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Conflict: Europe (DOS)

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Title Screen

Conflict: Europe

Developer: Personal Software Services
Publisher: Mirrorsoft
Platform: DOS
Released internationally: 1989

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Conflict: Europe is essentially an update of the 8-bit Theatre Europe, featuring not one, but five World War III scenarios of NATO defending West Germany against the Warsaw Pact. This version features additional weaponry options and displays.

Unused Warcom Messages (?)

Starting at 1BD8E (as far as the DOS version is concerned) are the Teleprinter messages that appear on the Warcom terminal. These are the ones that don't actually show... or if they do, I've never encountered them.

NATO use of battlefield nuclear
weapons to halt Soviet advance at Skibotn. 
Soviet amphibious units land at Narvic.
NATO units at Tromso cut off. 
Soviet airbase operating at Bodo. 
Soviet amphibious units land at Bodo. 
Soviet amphibious landings repulsed by
NATO forces. 
Soviet forces have been forced onto
defensive. Their advance is halted at
NATO forces have suffered crushing
defeat. Defensive line being formed at
An exchange of intermediate range
nuclear weapons has occured in Norway.
Heavy casualties, fallout drifting
into Sweden. 
NATO forces in Danish Straits come
under attack from Backfire bombers. 
UK naval installations hit by long
range attacks from Soviet Backfire
Due to increasing losses inflicted by
Soviet submarines the chances of a
convoy reaching Europe are virtually nil. 
Soviet Charlie II class submarine
launches SS-N-15 against Nimitz class
aircraft carrier. 15 kiloton nuclear
warhead used. Target eliminated.
Soviet Sierra class submarine attacking
convoys in South Atlantic. Heavy losses
Oscar class submarine detected in
Greenland Iceland gap. 
German submarine type TR1700 lost.
No survivors. 
Oscar submarine detected trying to
breach Greenland and Icelandic gap.
Target lost.

Unused Diplomatic Messages

Starting at 1D02A are the Diplomatic terminal messages. Some of these have not shown up.

From: Swiss Government

The course of action that you have
embarked upon may have untold pitfalls
for us all. We therefore respectfully
ask you to engage in ceasefire talks and
desist from any further escalation. 
From: Swiss Government

We deplore the actions that have been
taken against you and we will make
available all the medical resources we
can to assist the victims of this
aggression. We implore you not to seek
revenge as violence only breeds violence. 
From: %s

In the interests of humanity we have, as
of twelve hundred hours GMT today, ordered
our forces that an unconditional surrender
is in effect and we hereby request that
you arrange a time and place where the
documents of surrender can be signed. 
From: %s

The continued use of strategic bombing
by the enemy has caused many civilian
casualties and disrupted our whole
infra-structure. Action needs to be
taken now to reduce the critical effects
of this upon us. 

The Swiss Government messages are also repeated with "From: Swedish Government", but those don't appear either.