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Crazy Cones

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Title Screen

Crazy Cones

Developer: William Lunney
Publisher: Dakamar
Platform: Amiga
Released internationally: 1992

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Developer Message

Starting at 8065C in the .adf dump of the game, there's a message toward crackers of the game, particularly those using Action Replay devices.

Hi Replay MK3 user!

Just before you finish cracking this game, or trying the password,
I would like to say a couple of words.  FUC* ***, no other than that!

Isnt it silly how some people insist on greeting friends, whodo not
have or quite rightly do not want Amigas?


Ok a couple of hellos to some of these people for their im-moral support
while developing this bucket case.  What would I be without their support
I ask? (probally a lot better!)...

Baz - Ok so when are we gonna see your first game? , Im fed up asking you
to send some of your new work so I wont ask it here!

Paul - Mucho gracias for the chatts, they led me into a couple of areas
which I would never otherwise have thought about.  As you can see I didnt
implement them in this though as funds are low and I need the money!

I think you should start getting deeper into true programming though, make
your talent earn money for you like me(!!???, ho bloody ho!).

Paul2 - Thanks for the extra work you did, mabay if I can get my act together
we can work on something REALLY smart, dunno.  Looking forward to seeing the
giloppie you buy! (it has got 4 wheels hasnt it?!)

Bill - Real nice article btw, just finished reading it! Mabay you should
try the same thing on the Amiga?, anyway get in touch soon.

Dale, Scott, Stef - I guess you would be pissed if I forgot you lot!,
glad things are picking up for you all.

Ok shows over folks, this is Horatio Lobsterpot III, signing off...

Oh, and if you want to get in touch drop a line to FAST, enclosing
your name, address, and a copy of this game.

Dont worry about being prosecuted. You have more chance of winning the pools!

USELESS BAS.....  End of text!

Have a nice one.

(Source: Asle)