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Dead Island 2

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Title Screen

Dead Island 2

Developer: Yager Development GmbH
Platform: Windows

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.

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We could only wish we were playing this right now... maybe...
This game was never completed and/or given a public release.
As a result of this, keep in mind that the developers might have used or deleted some of the content featured here, had the game actually reached store shelves.

Zombies in L.A., baby! This sequel to Techland's controversial Dead Island has been in development hell ever since its memorable 2014 announcement trailer, with at least three different studios being involved at different points - Yager Development, Sumo Digital, and Deep Silver Dambuster Studios. This build, leaked June 5 2020, is dated June 19, 2015 - one month before Yager were removed from the project due to their vision for the project supposedly "[falling] out of alignment" with that of publisher Deep Silver.

Unused Areas

Accessible through the game's console are numerous areas for the game. While some may load into complete nothingness due to missing files, others will load into something interesting, such as developer rooms.


A developer room with a blue temporary material. There are numerous warps to different areas in the game including Los Angeles, Redwood, and San Francisco. It is also possible to start a game through It's possible to change your character's class. Unfortunately, attempting to teleport to Redwood or Los Angeles will not work but teleporting to San Francisco will teleport you to the very beginning of the game.


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A developer room featuring the ability to spawn enemies in the game as well as spawns for each weapon in the game. There are also two drivable vehicles present in the game as well as a player vs. player zone.


DEAD island 2.jpeg
Weapons. Arrows and gradual Erosion.

Splitscreen Mode

It seems at some point during development, a two to four player splitscreen mode was planned to be featured although what remains of it is extremely unfinished with each individual player's controls other than player one not working and the majority of the screen being filled in an obstructive red.

Dead Island 2 Splitscreen.png

Unused Videos

Repeated six times in the PBGame/Content/Movies file directory is a set of videos with "Serum Ending" in the file name. It's a very early and unfinished cutscene showing the Radioman Dude (the Jack Black impersonator) singing Escape by Rupert Holmes before shouting "It's serum time!"
The filenames for each ending are as follows: Serum_Ending.bk2, Serum_Ending_SF.bk2, Serum_Ending3.bk2, Serum_Ending4.bk2, and Serum_Ending5.bk2. Each video is identical. There are also several Loading Screens which are unused.

Serum Ending Loading Screen 1 (0:20) Loading Screen 2 (0:21)
Loading Screen 3 (0:21) Loading Screen 4 (0:20) Loading Screen 5 (0:20)

Special Zombies

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Found in the game's files are models of several Special Zombies.



Could have been a miniboss or a Bruiser-type enemy. The files in the directory PBGame\Content\VoiceLines\Custom\Zombies\Stomper and PBGame\Content\Generic\Weapons\EnemyWeapons\Stomper give a few hints as to some attacks this enemy has:
Play_Voc_Stomper_CombatGroundStomp_Match.uasset and MA_Stomper_Melee_GroundStomp.uasset indicates that the Stomper was capable of doing a Ground Stomp... Hence the name!
Play_Voc_Stomper_CombatRoarSprintKick_Match.uasset indicates it could also do a Sprint Kick move.
As indicated in the PBGame\Content\Animations\PairedAnimation\PlayerVsStomper directory, the Stomper was capable of initiating a quick-time event with the player upon grabbing them.



Likely would had shot an acidic projectile towards the player, as indicated within the file directory PBGame\Content\Generic\Weapons\EnemyWeapons\Floater with attacks such as:
The role of each attack being pretty self-explanatory.
In the PBGame\Content\Animations\Zombie\Floater directory, the enemy seems capable of vomiting, indicated by the files SLOB_Vomit_VAR01.uasset and SLOB_Vomit_VAR01_AM.uasset
The Floater also seems to go under the name Slob, indicated by internal files.



The Hyena seems to be a very agile enemy. The PBGame\Content\Animations\Zombie\Hyena directory indicates the Hyena could run and pounce on foes. The Hyena is also able to grab the player as indicated in the file directory PBGame\Content\VoiceLines\Custom\Zombies\Hyena. These files are: