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Dead Island

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Title Screen

Dead Island

Developer: Techland
Publishers: Deep Silver, Spike Chunsoft (Japan)
Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows
Released in JP: October 20, 2011
Released in US: September 6, 2011
Released in EU: September 9, 2011

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Dead Island is a zombie-based first-person game. While it does have various firearms, the majority of the weapons are melee based. It has four person co-operative play online, and is separated into various parts of the nonexistent island Banoi (located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean near Papua New Guinea).

(NOTE: This page may have intentional poor grammar due to how the developers wrote it.)

To do:
  • There's more features in the prototype that are not in the final.
  • Unused survivors, quests, and loads of text in the files.
  • Cover the Definitive Edition remaster from 2016.


Unused Survivor Text
Thank you Techland for making the search for unused text more of a hell than Banoi.

Debug Menus

To do:
Screenshots of debug menu.

In relation to the leaked developer build, there is a way to enable the debug menus on all platforms.
In your DeadIsland folder go into the folder named DI (may not be case specific). Once in the folder look for Data0.pak and use a program like WinRAR to open it (don't extract). Once inside the archive, go into the folder named Data. Once accessed look for a file named debugconf.def and debugconfdefault.scr. Rename debugconfdefault.scr to debugconf.scr. The archive will automatically save itself once changed. Take both debugconf.def and debugconf.scr and extract them to the folder named DI in your Dead Island folder. Boot the game and the debug menu should be active.

Note, it's been reported that you can be VAC banned for the PC version. Be weary when doing this (in other words use Steam's Offline Mode when attempting this). Same applies when using PSN and Xbox Live.

Leaked Prototype

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Move to a prototype page, preferably with some content as well

The developers pushed a prototype version onto Steam at launch. There are a number of differences including no-clipping, the ability to toggle third-person perspective, a glitchy third-person walking animation, Freeze Frame and Disable LOD.

Unused Closing Dialogue

The game's text files include unused monologues for all four heroes. They appear to have been designed for the ending, but in the final game a news report plays instead. They were eventually used during character selection in the sequel Dead Island: Riptide.

Xian Mei

"No one can deny who I am. What I've done. What I'm capable of. I thought I needed to prove my worth to my superiors. But now I know they are not and never were my superiors. It doesn't matter what they believe. It matters what I believe. I found the source of this. I found the conspiracy of greed that would sacrifice millions to make billions. They operated unmolested with the tacit approval of those who I thought were protecting us. Well now everyone will know the truth. Will it matter? Will it make a difference in the end? It will to me. For I am Xian Mei and I have honored my father's memory."
(Source: Dead Island Wikia)

Sam B

"For the longest time, there was nothing there. Nothing inside me. When I was young I had so much to say. So much to prove. Man, I had so much anger inside of me. I knew the whole motherfucking world was against me. But then I made some money and I didn't know what to say. And the money went away and still had nothing to fucking say. Well, I have something to say now. The world ain't so black and white no more. It's black and white and red all over, man. People do amazing shit when they up against it. The one's who think they're all that, the ones you think will stand their ground, they fucking run. And the quiet ones. The ones you don't even notice. Man, they don't give an inch. They'll give up everything for someone they don't even know. There's a song there somewhere. A song about something real. Shit, I don't even know if anyone's gonna be left when this is all done. But if they is…believe me, I got something to say."
(Source: Dead Island Wikia)

Logan Carter

"Deep down I always thought I was shit. Even when I was at the top of my game, Part of me knew that I didn't deserve it. That they would find me out. That it would all end. And it did. But did I learn from that? Did I change who I was? Fuck no, man. I just enjoyed wallowing in my own fucking misery, drinking myself half blind. Boo hoo, right? Well, I'm done with that. Done feeling sorry for myself. Seeing the whole world go to shit puts your own fucking problems in perspective a little bit. When you're saving some poor sumbitch's ass, you don't have time to wallow in self pity. There's a lesson there. I'm not sure exactly what it is. I'm not that fucking smart. But I do know one thing, man. I'm not as big an asshole as I thought I was."
(Source: [1])

Purna Jackson

"When it's the end of the bloody world, no one gives a shit how big your bank account is. All that matters is who you are. What's inside you. All the bloody bullshit gets ripped away and all that's left is the bloody truth. The world can be an evil place, but everyone pretends it's not. Especially those who are the greediest. If someone has money, if they have power, they can pretend to be pious as hell and no one will ever know the evil inside of them. But when all the lies are stripped away, when the only thing between them and a bloody end is half abo bitch, suddenly I'm their best friend. Well fuck them. I'm not here for them. I'm here for Jin. For Yerema. For all of them. Women who for no fault of their own live in fear. I will protect them. And I will die for them… if that's what it takes. That's my purpose. That's my path."
(Source: [2])

Unused Infected Behavior

The Infected zombie type has a script in their AI that regenerates health every time they do their "pause and scream" animation. While disabled by default, it can be enabled by setting ParamFloat ("regeneration_probability", 1.0) in the infected_data.scr file.

(Source: Dead Island Wikia)

Unused Survivor/Quest Names

There are loads of unused survivors still in the files. To see more information on them, please see here. This section will cover unused names for characters and quests found in-game.



Bobby has all the lines for Dr. Jack and some sound files refer to the Doctor as Bobby, so this was possibly an early name for him.


An early version of Dominic.


The text file for Sergei is named Juri, which is possibly an early name.


Found in the game's text, this was possibly an early name of Cho's.


Found in the game's text, this was possibly an early name for Kwan.


While not really an early name, Theresa's name is spelled without the "H" in the files.

Quest Names

Bad Day at the Beach

This is when you find Richard trapped in a lifeguard station.

Caged Heat

This is when you help a survivor named Jose defend his fortified bunker. The name is never seen.

Help Needed

This is when you rescue the guy trapped in Bungalow #10. The name is never seen.

Shop's Closed

This is when you rescue Matt Horton from the Radio Hut Shop. The name is never seen.

Show Time

This is when you fight zombies to rescue Alfred. The name is never seen.


This is the first quest you encounter in the game. The name is never seen.

Cut Items

Text Only Remains

Only mentioned in unused text or the "DI/Data0/data/inventory.scr" file.


  • Automatic Shotgun: Dimitri possibly would have given you an Auto Shotgun upon completion of his quest.
  • Carbide Cocktails: Denny possibly would have given you one of these for every Carbide Lamp you gave him.
  • M1 Garand: An old WWII rifle. It's possible this could have been Alan's rifle.
  • M9Bs002: A second "M9" (the internal name for the pistol). Doesn't appear to be the "Fury M9" mentioned below.
  • Mare's leg: A sawed off lever action rifle that was desired by Nelson.
  • Ryder's Rifle: A possible unique weapon that would have been for Ryder.
  • RPG: A rocket launcher.
  • Sawed Off Shotgun: Unknown.
  • Thermite grenades: Remsy would have possibly made these out of the iron oxide you brought him.

Other Items

  • Binoculars: Tembi would have given these when you rescued her.
  • Carbide Lamp: A special lamp used by miners.
  • Cigarette: Kapi would have been possibly begging for these since he was "jonesing bad for one."
  • Iron Oxide: Better known as rust.
  • Lenses: You would have needed these to repair Tembi's binoculars.
  • Moonshine: Abel would have possibly given you moonshine when you obtained what he needed.
  • Plans: These were evac points being kept secret by the mayor but Jack would have requested these to get off Banoi.
  • Poison: Shelly would have possibly given you a special poison in exchange for oleander.
  • Sugar, Rice, and Potatoes: Abel needed these to make moonshine.

With Graphics

Unlike the items above, these ones have graphics.

  • Afran's Sidearm: Looks similar to the pistol, but it was to be picked up after Afran's battle.
  • Antibiotics: Would have been used for Blake's quest.

Other Graphics

Blank Quest Paper

Just a piece of blank quest paper.


Please Select Skin

A placeholder image for selecting a skin

DIplease select skin.tex data.png

Scrapped Collectibles

Unused Emails

Fourteen emails can be found in the DITexts.scr. There's no clue as to why they were even considered in the first place, though these would have likely been collectibles. Dead Island writer Haris Orkin stated in an interview that there was going to be more info on the backstory, but removed due to getting in the way of gameplay and mechanics.

