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de Blob 2 (Nintendo DS)

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Title Screen

de Blob 2

Developer: Halfbrick Studios
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in US: February 22, 2011
Released in EU: February 25, 2011
Released in AU: February 24, 2011

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

A nice little platformer using paint as a game mechanic.

Debug Menu?

There is text in the ROM for a fairly extensive debug menu:

Build: %s

Button Only Control Scheme

Stylus Only Control Scheme

Hybrid Control Scheme
All Buttons Are Jump Control Scheme\0
Return to game
Exit To Menu
Restart Level

Restart New Spawn Point

Debug Menu
Frame Stepping
Game Speed

Draw Level Collision
Draw Level

Draw Entity Collision

Draw FPS Counter

Draw Stylus Dot
Debug Movement

Debug Abilities

Debug Area Variables

Debug Camera Adjust
Export Cameras
Debug Colour
Debug Paint
Debug Enemy

Debug Camera Offset

Draw Chunk Counter
Add 10 Lives

Debug DSI Unlock

Toggle Cannot Die

Toggle HUD

Manager Info On

Manager Info Off

Top Screen
Bottom Screen

Press SELECT to return to Game
Speed = 1 / %d

Press SELECT to return to Game
DSI Minigame
Start Frontend
Single Player
Video Player 
Wating for players to connect

Build Number

A file named version simply contains the number "273".


Game completion percentage is referred to as "stars", while amount of chroma cameras collected are referred to as "shards", potentially indicating that Blob was originally intended to collect shards of the Chroma Crystal rather than the odd final choice of Chroma Cameras. (menus/LevelSelect.xml)

During development, there was a debug option to skip splash screens by pressing L (menus/menu_splash1.xml)