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Title Screen


Developer: Cauldron
Publisher: JoWooD Productions
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: August 30, 2003

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Chaser is an FPS running on Cauldron's CloakNT engine. Follow John Chaser as he chases his way through a revenge plot.

Development Text

Included in the game files are templates for weapon and AI scripts, as well as descriptions for commands.

Unused AI Features

Three of the property tags in the AI script files go unused:

	HearSensitivityRatio = FLOAT	// ratio scales volume of sound, which can bot hear
					// when 0.0 bot hear nothink
					// when 1.0 bot hear like player = react on every sound above X decibels
					// possible to be bigger than 1.0
	FeelSphereRange = FLOAT		// range of 'feel sensor', within that distance bot can 'feel' everythink
	SeeSphereRange = FLOAT		// range of visual sensor, max. distance in which bot can somethink see

This property tag is detailed in the template file for AI, but is left blank in the actual scripts.

	// ??? maybe unused ???

This tag apparently does nothing, and is left blank in the AI scripts.

	// some parameter which influence type of fight - hiding, etc...

This tag is left exactly the same in the scripts.

Unused Objects

Weapons can be added to the player's inventory by running the game with the -console command and pressing (`) in-game to open the console.


\cht_weapon dummy_gun

"Dummy_Gun" is evidently an early testing gun. Its model file is blank, but it uses hand anims for the AKSU 74, meaning that the player will position their hands for a gun that cannot be seen. It has no sound files and no icon, so it will not show up in inventory, although it can still be switched to. In terms of power, it has a fast firerate, moderate damage, and only minor vertical recoil, making it overpowered compared to other weapons. However, its aim is off, so it is somewhat difficult to use properly. It also has no secondary mode and cannot be switched to semi-auto. Its maximum capacity is 2000 rounds (1000 clip + 1000 reserve).


\cht_weapon stungrenade

Unlike the multiplayer-only flash grenade, the stun grenade goes unused in all modes. It has a similar shape and function to the flash grenade, but only slightly obscures the screen while also deafening the target. It has no effect on single player bots, as it, like the flash grenade, can only do armor damage.



All of the guns used by turrets in the game can be obtained as functioning weapons. like dummy_gun, all turret guns are missing a picture, although some do have a mortar-like weapon model that lacks reload anims, and all have sounds.

\cht_weapon sentrygun_electro

The least functional of the guns, this one fires one electro round every three seconds, making it impractical against even the weakest enemies. It uses the mortar model and holds 1000+1000 bullets.

\cht_weapon sentrygun_gatling

Fires a fairly accurate stream of bullets at a machinegun rate. It uses the mortar model and holds 1000+200 bullets.

\cht_weapon sentrygun_mars

Fires four bullets at a time from the view cam at a slightly slower rate but with around the same accuracy. It lacks a model and holds 1000+1000 bullets.

\cht_weapon sentrygun_missile

Fires four missiles every three seconds. It also lacks a model and holds 1000+10 bullets.

\cht_weapon sentrygun_missile_1guided

Fires one fast missile every three seconds. It lacks a model, but places the players view arm in the middle of the screen. It holds 1000+10 bullets.

\cht_weapon sentrygun_missile_4guided

Similar to the regular version.

\cht_weapon sentrygun_rocket

Fires four rockets every three seconds. The rockets have a large hitbox and may collide with nearby walls, instantly blowing the player up. It lacks a model and holds 1000+10 bullets.

Unused Graphics

Mixed in with the vehicle texture files is a wireframe guide for wrecked cars:

Pra wreck02 uv.png

The actual textures include the remains of a photo of a car which looks like it was done over with a watermark tool:

Pra wreck02.png

Several multiplayer character icons go unused, suggesting that at one point more skins were going to be available: