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DX Okumanchouja Game

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Title Screen

DX Okumanchouja Game: The Money Battle

Developer: Oersted
Publisher: Takara
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: December 6, 1996

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Debug Menu

DXokumanchoujagame-debug1.png DXokumanchoujagame-debug2.png
This game contains a debug menu, which can be accessed by doing the following procedures:

  1. During gameplay, go to "オプション (Options)", and then to "システム (System)".
  2. While highlighting "メッセージ (Message)", hold Right, and wait a few seconds. A popping sound should play.
  3. After hearing the sound, release Right, move to "表示速度 (Display speed)", hold Right again, and wait a few seconds. The same popping sound should play.
  4. After hearing the sound, while still holding Right, press Circle + Triangle. A "デバック (Debug)" option should now be visible.

The functions are as follows:

Function Translation Description
お金アップ Money up Increases your money by 1000.
お金ダウン Money down Decreases your money by 1000.
いきなり株購入 Sudden stocks buy Opens a prompt to buy a stock.
いきなりチャンス Sudden Chance Opens a Chance Time prompt.
デバッグワーク Debug Work Displays some debugging values on the screen.
カードセレクト Card Select Doesn't seem to do anything.
チュートリアル Tutorial Exits the debug menu.
(Source: GAME TRICK!!)