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Bugs:Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3

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This page details bugs of Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3.

Whirlwind Fanfare

To fight Whirlwind Fanfare, the player is required to have the maximum allowed limit of CP (money). In the US release, the game's currency is adjusted to be pegged to dollars instead of yen (i.e. divided by 100); however, money-related wanderer (non-team opponents that can be fought when certain conditions are met) requirements were not adjusted; as a result, it is impossible to race Whirlwind Fanfare in that version without a maximum money cheat in the American version of the game, and as all opponents must be defeated to race the final boss, the final boss is locked out.

Because of this bug, money in following localizations of Shutokou/Kaido Battle games are no longer pegged to dollars, instead keeping yen pegging.