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Title Screen


Developer: 4T2
Publisher: Vauxhall
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released in EU: 2005

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.

Copyright Text

2005 4T2 Multimedia Ltd: www.4T2.co.uk

This appears at the start of the game's ActionScript, it's just your average copyright string.

Developer Messages

notesSlashExcuses = "This is a message for you ... from me, Rob, the coder and overall visionmaster of this game. You don't have to read it, and the opinions contained within are entirely mine and nothing to do with any official company etc etc etc.";

notesSlashExcuses = notesSlashExcuses + "First things first, I don't especially like cars. I don't like the way they chuck out crap or make noise or run over children - who does? But also, I don't like the way people who drive cars ALL THE TIME are completely oblivious to the world outside of their shiny metal box - walk, meet people, take a moment to look around and learn a new way without your car! I am therefore not entirely happy with myself for being involved in a marketing campaign designed to flog more cars.";

notesSlashExcuses = notesSlashExcuses + "I do however like racing, the thrill of a chase, the excitement of a well executed manouver - and therefore I like car games - which is what this is so I suppose I shouldn't feel too bad.";

notesSlashExcuses = notesSlashExcuses + "This code originated from a project I wrote in 2004 titled CrazyLimo. For the Corsa version I tweaked the car model, modified the audio and added the hideandseek game method. The only mildly tricky bit was the stalker train. So if you can see the code, enjoy it - it's not rocket science but there is some nice stuff there in amongst the hack.";

notesSlashExcuses = notesSlashExcuses + "Thanks to the following contributors: Justin Bryant for the excellent audio and music, James Karsberg for visual input and website design, Justin Flemming for contributions to sprite design and the original city artwork, Mike Hawkyard for contributions to the city, Kay Gibbs for being such a good tester - i.e. she was rubbish so I made it easier and easier and easier ... ;-)";

ripperboy = "Hello, we meet again ... today's code is 1.61803399";

This rant and text appears after the copyright. The number 1.61803399 refers to the golden ratio. A similar string appears after the copyright in VXR Racer.