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Bugs:The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

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This page details bugs of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

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Given the bugged nature of the game, it isn't surprising there a ton of glitches in the game. This is even after applying a ton of patches.

The Void

Not fixed in any version

The most famous bug in Daggerfall, where the player is accidentally moved outside the game's boundaries. An easy way to do this is going up to the bookcase in the Privateer's Hold, holding the look around key, and moving the mouse down.

Guards in the Void

Not fixed in any version

A similar bug is that standing in front of a door while inside someone else's house and trying to rest will cause guards to spawn outside of the room's boundaries. This best works when in a smaller house.


Fixed in Version 1.80 and newer

Trying to use the Wabbajack in versions 1.04.191 and earlier will crash the game. Later versions fixed this crash.

Disappearing Rewards

Not fixed in any version

In Lysandus' Revenge, any rewards from Barenziah, Eadwyre or Helseth will disappear.

Fame to never be had

Not fixed in any version

The player can give the totem to the King of Worms in the last story quest, "Who Gets the Totem" (Quest ID: S0000008). They are supposed to be rewarded with much high reputation for a bunch of different guilds, schools, temples, and many other parties. However, this is simply never given to the player due to an oversight.