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City Crisis

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Title Screen

City Crisis

Developer: Syscom
Publishers: Syscom (JP), Take-Two Interactive (US, EU)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: June 28, 2001
Released in US: July 17, 2001
Released in EU: July 27, 2001

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

To do:
  • Document the debug menus more. I forgot to document Test Options.
  • Check other versions for build dates.
  • Codes for other regions if applicable.

City Crisis is about saving people from fires and crimes with a helicopter.

Debug Menus

Applying the below code will enable a debug menu after pressing Start at the title screen.

USA Code:

Debug Menu
002D2C28 000000??

01 = Test Options
02 = Pad Test
04 = SFX Test
05 = Stage Select
07 = Debug Info
08 = ??? Debug
09 = Model Viewer
0A = Controller Config
0B = Mode Select
0C = Results
0E = Logos
11 = Push START Button
(Source: Punk7890)

Test Options

City Crisis (USA)-test options.png

Pad Test

City Crisis (USA)-pad test.png

The only thing you can test on this menu is the analog sticks. Nothing shows up when pressing other buttons. Pressing Select will exit this menu.

SFX Test

City Crisis (USA)-sfx test.png

This menu will keep track of how many times you want the track to loop for each specific ID. The ID being selected will also show next to PLAY NUM with the left digit being the ID and the right digit being how many times it'll loop. Using the D-Pad you can select some voice-overs and play them with Circle. Pressing Start will pause all sounds and pressing it again will resume where it left off. Pressing Select will exit this menu.

Stage Select

City Crisis (USA)-stage select.png

This menu would've let you select any Mission and/or Event in the game but all you can do is move the cursor with the D-Pad and exit with Select.

Debug Info

City Crisis (USA)-debug info.png

This will jump you straight into the game skipping the other menus and will display some debug numbers on the left-hand side of the screen. It is unknown what these values are for.

??? Debug

City Crisis (USA)-??? debug.png

Not much is known about this menu but you can move Up or Down with the D-Pad to change stuff.

Model Viewer

City Crisis (USA)-model viewer.png

Use the D-Pad to move the camera, use L1 and R1 to zoom-out and in, respectively. L2 will reset the camera. Pressing X will display the model in wireframe mode and pressing it again will return to normal. Pressing Square will display a red graphline and will allow you to scale the model with the D-Pad as long as it's held down. Pressing Start will open a menu, which will allow you to change models.

Controller Config

City Crisis (USA)-controller config.png

Use Left or Right on the D-Pad to select a controller configuration. Press Select to exit.

Mode Select

City Crisis (USA)-mode select.png

This seems to be a cutscene viewer of some sorts. Use the D-Pad to select a No. and press Circle to view one of the cutscenes. You can also go back to the menu by pressing Start during a cutscene. Pressing Select to exit while a cutscene was playing will crash the game.


City Crisis (USA)-results.png

Can't do anything in this menu except exit with Select.


Shows the logos from bootup.

Push START Button

Goes back to title.

Main Debug Menu

City Crisis (USA)-main debug menu.png

The game also has a main debug menu that would've allowed you to access the other debug menus mentioned above but it doesn't work properly anymore. Use the following code before booting up the game to access it.

USA Code:

Main Debug Menu
003077E8 00000024
103077EC 0000EDA0
20239074 0C08602C
202180B0 8F81944C
202180B4 03E00008
202180B8 AF819738
(Source: Punk7890)

The only thing you can do is mash on Select to make the cursor lag. Has a build date of June 8th, 2001.