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Burai Fighter Deluxe

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Title Screen

Burai Fighter Deluxe

Also known as: Burai Senshi Deluxe (JP)
Developer: KID
Publishers: Taito (JP), Taxan (US), Nintendo (EU)
Platform: Game Boy
Released in JP: June 27, 1990
Released in US: January 1991
Released in EU: 1991

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

To do:
There are unused item graphics.

Disabled Cheat Code

Game Genie code 01D-95F-E6A (Japan) or 015-52E-E6A (international) will re-enable an invincibility cheat: On the stage number screen, hold Up + Left + B and press A or Start.

(Source: cah4e3)

Regional Differences

Japan US/Europe
BuraiFighterDeluxeJP Title.png BuraiFighterDeluxe Title.png

The international version adds a VS mode.

Japan US/Europe
BuraiFighterDeluxeJP Pass.png BuraiFighterDeluxe Pass.png

The international version's password system lacks vowels, as was common in many other games at the time.