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Bugs:Mega Man (NES)

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This page details bugs of Mega Man (NES).

Graphical Errors

In-Game Fixed
Gutserror.PNG Gutserror-fix.PNG

One of Guts Man's animation frames uses the wrong tiles, resulting in one of his hands appearing to be cut off.

In-Game Fixed
Megaman1-roll-ingame.png Megaman1-roll-fix.png

While Roll's sprite in the ending of the game does feature sclerae, they are loaded with an odd, ill-fitting yellow colour that makes them very difficult to make out against her skin. Since they use the same palette as Mega Man and Dr. Light's faces, it can be assumed that this palette was arranged differently earlier in development, and since Roll only appears in one location, her eye sprite was simply overlooked.

Gameplay Errors

  • If there is a ladder at the bottom of the screen, and you can get to the top of the screen above the ladder, you will climb the ladder from the top of the screen, warping you to the bottom.
  • If you get hit into Cut Man's boss room, the knockback will send you further than intended, which puts you inside the blocks, and pressing jump from inside the blocks will zip you out to the right.
  • Pressing down & shoot above a ladder will put Mega Man slightly above the usual climbable area. From here, pressing up will get you stuck inside the wall, and will zip you to the edge of the screen. When used in the correct way, it can get the Magnet Beam without the Super Arm.
  • If you hit an enemy with a weapon and press select to pause, their invincibility timer doesn't pause with it, allowing weapons like the Thunder Beam to kill bosses like the Yellow Devil in one use.
  • If you hit a Flying Shell with the Ice Slasher and scroll it off screen while the enemy is still frozen, it will stop reappearing.
  • If you get hit at the same time as Wily Machine's first phase dies, and repeatedly press start, you will get knocked back into the top left corner. Press left and you get put back into the previous room, except the graphics are incorrect. In fact, you can re-enter the boss room and fight him again, and it can be done over and over until Mega Man runs out of health and dies.
  • If you land on the ground after the final hit on the second phase of the Wily Machine (easily done with Rolling Cutter) and walk to the left, you will be in the "anti-chamber", unable to move. This is, once again, the previous room, but your movement is locked after you kill the second phase of Wily Machine, so you're just stuck there. The only way out is to reset.
  • Some effects of this glitch may have dangerous effects to certain individuals, such as triggering epileptic fits. Use at your own risk. In Ice Man's Stage, go to the highest part of the first screen, and jump to the top of the screen while rapidly pressing left & right. It has a variety of effects, such as resetting to the title screen, freezing the game, spawning mangled graphics, spawning random enemies, adjusting the ice physics to make you go really fast, spawning bosses like the Yellow Devil, instantly finishing the stage and changing the graphics. The graphics changing can range from minor palette changes to completely breaking the graphics, which is one of the effects of letting the glitch finish the stage.