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Combo Racer (Amiga)

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Title Screen

Combo Racer

Developer: Imagitec Design
Publisher: Gremlin Graphics
Platform: Amiga
Released internationally: 1990

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

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Developer Message

The instrument text in the game's Protracker music file contains a message from musician Barry Leitch:

combo racer music
(c)1989 i.d.ltd
music by barry leitch
the chicken is atlast
dead ya bastards...
i hope you like this
its tuff shit if you
dont. for once ive
written a tune that
i want to listen to
and not all thesecrap
theme pieces that ive
been forced to write
lately. anyway
i'm complaining again
so i'd better go .
au revoir les poulets