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Bugs:Alien 3 (Game Boy)

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This page details bugs of Alien 3 (Game Boy).

Ammo Glitch

In this version of Alien 3, there is a glitch that happens when you equip a non-ammo-consuming weapon and there are no more ammo clip pickups available.

For this to happen:

  • The Cattle Prod must be part of your inventory.
  • All seven ammo clips must be picked up.

When this happens, you will automatically get a Game Over, even if you still have ammo for weapons.

In the game, there is a counter that tracks how many ammo pickups there are. Normally, when that reaches zero and you are completely out of ammo, you get a Game Over. When equipping the Cattle Prod, your current ammo and current clips values are both set to zero (The data is also kept on another set of bytes that are related to the menu screen). The game only appears to look at the current values and not the menu values, which triggers the premature Game Over.

This bug becomes null and void once all the xenomorphs (save the Queen) have been eliminated, since the check is no longer in place. The same check also applies to Flamethrower fuel and Eggs.

Inventory Drop Glitch

There is a byte in the game that tracks how much 'stuff' is in a room (Inventory you can pick up, prisoners & aliens on the screen, projectiles, etc.) The value raises or drops by 4 (Some inventory items count as 8) depending on what is active, has been picked up. When the byte reaches 0x9C, the room has reached maximum capacity and nothing else can be added.

The glitch occurs when you pick up an item. The byte does not decrease when you pick up an item, but it will increase when you drop one. It is possible to keep picking up and dropping an item to reach 9C, at which point you will receive a "TOO MUCH STUFF" message and will no longer be able to drop anything.

This is not permanent and there are a couple ways to clear this value. Both of these reset the byte to it's proper value.

  • Exit and re-enter a room.
  • Wait for a prisoner / alien to leave the room.

You can also fire your weapon, though this sets the byte to a very low number until something else resets it.