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Bugs:Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

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This page details bugs of Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals.
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Due to a rushed localization effort, Lufia II is rife with many unusual bugs ranging from insignificant to save-corrupting.

General Game Glitches

Equip Menu L/R Text Glitch

A very minor bug. When in the Equip menu, if a piece of equipment exceeds a certain length of characters, it will bleed over when the L or R button is pushed to move to a different character. This is because the text was only meant to be a certain (Japanese) length and the code was not amended during localization to account for longer strings.

Option Screen Music Selection Glitch (the "Level 0 Bug")

A major and well-known glitch. It's possible in the NA version to scroll the sound selection past Monaural to a glitch setting which will cause major game corruption.

100 Hours Playtime Wraparound Glitch

The game clock is not set to stop at 99:59 play time, and will overflow to 100:00 ("resetting" by displaying only 00:00).

Battle Drop Report Glitch

Occasionally the game will "forget" to display the text for an item drop.

Max HP Wraparound Glitch

If you use Great Potions etc to boost all of your characters' current HP over 999 and save, it will corrupt the save file slightly.

Ancient Cave Stairs Restart Glitch

If you manage to die while on a down stairs, the game will reset all your stats while allowing you to proceed to the next floor of the Ancient Cave. This is almost always fatal.

Free Inn Glitch

The game ignores not having enough gold for staying at the Inn. Rather, a routine was never programmed!

Ancient Cave Surface Chest Dragon Egg Loss Glitch

Not really a bug; you can take the bonus chests in the Ancient Cave with you if you grab them before talking to the entry guy. This means you can take any Dragon Egg that has spawned there (the chests here are stupidly, if not erroneously, flagged to be able to carry Dragon Eggs) into the dungeon (and since it isn't flagged as a "blue chest" item, it won't come out).

Shrine of Vengeance Battle Background Glitch

An oversight. The B1 uses the Dungeon tileset, but still uses the Shrine battle background.

White Dragon Palette Bug

To do:
Show the ingame and fixed palette.

The White Dragon enemy in the Tower of Truth and Gratze Kingdom dungeons is using the incorrect palette.

Erim Sprite Bug

The REAL hidden ending.

In the Alunze Basement Dungeon, enter the large room behind the crumbled wall and pick up the pot inside. Next you'll need to position an enemy so that it will move in front of you as soon as you lower the pot (this is easiest to do with the frogs). Drop the pot and enter battle, then run away. Immediately pick up the pot, and the frog sprite will have become the human-sized Erim sprite. This also affects other enemies e.g. mushrooms become a red hook sprite, and scorpions become a mushroom sprite. It will remain this way until you kill the enemy or make a hard level change (i.e. take a staircase). Also Maxim is now balancing the pot on his head.

Statue Item Bug

Occasionally using the "Statue" item can crash the game. The reason behind this is unknown.

Tablose Dialogue Bug

After Daos, the Master of Terror, destroys the city of Chaed, the NPC in Durale's cafe that talks about the famed cider called Tablose has a glitched dialogue. It is unknown whether this bug happens before the city of Chaed gets destroyed. In the glitched dialogue, the date 24 November 1996 is mentioned. This date may be when the Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals game was published in Europe and North America, or when the NPC dialogue was typed at the time.

Battle Glitches

Mirror Scripting Bug

All enemies that could possibly cast Mirror (Sly Fox is one) will only cast it if Mirror is cast on itself. A recursive bug.

Erim's Unused Spells

Due to a scripting error, Erim cannot use the spells Eerie Light, Zap and Thunder. Eerie Light is a unique spell that can remove all of the player's buffs.

Copper Dragon / Ninja's Unintended Vulnerabilities

These two enemies have no resistances, period, due to another script error.

IP Skill Bugs

Many IP skills don't scale correctly with maximum HP/MP, or when HP goes over 999.

Target-All Weapons Negate Confusion Effects

The weapons that target all enemies (Launcher, Coma Hit, Stun Gun and Arty's Bow) will always hit the enemy, even when the user is confused.

Bolt Fish Lockup

If the Bolt Fish runs out of MP and casts the "Confuse" spell, it will result in an infinite loop because of a script error.

Egg Dragon Easy Kill

Since the Egg Dragon has the highest HP possible, at 65535 HP (the maximum for an unsigned 16-bit integer), it's very easy to kill him by using a weak healing item such as Charred Newt on him while at full health, which overflows his HP over to a very low amount, then attacking him.

Master Jelly Easy Kill

The Master Jelly's "victory" state for the player side only takes into account that the script for ending the battle after 10 turns was interrupted, rather than the player actually winning against the boss. Ergo, you can wipe out your own party ASAP and win the fight anyway.

Nosferato's Healing Failure

Nosferato tries to restore HP every once in awhile with its "Contact" spell, but will always fail because the enemy is programmed to have the "Undead" flag.

Ex Boomerang Elemental Bug

The Ex Boomerang is a different elemental than the first two boomerang items. (FIXME: Find out what element).

Octo-Strike Elemental Bug

The eighth strike of Octo-Strike will default to a certain element (FIXME: Find out what element).

Idura MP Bug

If Idura runs out of MP somehow, because of a script error he will still try (and fail) to cast his Idura Thunder spell.

Layout and Dungeon Glitches

Bound Kingdom Northern Labyrinth B3 Bomb Puzzle Soft Hang

Lufia2 rising bridge bug diagram.pngLufia2 rising bridge bug.gif

If you light the bombs in a particular order the game will soft hang by an error of the bridge rising past its expected point and into the ceiling. To initiate the glitch, bomb spot 1. Then, very quickly bomb spots 2 through 5 in order without stopping. The puzzle should complete, but the bridge will rise above the ground.

Go through the Wall in Gratze's Basement Dungeon

A layout error. Near the switch to the Basement Key you can walk south through the wall with no glitches needed!

Ferim Northeast Tower "Walk on Air" Glitch

Lufia2 ferim tower bug.png

On 4F, before the boss, there is a puzzle involving moving platforms and arrow switches. First off, do a clean rotation around the room riding the platforms first, and head back to the start without using Reset or leaving the room. Step on the first platform without hitting anything. Hit the switch on the next solid area so it points down. Step on the upper platform and it won't move. However, if you enter and exit the menu, then move right, you can move off the platform into thin air. Apparently the platform's tile data isn't reset properly and since the game relies entirely on blocking metatile data to prevent the player from escaping out of bounds (in other words all tiles are by default walkable), you can walk all around the area without fail.

Daos Shrine (Doom Castle) "Walk on Air" Glitch

In the room where you fight Erim, it is possible (yet again) to bypass the natural clipping. In the upper-right corner of this room are two locations where you can walk out of bounds.

You can also bypass the clipping in places in the Mystic Stone areas.

Escape the Ancient Tower Bug

You are able to escape the Ancient Tower after Maxim separates from the group to save Parcelyte from sinking.

Ancient Cave Bad Room "Void" Glitch

The Ancient Cave procedural generation isn't infallible; sometimes a door will lead into the void. If you travel too far away from the physical version of the cave, you won't be able to get back. The only option then is to reset or use the Providence item.

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