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Bugs:Kirby Star Allies

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This page details bugs of Kirby Star Allies.

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Guest Star Kirby

In "Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!", Kirby is not a selectable character; only Friends and Dream Friends are playable characters...hence the name.

However, if no continue save is present up to version 2.0.0 of the game, it is possible to play as Kirby by touching the area of the screen between the "New Game" and "Best Time" selection. As this requires the touch screen, this must be performed in Handheld or Tabletop Mode.

At any point during gameplay as normal Kirby, the description for Kirby's current ability in the pause menu is displayed as "(未せってい)" ("not configured" or "not set"), possibly a leftover from earlier in development. It is the only non-localized string of text that appears in the game when played in English. During the end credits, the name of the Friend corresponding to the ability Kirby last used or is currently using is displayed, rather than “Guest Star Kirby”.

This interesting glitch is effectively removed in version 3.0.0, thanks to the introduction of saved games on a per-character basis, thus keeping the Continue button on the main menu at all times after starting the mode once, blocking the glitch.