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Title Screen


Also known as: KittyRpg
Developer: Terry Cavanagh
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: January 28, 2012

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

ChatChat is a game about being a cat; remade from a scrapped Ludum Dare project called KittyRpg.

Unused Code

There is much unused code in ChatChat leftover from its KittyRpg elements.

Unused Interactions

A map of ChatChat's areas, where each pixel is a representation of the three digit block IDs.

There is code in the game referencing locked doors. The door on the house doesn't have any text when walked into; this code is not used for that purpose.

if(map.doorwaycollide > 0)
    localconsolemessage("??","This door is locked");
    map.doorwaycollide = 0;

The code also contains references to an Offline Mode, likely used for debugging the game.

Unused Commands

There are many commands that go unused in the final version. These actions are actually partly referenced in the code, and some are even fully fleshed out. This is the ActionScript referencing implementations of the actions, extracted from the SWF. Here's a basic breakdown of what the commands would have done:

  • hair: Would have spat a hairball at an enemy for damage.
  • kill: Would have killed an enemy on the map.
  • nyan1 and nyan2: Would have healed Player 2 and Player 1 respectively. Player order seems wrong here, except for the possibility that nyan1 was called by Player 1 to heal Player 2 and vice versa. This provides evidence of KittyRpg being for 2 players.
  • opendoor and closedoor: Would have opened and closed doors on the map. No door tiles exist in the game. It can however be used to increment and decrement values of groups of tiles by 20.
  • damage1/hairdamage1 and damage2/hairdamage2: Would have damaged or killed an enemy as Player 1 and Player 2 respectively. More evidence of KittyRpg being for two players.

Testing of These Commands?

It is probable that these commands can be tested using a program like catcats. Catcats has already shown it is possible to control whether other players become cats or dogs.

Unused Images


Used tiles in ChatChat's tile sheet.

The tilesheet has plenty of unused tiles. Most notable is the sewer/dungeon looking tiles in the bottom center. There aren't any unused area names, so this could have been a boss dungeon that got scrapped. Another interesting thing to note is the multitude of Help and Broadcast blocks. Looking at the map, you can see that where there are Broadcast and Help blocks they are all different colors. This lays clue to the fact that messages are controlled by the client and not the server.

This also holds true for the music blocks, but maybe at one time they were different for their note?


ChatChat's sprite sheet.

The sprite sheet mainly consists of animations for the different player characters. Players will take on a color in accordance to their player slot:

Player Slot Color
0 Green
1 Orange
2 Blue
3 Cream
4 Gray
5 Velvet
6 White
7 Pink
8 Brown
9 Sky

This is why there is a limit of 10 players on a server. Additionally, players can either be a cat or a dog. Horizontally, there are two animation frames for the following animations:

  • Facing Up
  • Facing Down
  • Facing Left
  • Facing Right
  • Meowing/Barking
  • Purring/Panting
  • Napping
  • Screeching/Howling

Unused Music

ChatChat has one unused music track.

According to an email Terry sent to Aly, the music is left over from one of his other games.

Copy/Piracy Protection

The SWF has a URL check built into Main.as and Preloader.as. With this check, the SWF when run on a path without "distractionware.com", "kongregate.com", "ungrounded.net", or "jayisgames.com" in it, will display an error message. This check can be removed with JPEXS by opening the SWF, navigating to Main.as, selecting the sitelock function, and changing the bytes 27 48 near the end to another 26 48 in the hex view on the right.