $%x - %s
80079C90 size=%d
80079C98 next=$%x
80079F58 atan2
8007AAA8 \t(\tP\tx
80089074 \ninterruptQX
801C8978 ipinbot
801C8998 ipinwht
801C89B8 ipinfnt
801C89D8 ipinbak
801C89F8 ipinbak
801C8A18 lane06
801C8A38 rball03a
801C8A58 zball03
80204188 1_at_fab
803D4770 N64 PtrTablesV2