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Bugs:Game Builder Garage

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This page details bugs of Game Builder Garage.

Teleporting Extending Objects Growth

A bug from Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit is also present in Game Builder Garage and works the same way.

Call up an Extending Object, then place a Teleport Entrance right inside the Extending Object, then take a Teleport Exit and rotate it (-120 or 120 degrees are a good spot) either in the X, Y, or Z axis and make sure the teleport physics are set to Reset. When the Extending Object is being teleported multiple times to a rotated exit, the Extending Object will drastically grow in size (even though there are no inputs being used in the Nodon) and will allow scaling beyond 10 meters (which is the max size for Object Nodon) and Touch Sensor Nodon will not be affected in its glitched size. If the Teleport Exit is rotated in two axes (e.g. X=-120, Z=120) rather than one, the shape of the box will also be distorted and can shape like a parallelogram. If it is grown too much, the Extending Object will get deleted. The Extending Object will go back to normal size if grabbed using a Hand Nodon.

This is best used with an On Start and a Timer Nodon set to output after 0 seconds and for 0.4 seconds long: connect the On Start to the Timer, then the Timer to its Teleport Entrance. This trick is useful for easily creating a water surface instead of just repeating Box Objects.

(Source: Devan Wolf on Twitter)