  • Email 1:
    Apparently, a strain of some new and, as yet, unclassified virus is tearing through the highland tribes on the Island of Banoi. The infected show symptoms similar to the local affliction Kuru, but the incubation period appears to be hours and days rather than years. The symptoms exhibited are analogous to rabies or mad cow, but much more violent and severe. After the carrier’s death, only the most primitive functions of the brain remain active, turning the victim into a violent animal operating on pure instinct. Whether it’s fear or fury, the victim is compelled to attack those who have yet to contract the infection. The disease is transmitted by blood or bodily fluid, most often during a physical attack. Attached photos show an infected individual in each stage of the illness.
  • Email 2:
    Andropov has requested that some of the infected be captured so this virus can be studied more closely. Trace the source of this virus, prepare a report, and judge the feasibility of weaponizing it. Certain questions need to be answered. For instance, what is the most common mode of transmission? Can this transmission be controlled? What is the speed and rate of infection? What is the average incubation period? How long from first visible symptoms until death? Once the feasibility of its use as a weapon can be determined, profit projections can be ascertained.
  • Email 3:
    The bodies of the patients 1 through 3 exhibit indications of clinical asymptomatic Stage 2 HIV as well as Stage 2 Kuru. As is typical with any transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, the cerebral cortex has been eaten away, permeated with thousands of tiny perforations. Researchers believe that this new disease might be a mutation/combination of Kuru and HIV. There appears to be a small percentage of people, all with the blood type O negative, who are resistant to the effects of this virus. Because of this, researchers believe that it might be possible to create a vaccine. This is essential if the virus is to be weaponized and sold to military organizations. Estimates place the profits for such a biological weapon in the billions.
  • Email 4:
    Virus “HK” has been given priority one. The Consortium has assembled an international team to do research into isolating a stable form of the pathogen.
  • Email 5:
    Virus “HK” has spread much more quickly than originally projected. The breakdown of the social fabric and the loss of assigned agents and researchers have made operations in the field problematic. The mission is clearly threatened. The Australian government has a set of protocols in place in the event of such a massive pandemic. The worst-case scenario calls for the nuclear annihilation of the entire island of Banoi. If this worst-case scenario unfolds, the Consortium will lose the opportunity to create what could be an extremely profitable biological weapon. Attached photographs document the chaos currently engulfing the island.
  • Email 6:
    An emergency video conference is being held at 2 pm GMT. All members of the executive team are required to attend. Please be prompt. Current plans need to be reassessed. Alternatives will be discussed. The successful creation of a weaponized version of Pathogen HK is currently the Consortium’s highest priority.
  • Email 7:
    Summary of decisions made during the video conference. 1) Impede the actions of the BIDF Colonel authorized to activate the nuclear protocol. Distract him from his primary duty by infecting his wife, a doctor in the prison hospital on Banoi, with Pathogen HK. 2) Activate Charon, the covert operative located in the prison. An expert hacker and high-tech operative, he’s currently serving a life sentence for his terrorist activities. Charon will be tasked with neutralizing the Colonel’s actions as well coordinating efforts towards finding a stable specimen of the pathogen. To do this he will use recruited agents. Possible allies include the head of research lab hidden in the jungle, away from the prying eyes of environmentalists and animal activists. 3) Lure Pathogen HK immune individuals to Banoi to aid Charon in his quest for a stable specimen of the pathogen. Myers will organize an international blood drive designed to locate and lure suitable candidates. Attached photographs of Charon, Colonel Ryder White, and Dr. Emily White.
  • Email 8:
    Charon reports that he has contacted the lead scientist at the research lab located in the jungle and that he has agreed to cooperate. Half his fee should be immediately wired to the previously provided bank account in the Cayman Islands. Dr. West’s photograph is attached.
  • Email 9:
    The international blood drive has led to the discovery of 9 individuals immune to Pathogen HK. Attempts are being made to lure them to Banoi by various means. Charon will use whoever arrives in his search and surveillance of the island. Attached are a few of the welcoming emails.
  • Email 10:
    Charon reports that more than half of the immune individuals lured to Banoi perished as a result of the social chaos caused by the pandemic. Charon has, however, made contact with four immune individuals who have managed to survive. They will be used to help locate and secure a stable sample of the pathogen. Attached photographs of Sam B, Xian Mei, Purna Jackson, and Logan Carter.
  • Email 11:
To: Mr. Sam B

Subject: Who Do You Voodoo Bitch

Dear Mr. B.

