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Civiballs (Adobe Flash)

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Title Screen


Developer: Hunter Hamster
Publishers: King.com (Original), Coolmath Games
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: March 2009

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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How does one access the debug stuff or the unused levels?

Civiballs is a physics-based puzzle game involving balls and 30 levels spread over three civilizations.

Debug Texts

Both memory and FPS counters exist in the game. However, these are not rendered in the game as the sprite that contains these is not referenced.

Unused Levels

A self-labelled copy of the fifth level for Greece, which is very different to the used fifth level for Greece, is hidden in the game's data. On top of this, 9 additional levels used for testing are present in the game's data. These test levels use placeholder graphics for everything.

Revision Differences

  • The King.com version works from anywhere. The Coolmath Games version is locked to only being on Coolmath Games.
  • In the Coolmath Games version, the bonus score counter resets when the player restarts the level. The King.com version doesn't reset it.
  • The King.com version also has three extra buttons, which were used to display the high scores table, more games from King.com, and the embed code for the game. These links no longer work and the first two now redirect to the Royal Games website.
  • Any mention of King.com was removed from the used graphics of the Coolmath Games version, though the King.com graphics still lie in the data.
    • In the Friv version the same thing happens. Any mention of King.com was removed from the used graphics, though the King.com graphics still lie in the data. Also the Gamehouse logo in the files of the Friv version are unused too.