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Bugs:Mortal Kombat (Arcade)

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This page details bugs of Mortal Kombat (Arcade).

Johnny Cage Multi-Head Fatality

If the player performs Johnny Cage's Fatality (F, F, F, HP, Close) and then immediately does it again, and the victim is either Johnny Cage, Kano, Sub-Zero, or Scorpion, Cage will uppercut twice and two heads will come out.

This glitch was famous enough that Mortal Kombat II added a Fatality for Cage where three heads come out.

Reptile Bonus Score Handling

When Reptile is defeated, the player is supposed to receive a 10,000,000-point bonus. However, due to an error in the assembly instruction that handles this, if Reptile is defeated as Player 1 only 2,000,000 points will actually be awarded, as the subsequent calls for the remainder erroneously write to Player 2's score instead.

The SNES version is the only known port that fixed this bug.

(Source: Jason Shearer, Phil Benett (MAME Testers))