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Carnivores Ice Age

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Title Screen

Carnivores Ice Age

Developer: Action Forms
Publishers: WizardWorks Software, Infogrames
Platform: Windows
Released in US: January 15, 2001

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Carnivores Ice Age takes the player away from the tropical jungles of Carnivores 1 and 2 and tosses them into the polar icecaps of the planet Carnivores takes place on. While it essentially uses the Carnivores 2 engine, the engine is enhanced with things like snow and new animal AI, along with a host of prehistoric mammals and a big ass flightless bird, plus one cryptid as a secret bonus. It was remade by Tatem Games for the iOS and Android. Beatshapers also did a PSN port as well. The game is unique to the series because all of the huntable animals in the game are dangerous, including ones listed as not dangerous.

Debug Mode

Carnivores Ice Age has a debug mode and it's the same as Carnivores 2's and will not be gone over as a result.

Carnivores 1 Leftovers

Also the same as Carnivores 2's.

The Poacher

The poacher is a model unique to Carnivores Ice Age. Unfortunately, it's also unused. The unused model is still in the directory of the final game and due to a possible goof on a developer's part, also still in the iOS version's files as well, also currently unused there but that could change if the fanbase begs enough on Carnivores' official Facebook page.

The poacher uses the Hunter corpse model as a base but has unique animations, plus a double barrel shotgun as part of his model. It is unknown why he was scrapped still but many theories have been made including the developers simply running out of time and/or them having a hard time coding a ranged attack for an AI where as all the other AI's use close quarters. There's also a possibility the ranged attack was deemed cheap due to the Carnivores engine kills being executed on the player on one hit from other AI's.

This is the Poacher.

While it isn't known exactly why it was scrapped, the purpose was revealed by a programmer at Tatem games who came onto the Carnivores fan forums to talk about the development of Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter back in 2010. Since parts of the original Action Forms Team work at both Tatem games and Beatshapers, he was able to get into contact and find out. Here is the quote from him:

"Poacher was planned to be a bonus enemy. When you get a lot of score or get trophy room filled with trophies (for example) it could randomly appear on the map and hunt you. But for some reason it didn't come into the game." - Dimitry Nechay

Even though he has no AI, his model is fully animated. If one replaces the Pig with him in the RES, a ton of midget poachers will appear instead of the pig. His animation order matches the Pig's AI perfectly. However, since the Pigs are programmed to be cowardly ambient creatures, the poachers will run away from the player.