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Bugs:Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (Arcade)

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This page details bugs of Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (Arcade).

Circuit Scrapper Impact Sound

Huitzil's Circuit Scrapper command grab causes no impact sound when the thrown opponent hits the ground. This was fixed in 2022's Capcom Fighting Collection.

Juggle Restand

If an opponent is put into a juggle-capable midair hit reel, and is then hit with a follow-up attack on the exact frame they touch the ground, they will go into a standing hit reel state. Various infinite combos are possible as a result.

Invisible Demitri

If Player 1 Demitri is grabbed during the moment his Bat Spin briefly turns him invisible by Player 2 Demitri's Midnight Pleasure super, he will remain invisible indefinitely. Performing Bat Spin again will allow Player 1 to reappear.

Free ES Death Hurricane

With proper timing, if Lord Raptor cancels a normal attack that will put him at full super meter into a Death Hurricane, he will perform the ES version of the move without depleting the meter.

Anakaris j.LP Psuedo-Combo

If Anakaris's jumping light punch hits the opponent in a particular way as he is in the rising portion of the jump, it will behave strangely (the opponent will immediately appear to block the attack after having been hit by it) and incorrectly increase the value of the combo counter display for the next combo he performs.

Unblockable Darkness Illusion

If used at point-blank range against an opponent standing up from a knockdown or landing from a midair hit reel, Morrigan's Darkness Illusion super will be unblockable.

Sasquatch c.LK Float

Sasquatch's crouching light kick includes a small hopping movement. If Sasquatch cancels this normal into a special, the special will be performed slightly elevated from the ground, and he will remain there after it is finished, free to walk or perform other moves while elevated above the ground. This can be repeated multiple times to bring him even higher.

Forced Cancel

If the input to chain a normal attack into another normal is immediately followed by the input for a special move, the special move will be prioritized and come out in lieu of the chained normal. This effectively makes all light and medium ground normals cancellable.

Huitzil Crouching Hitstun

Huitzil's crouching hitstun animations are flagged as standing rather than crouching, meaning that any ground combo started against a crouching Huitzil will force him into standing hitstun from the second hit onwards.

Huitzil Split Juggle

Huitzil's midair split-in-half animation retains a hurtbox, allowing for follow-up juggle attacks from any attack that causes it. This would persist in the sequel.

Jumping Normal Hitstun Extension

Seemingly a side effect of the ability to cancel jumping light normals into other midair normals, if a medium or hard attack button is pressed on the exact frame that a jumping light attack hits, its hitstun will be lengthened to that of the respective button.

Post Air Block Re-Hitting

It is possible for a single attack with a long enough active phase to be air blocked by an opponent and then connect with them once again after they have reached the ground.