We at Global International are all very excited that you have agreed to do a two-week run at the Royal Palms Resort in Banoi. It was your very generous participation in the Hands Around The World Blood Drive in New Orleans that brought you to our attention. I’m a great believer in giving back to the community and, clearly, you are as well.

Thank you for being as kind and compassionate as you are talented.

We hope this is the beginning of a long relationship. Please enjoy the complimentary fruit basket and bottle of champagne. I will be attending your performance this evening and I can’t wait to hear you sing, \"Who Do You Voodoo Bitch\" as it was a big hit when I was in school.


Jeff Fisher
VP of Marketing and Entertainment
Global International Ltd
  • Email 12:
From: Mr. Jeff Fisher
To: Mr. Logan Carter
Subject: Thank You.
Dear Mr. Carter,

Thank you for your selfless promotional participation in the Hands Around The World Blood Drive. We are very pleased to offer you this two week complimentary stay at the Royal Palms Resort. Believe me, it’s the least we can do to reward you for your great generosity.
Don’t hesitate to take advantage of all of our facilities and I hope you enjoy the complimentary fruit basket and bottle of champagne.
I look forward to meeting you in person. We are all very proud to have such a world-renowned athlete as a guest.


Jeff Fisher
VP of Marketing and Entertainment
Global International Ltd
  • Email 13:
From: Michelle Black

To: Miss Purna Jackson

Subject: Congratulations!

Dear Miss Jackson,

Congratulations! You’ve won an all expense paid two week holiday to Banoi in the Global International Save the World Sweepstakes! As one of                                           
thousands who participated in our Hands Around The World Blood Drive, you were automatically entered. Each of our five winners receives  
luxury accommodations at the Royal Palms Resort, vouchers for breakfast, lunch, cocktails, complimentary snorkeling lessons, and a per diem                                                         
of three hundred dollars a day .

Please enjoy the welcome fruit basket and bottle of champagne. We look forward to meeting you in person.

Best Regards,

Michelle Black
Guest Relations Representative
Global International Ltd
  • Email 14:
From: Senior Superintendent of Police Wei Lu

To: Officer Xian Mei, Special Duties Unit

Subject: New Assignment

You are to report immediately to the Royal Palms Resort in Banoi. A job at the front desk has been arranged and none of your fellow employees or immediate supervisors will know of your true purpose in Banoi. You are to stay strictly anonymous as you monitor all incoming and outgoing communications to the resort. A handler will be in touch to offer you further instructions.

Jin Memo

A huge note written by Jin to her mother, though it's unknown as to how it would be obtained since Jin's body cannot be reached after the scene where she is shot by Ryder.

"I miss you, Mom. So does Daddy. It's so beautiful here. It must have been amazing to grow up here. I don't know how you were able to leave and move to the U.S. I know you wanted to be a nurse, but to leave this place and the people you love behind? It must have been hard. I know you had no choice since you wanted to be a nurse, but I also see why you talked about it so much and why you always wanted to come back. After you died, daddy was lost. I think he moved here just so he could be closer to you. It's everything you said it was. It's paradise.

Something terrible is happening here, mom. It's a sickness and it's spreading, but it's more than that. I studied to be a nurse like you. So I know there's a medical explanation for this. But there's something evil about it. And I know you believed in the existence of evil. People are losing their souls. Attacking and killing people. Even the ones they love. Dad says I don't need to be afraid. He says authorities will come soon and restore order and save those who are sick. I hope he's right. I hope they hurry.

