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Bugs:Final Fantasy VI

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This page details bugs of Final Fantasy VI.

Rippler bug

The move Rippler is intended to swap status effects between the caster and the target. However, an unintended side effect is that it also swaps a handful of special cases that are implemented as status effects in the game's code but were never actually intended to be accessible to the player. This includes:

  • Magitek (wearing the Magitek armor e. g. in the prologue or during the short sequence in Cyan's dreams).
  • Petrify
  • KO
  • Critical (this allows any character, even if not on low HP, to perform a desperation attack)
  • Dance
  • Rage
  • Frozen
  • Morph
  • Control
  • Hidden (used when the character is hidden e. g. by having Jumped in the air or by being ejected out of the battle by Sneeze or BabaBreath)
  • Interceptor Guard (this allows Shadow's dog to be swapped over to other characters or even Shadow to lose Interceptor permanently if an enemy targets him with Rippler)

This bug was fixed for the mobile (iOS/Android) ports of the game.