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City Connection (NES)

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Title Screen

City Connection

Developer: TOSE
Publisher: Jaleco
Platform: NES
Released in JP: September 27, 1985
Released in US: May 1988
Released in EU: 1988

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Someday we'll play it, the City Connection, the headaches, frustration, and me.

City Connection is one of the few ports of the arcade game of the same name. Also one of TOSE's earlier NES titles, and they'd go on to convert several other arcade games to the console. The goal is to drive over all parts of the road whilst avoiding cops and cats.

The game features rock remixes of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No.1. It also features the traditional Japanese song Neko Funjatta whenever you run into the cat.

Unheard Music

When you hit the cat, the song Neko Funjatta (I Stepped On the Cat) plays. However, it only plays a few seconds of the loop before throwing the player back in the level where the stage theme plays.

When heard at its proper length and looping, though, the sound channels go out of sync because one of the notes on the square 1 channel is programmed as a sixteenth note instead of an eighth note. Since the game stops the song before it gets to that point, this was most likely an oversight by the developers.

Regional Differences

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Title Screen

Japan US Europe
City Connection - FC - Title Screen.png City Connection NES - Title Screen - USA.png City Connection NES - Title Screen - Europe.png
  • The Japanese version features a logo based on the one from the original arcade game, which was replaced by a much fancier one for the international releases, alongside changing the background from black to white and adding in the new unnamed protagonist. Strangely enough, the international versions doesn't go by its arcade counterpart's title, Cruisin'.
  • The Japanese version retains the HUD at the top of the screen displaying the high scores.
  • The Japanese version uses both salmon and blue text. The US/European versions only have baby blue text.
  • The heart cursor was changed in the international versions.
  • The Japanese version has a simple ©1985 JALECO, whereas the US/European versions have more copyright text.
  • JALECO CO.,LTD. in the second line of copyright text in the US version was changed to just JALECO in the European version.
  • Like all other US NES games localized for Europe, LICENSED BY NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC removes the "of America Inc". This results in the European version's title screen having more breathing room between the second and fourth strings of text.
  • The European version adds a TM next to the game's logo.
  • The US/European versions add a space between the number and PLAYER text.

Stage Clear

Japan US/Europe
City Connection - FC - Stage Clear.png City Connection - NES - Stage Clear.png

The Japanese version features the female protagonist from the arcade game, Clarice. The international versions replace her with an unnamed male protagonist. The international versions removes the unique message, in addition to recoloring the text from baby blue to white.