I love you, Dad. I'm going to miss you bad. Since Mom died, you're all I have. What am I going to do without you? A beer-drinking, country music-loving, pick up truck-driving Texan. It's easy to see why Mom fell in love with you. You always made me and Mom laugh. It's amazing you two ever hooked up. You were so different. Yet you were perfect for each other. And now you're going to get to see each other again. You're going to be together. And I'm going to miss you both so much.

I met an amazing woman, Mom. She's a nun and I know you weren't real fond of nuns, but I think you would have liked her. Her name's Mother Helen and she's keeping people together, body and soul. She's giving them faith. Giving them hope. I don't go along with everything she says, but at least she's not about just helping herself. Like this lifeguard I met. Sinamoi. He's kind, but he doesn't take any shit. (Pardon my French.) Reminds me of Daddy. Something like this… it can bring out the worst in people, but sometimes it brings out the best.

I just wanted to help. I just wanted to help. Why would they… No one can ever know.

I just want to go home. I want to be back home in Texas and I want to come home after school and I want you to be there, Mom, not like when you were sick with cancer, but before when we were happy. And you would sit with me at the kitchen table while I did my homework and drank my chocolate milk. And we would make dinner together and wait for Dad to come home.

Maybe Mother Helen is right? Maybe this is the end of days? Maybe this sickness is retribution for the evil men do? They destroy everything that's beautiful. Torturing sweet innocent creatures like these for what? Money? Houses? Cars that spew poison that tears holes in the sky so the sun can melt the ice caps and cause skin cancers. Like the one that consumed my Mom, slowly killing her, killing us all…

Mom, I know Dad wants to join you, but I don't think he can. This evil sickness is inside of him and has eaten away his mind. He is dead, but his body lives on and it won't let him rest. His soul is trapped inside. What if it can't escape? What if there is no release for him? I can't let him suffer like that. I can't. I need to free his soul. I need to end his pain.

Humans are the same where ever you find them. Even the native people are selfish and cruel and brutal. Yerema, daughter of Koritoia Ope, ran away to escape the ugly fate all women suffer here. She wanted to attend school. To be \"civilized\." She only returned to see her mother and sisters, who she desperately missed. She wanted her younger sister to come back with her. To find a new life. But the men in the village caught Yerema. Her father punished her for her betrayal and tried to exorcise the evil he believed was inside of her. She suffered torture and ritual rape. Days later her rapists got sick and died. Ope prayed to the spirits and the men resurrected. But he thought Yerema's evil was in them now, so he had them killed and everyone in the village ate their flesh. Many became ill and died and resurrected as walking dead. The Shaman believed that this \"immortality\" was a sign of forgiveness. The only villagers who didn't find immortality were Ope and his family. He blamed this on Yerema and the evil inside of her. So he locked her in the crypt with her ancestors, for maybe they could help show her the way and if not, at least she would be forever among her people.

Mother Helen believed that this plague is God's punishment. Punishment for the evil men do. But what if there is no God? What if there's only chaos? What if it's all random? What if when we die we just become dust? What if the only higher power is the planet? Maybe we're the problem. Maybe we're the disease. What if the planet is just protecting itself? Once we're gone, the planet can renew itself. Can heal itself. Can begin again."

Unused Cutscene

Through one of many in-game glitches, an unused cutscene can be seen, which is just a cutscene of a quick fly around to a building in the Quarantine area of Moresby.

Hidden Content

A fair amount of content that can only be seen by noclip.


Dominic can be found on top of the Hotel A-posing.


A completely static helicopter model can be seen floating south of the Royal Palms Resort. The helicopter was also seen in a Machinima exclusive trailer.

Ryder's Computer Room

After you escape the hotel, you witness Ryder contacting the lifeguard from his computer that is supposed to be at the Prison. Instead, it can be found outside the hotel map for some reason.



Two jets, one going straight and another declining straight down, can be found somewhere outside Banoi Island. It bears a resemblance to Oceanic Flight 1012, the plane flight the player witnesses going down once they clear the Lifeguard Tower.

Unused Patriarchy

For some reason, Purna's "Gender Wars" skill is referred to internally in some script files as "FeministWhore". Upon discovery, Techland released a groveling apology and promised "professional consequences" would be dealt upon the programmer responsible.

(Source: Kotaku)