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Bugs:Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

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This page details bugs of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

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This game is infamous for being riddled with bugs.

Sonic's Action Gauge

It is widely known that Sonic's upgrades, the Gems, do not work correctly, never draining the gauge when used. However, this issue was caused by a simple naming mistake - the Gems attempt to decrease the wrong variable! In release, the string "c_gauge_(gem)" is used, but the correct one is "c_(gem)". Once all occurrences of this incorrect string in player.arc are fixed, the Action Gauge for all Gems (including the Rainbow Gem, oddly enough) will drain as intended. The correct behaviour can be seen in the Xbox Live Arcade Demo.

Loading Screen Fading

Even the loading screens, probably the most infamous elements of this game, aren't rendered properly! The text is supposed to fade out, but HUD elements and the 3D models end up rendering over it in the retail game. The intended effect can be seen the Xbox Live Arcade Demo.

PRESS START Sound Inconsistency

When hitting Start on the game's title screen, the sound 00_pressstart.aif is played. However, playing this sound back through a third-party application reveals that it's slightly faster and is slowed and pitched down in the retail game for an unknown reason - the sample rate remains the same.

Original In-Game

Silver's Grind Trick

Silver has a rail trick animation, but due to a typo in his PKG file, he never uses it, resulting in a rail trick with him only making the sound and a small jerk of motion before he returns to his standard grinding animation.

Broken Point Lights

Incorrect Behaviour Correct Behaviour
Sonic06 bugs kdv point light incorrect.jpg Sonic06 bugs kdv point light correct.jpg

This game is decorated with a lot of light sources, prominently in Kingdom Valley with all of the torches around the stage. Unfortunately, due to a bug with the renderer, the point lights often aren't drawn and are pretty much absent to the casual player who wouldn't notice they were ever there to begin with. They tend to flicker on and off, depending on the camera angle, and are yet to be fixed via modding.