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Castle Quest (NES)

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Title Screen

Castle Quest

Developer: Tomcat System
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Platform: NES
Released in JP: May 18, 1990

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Various Debug Tests

Enter any of the following Japanese words as a Player 1 name in any game mode. (Note that nigori and panigori symbols should be entered separately.)

  • たろっと (Tarot) - Tarot cards viewer
  • でも (Demo) - Demo sequence viewer
  • くみんしーど (Kumin Seed) - Ending sequence
  • もりきゅう (Wood 9) - Special round
  • よこがお (Profile) - Character viewer
  • さしえ (Illustration) - Picture viewer
  • とらんぷ (Playing cards) - Playing cards viewer

Debug Monitor

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More parameters and menus.
Castle Quest (NES)-debug.png

Enter the Japanese word もにたー ([Debug] Monitor) as a Player 1 name. You can watch the RAM area from $0200 to $600 with all the info about the RAM variable function, and can change a lot of parameters.

From left to right, the headings are アドレス (Address), コマンド (Command), and データ (Data). トーン means "tone".

Use Up / Down to select the desired RAM address. Press A / B to enter and Up / Down to navigate the menus.

Easter Eggs

Programmer's Daughter

Castle Quest (NES)-easter0.png

Enter the Japanese word おおくほななこ (Ookubo Nanako) as Player 1's name. A young girl will appear and give a speech:

Japanese English





I'm Nanako


I was born on
Feb. 11th, the
day Japan was founded.

That's easy to remember,
isn't it? Teehee.

Please enjoy my
dad's games!

As indicated below, the programmer's name is Ookubo Ryouichi, who had in 1985 worked on developing the NES Battle City with the small software company Tomcat Systems. That game has an Easter egg noting that the game was "WRITTEN BY OPEN-REACH WHO LOVES NORIKO", while the title screen of this game has a copyright for "OPR", presumably short for "OPEN-REACH".

The games are separated by five years, and present in this game is the nearly-three-year-old daughter of the programmer.

One-Eyed Woman

Castle Quest (NES)-easter1.png

Enter the Japanese word なかしままさと (Nakashima Masato) as a Player 1 name. A small one-eyed woman will walk onscreen and shout "ま!".

Unused Text

A small copyright text string is hidden inside located at 0x18010 in the ROM:


The following text is located at 0x1FFF4 in the ROM: