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Dead Island/Unused Survivor Text/Unused Quest Text

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This is a sub-page of Dead Island/Unused Survivor Text.

All this text is from removed quests, most of which are long gone.


An American man from Kentucky who would've requested moonshine ingredients.

Where are you mothers going, man? Come here!
Name's Abel. And I'm a little wasted.
Been imbibing my own product.
You like moonshine? You don't wanna face these fuckers sober. Shit.
I'm running a little bit low. It's my granddaddy's recipe. From Boone County, Kentucky, friends. Anyway, this stuff'll make

you stand up and say howdy.

If you can wrangle me up some sugar and rice or potatoes or anything starchy, I'll be glad to make some more. Shit could be

anywhere. I'll trade you food, ammo, whatever the fuck you want. What do you say?

You bring me what I need and I'll make you some killer moonshine.
So you decided to help out old Abel after all? Rice or taters or whatever you can find, man. And I'll give you whatever. Within reason.

Alright then. You just gotta find me rice or tater and sugar.

Fine then. Fuck you very much.
I got a shitload of demand and very little supply right now man. What's going on?
Keep looking. I don't be all high and dry.
Fuck yeah...Thanks man. I gotta lot people buying this shit up. So you can bring me whatever you can find and I will make it worth your while.


A hunter who wanted to go down with honor... with your help.

I have a very generous offer.
I need you to do something for me.
Something I cannot do myself.
I need you to kill me.
I came here to hunt wild boar, but for the last few days I've been hunting a far more challenging and dangerous prey. For they hunt me as well. They are the undead and I've been ending their misery with the most powerful and accurate hunting rifle made today.
Unfortunately, I've been bitten and I feel the infection spreading. Soon I will be one of them and that I cannot stomach.
So I need you to shoot me. Kill me. And in return you can have my have rifle.
Kill me and you can have my rifle.
So you've reconsidered? Yes or no? I'd shoot myself, but that's the coward's way out.
That's that then. However, I don't want to be shot down like a rabid dog, but go out in a blaze of glory. So be assured…
I'll be shooting back.
Apparently you have scruples. I would suggest scruples are a luxury we can no longer afford.
What are you waiting for? Are you afraid?
Kill me! Come on! You bloody cowards!
You did it. Thank you. That was a bit of fun wasn't it. Here take it. But before you go, finish me off, would you please. A bullet in the brainpan. End my misery.
Friends, I need your assistance.


A kid who would be under attack by zombies in the resort with his brother Robert.

Robert! They're trying to claw through. I managed to distract their attention, oh, my God they see me! Help me!


A man who desperately needed antibiotics.

Excuse me…
Can I ask you a favor?
We need antibiotics, we need aspirin…
We're in desperate need of antibiotics.
I have so many badly injured here and the water supply is likely contaminated. We have giardia, we have amoebic dysentery.
We're in desperate need of antibiotics. But any medication will be helpful.
Pills, ointments, anything and everything will help. Bring us whatever you can find and I'll give you whatever we can spare.
Bring me medicine of any kind in return for anything we can spare.
Have you decide to help?
Thank you. That's very kind of you. Whatever you can find will be appreciated.
Then I'm afraid many of the people aren't going to make it.
I'm an EMT by training, not a damn doctor.
You find any antibiotics?
Thank you. These will save a lot of lives. And this is for you. Now please keep looking. We need everything. Whatever you can find.
We're running out of everything.


How many hungry people were on Banoi? This is the third quest that involved hungry survivors.

Do you have any food?
Anything at all?
We're down to nothing.
We need food desperately.
We're safe in here until help arrives, but not if we don't have food. Please. Bring us whatever you can find, I'll pay you whatever we can.
Any kind of food you can find. We'll be grateful for anything. Will you help us?
Find food for us and I will more than make it worth your while.
Have you decided to find us food?
I can't tell you how grateful we are. We will pay you well. I promise.
Of course, yes. You can't worry about strangers…
Have you found any food? We're wasting away.
Have you forgotten us?
Thank you. We're at the edge of hope here. And this is for you. You earned it. If you find more food and can spare it,please think of us.
This will last only so long. God bless you!
We're starving here…


Another survivor that seemingly would've offered two different fetch quests: one for alcohol, and one for deodorant.

Over here…
I'm looking for alcohol…
Any kind you can find…
Isopropyl, Ethanol, wood alcohol…
I don't want to waste any precious petrol, so I'm making my Molotov's with alcohol. It's extremely volatile and will turn those walking corpses into torches.
We found a shitload money here, but what good's cash when in you're in the middle of the fucking apocalypse?
You bring me alcohol and I'll make you rich.
I'll give you cash on the barrelhead for every bottle you find.
Have a change of heart?
Alright then. Go see what you can find.
You'll be sorry when got a crowd of corpses chasing you down and you don't have a Molotov.
Remember, rubbing alcohol, wood alcohol, ethanol…
Hell, what we don't use, we'll drink.
Good job! This'll make a few. You find anymore, you know where to find me.
How about some help, mates?
I gotta proposition.
I need deodorant.
Not because I smell like a goat…
Cans of deodorant, not the roll on kind.
But because they make great bloody explosive devices. Ignite an aerosol can and it's like a damn stick of dynamite.
So find me some deodorant cans and I'll trade you these capacitors. Great for making all kinds of shit. Weapons. Whatever.
All the cans of deodorant you can find for all the capacitors you can carry.
You reconsider?
Alright then. We have a deal then.
Okay, forget I asked you then.
With one of these you can take the undead off at the head.
You find any yet? Keep looking.
That's perfect. Perfect! Keep looking, friends! I'll take whatever you can find.
Hold on, brattahs!


A honeymooner looking for her husband. Probably cut since throwing two Christians in a zombie outbreak would cause someone somewhere to complain about it.

I'm looking for someone!
My husband. His name is Peter.
I'm Christine. We're visiting from Ohio.
We're newly married.
This our honeymoon and we're Christians, so we saved ourselves for each other. We arrived yesterday and we haven't yet, you know, been intimate.
I was a little nervous and I needed him to be patient and then this all happened and were separated and now I don't know where he is.
If something happens to him before we consummate our marriage, it'll be like we never married at all. He went to main office of the hotel to help and I'm hoping you'll find him there or near there. Can you please see if you can find him?
Find my husband and I'll give you my diamond ring.
Have you found it in your heart to help me?
Thank you. Here. This is a picture of Peter from our wedding. Tell him where I am and I'll give you my wedding ring. He has to be somewhere between here and the main hotel building. May the Lord watch over you.
No? I must trust in the Lord then. I'll just stay here and pray for him…
Have you seen him? Have you been looking?
Keep looking. See if you can find him!
He's alive? Oh, thank the Lord. And you told him where I was! He didn't come back with you? Well, I'm sure he'll be along soon.
Here take my wedding ring. It's only a thing. It means nothing compared to the love of my life.


A guy who was trapped in a cave.

Anybody there?!
I'm trapped in the cave!!
No, no, wait, where are you going?!
I thought I was going to die here in the dark…
I've been trapped here for days. No food, no water. Please get me out of here. Somewhere safe. I don't have much, but you can have everything.
Please tell me that you changed your mind…
Merci. We have to hurry.
Then I will die here and it will be because of you….
I am so thirsty…
Merci beaucoup… You are a true hero and I will never forget what you did for me.
Help me!
I need help!
Is someone out there?

Cliff Levy

Yet another scrapped quest. This time, it is for a man named Cliff, who was looking for his wife.

Ann! Ann! Where the hell are you?
Fuck. She's not here. Listen, thank you for your help. Here take my watch. It's worth a lot of money. You fucking earned it. I'll wait here for her. Maybe she'll come back. She doesn't know her way around here. I don't where she would have gone.
She's a tall blonde. Beautiful blue eyes. If you see her, tell her I'm waiting here for her. Tell her I'm not going anywhere.
When I was out there I stopped at the lighthouse. There's people there. They probably need help and maybe they can help you too.
Thank you. Let's go then. Let's get to that bungalow.
You fucking save me just to leave me here? Are you kidding me?
Over here!!
You gotta fucking help me, man!
Look at me!
Come on!
Goddamn motherfucking freaks!
Get away from me!!
You can't leave me like this!
Get these things away from the car, man!
Goddamnit, you gotta help me!
Faster! Faster!
Faster! Before those things sniff us out!
Just don't leave me here…
No, wait, where are you going?!
Hey! Heeeey!
Jesus Christ! I was trying to get the hell out of here when those fuckers started chasing me.
I was on my way to get my wife when a mob of those crazy motherfuckers jumped right in front of my car. They got caught in the wheels and I lost control. If you wouldn't have come along...well, thank God you did.
Our bungalow is not far from here. It's right by the Lifeguard Tower. I may not make it on my own and my wife is still there all by herself.
WIll you help me get there?
Will you help me get to my bungalow?

Daren Hammond

A man trying to get into a workshop.

We gotta get in there!
Can you help me?
Goddamn door won't budge…
Help me out here!
Hey! Hold on, brattahs!
Over here! I'm here! By the workshop.
They're coming for me!
Kill them!
Shoot 'em!
Murder 'em!
One more.
Where are you going? Hey!
Jesus Christ, I thought I was a dead man. I just wanted to get into that workshop but it's barricaded from the inside.
All the banging on the door attracted too much attention. I was hoping there was something inside that'll work as a weapon.
Alright, get in through the back door. When it's safe, open the front ones.
That workshop's waiting for us, alright! There's a lot of stuff in there we could use!
Come on, you can do it, right!
That workshop has everything we need.
There's plenty tools inside I can use to make barricades. But I no can get in, man.
These doors are stuck, and the ones in back are surrounded by those bloody freaks.
You think you can get rid of them and open the door for me?
Good, try to get in through the back door. When it's safe, open the front ones.
Alright! Thank you true, brattahs. Feel free to take whatever you want!


A mother with a son that's gotten infected.

He's like an animal, but at least he's not dead. He can't be, can he? The dead don't walk, do they? Here. Just like I promised. Pick whatever weapon you want.
Thank you. It's a group of vigilantes and they're determined to kill anyone infected and they're on their way.
Then there is no hope. They will kill him.
They want him dead, but he's just sick. Don't let them in.
Don't give up. Please. Keep him alive.
Can I trouble you?. My son is in bad shape.
There are men who want him dead.
He's all I have.
Please I need help.
He's a good boy. It's not his fault he was bitten. He was trying to protect me and now he's so sick, but it's the disease.
He doesn't know what he's doing. I managed to chain him up in the basement so he can't hurt anybody.
We just have to wait for a cure.
There's gotta be a cure.
But there are those who want to kill them all.
They're afraid of them, you see? Afraid the sickness will spread and they want them all dead.
But he's all I have. My husband has a huge gun collection and you can have any weapon you choose if you can keep these killers away from my boy...
Protect my poor boy and I'll give you any weapon you want.
Have you decided to save my boy?

Dwayne Byers

Similar to Bonnie, Dwayne would've been another survivor requesting food.

You found something?! Fuck, I didn't think I was gonna make it. Take this ammo. You earned it. Here.
Thank you… Search the other bungalows… maybe there's something left in there…
You're the first person I've seen in hours… If you don't help me, I'll starve to death… if those things don't get me first.
Heeey!!! Anybody….
Please, somebody…. Help me…
Did you find anything?
Please… keep looking…
I'm all out of food…
I'm not gonna make it without you…
I'm so weak…
I'm starving… I'm starving…
Please… please…
Wait… I've got ammo… I'll give you… just stay…
Is anyone out there? I'm in a bungalow in the Golden District area. I haven't had any food or water for a while. I need help.
I managed to barricade myself in here but I ran out of food. Now I'm too weak to go out and face those things alone…
If you find some food, could you… could you please bring me some too? I've got some ammo saved up, I can give it to you in return. Interested?
Go through the other bungalows… Maybe there's still some food left in there…


A survivor who wanted something called a carbide lamp.

Excellent! Thank you! This is for you. And if you find more carbide lamps, I'll be here. I'm obviously not going anywhere.
Excellent! Look for carbide lamps. Bring them back and I'll furnish you with carbide cocktails.
Of course others need your help as well. But believe me, this could be a very valuable weapon.
Have you found any? Keep your eyes open.
Keep looking. We're talking an impressive percussive blast followed by a very intense fireball.
I had an idea…
It's a high-powered lamp that runs on Calcium Carbide.
There are quite a few around the campus here and campsites in the jungle.
Calcium Carbide is quite volatile.
Do you know what a carbide lamp is?
If you mix calcium carbide with water it creates acetylene carbonate which is the gas used in cutting torches. Put this in a bottle with a flaming rag and you have a Carbide cocktail with far more force and flame than a conventional Molotov.
Bring me back all the carbide lights you can find and we can use them to create quite a powerful weapon. In return I'll

give you some of them for your own use.

Find Carbide lamps and I will mix us up some carbide cocktails.
Ah, so you will help me?


He would have been looking for batteries.

Never should have come to this stupid bloody island.
Name's Devlin and I got a question for ya.
I'm trying to cobble together a solar generator.
Can you help me out here?
I found some solar panels on the back of truck, but I need a way to store the power we're generating. That's where the large batteries come in. We can use the power for lights, cooking, and best of all, to recharge batteries
If you can find large batteries and bring 'em back, I'll trade you freshly recharged batteries in any size you need.
Bring me large batteries and I'll give you recharged batteries in return.
Reassess the situation, did ya?
There we go. That should help. And these are for you. You come across anymore large batteries, you bring 'em by. The more power we can store, the better…
Alright then, friends. We have ourselves a deal.
If you change your mind, I ain't going anywhere.
You find any large batteries yet?
A lot of abandoned cars out there…
We need more storage capacity…


A Russian arms dealer who would have given you "RPG's, Auto shotguns and a shitload of ammo."

Spasibo! Good job, my friends. And as promised, help yourself. Now if I can just figure out how to get off this fucking island…
Spasibo. You'll find the village through the jungle and up ahead. There are many of those dolboeb's feasting on the dead.
If you decide to fuck me, just know that I have many friends and I will track you down and kill you and everyone you know.
Just to be clear. Now go find my truck and bring it back to me. Udachi.
Too bad. I bet an Automatic Shotgun would come in very handy for you.
RPG's, Auto shotguns and a shitload of ammo.
What the hell are you waiting for? Go.
Are you infected? Look at me!
Kak dela…How are you?
Would you like a little rat?
It's greasy, but I've eaten worse.
Over here. Come closer.
Name's Dimitri. I deal in whatever people want to buy. Guns, drugs, women. I was trading with a warlord here in the highlands when we were overrun. My guns were still in the crates and my men were overwhelmed. The village is nearby and that panel truck is still there, backed with boxes of assault rifles, automatic shotguns, and RPG's.
One man, even a man like me, is no match for such a mob of blood-thirsty monsters. But with your help, perhaps we could get back what's belong to me and put some of those mudoks out of their agony. I can give you ammunition and some very advanced weaponry. Would you help me?
Bring me back what's mine and I'll reward you.
So are you going to help me or no?


A survivor who wanted to blow up a bridge in order to hold off the zombies.

That's it! You did it! Tank you tru, bra! Here, help yourself to some of our supplies. Whatever you want, mon.
Ok. Watch out now! I'm blowing that bridge sky high.
Ok. Take the charges from that crate. Attach 'em to the supports on the bridge. But be careful. Those monsters are in the water. They could be anywhere.
Come back after you plant the charges. We have a radio detonator, so we can blow the bridge from over here.
What you mean, no? Come on? You can do this, no problem.
You can do it!
Keep at it!
Hurry, brattahs!
Over here!
You just who we need!
Please, brattahs!
Waaaait, brattahs! Come back!
We started taking the bridge down cause the things can't swim, right? But they came at us like a pack of rabid dogs and now no one wants to go back and get it done.
We saw you mokes killing those things, right! You're crazy fuckers! If you help us blow that bloody bridge up, we'll give you whatever we can spare. What you say?
If you help blow the bridge, folks will have a place to hide until help arrives. Come on, brattahs. Here, plant these explosives at the end of the bridge.


A man who was to make a deal with the heroes in order to get some water and antibiotic cream for his pregnant wife.

Thank you so much. Okay, I promised to tell you what I know, so here it is. Help is on it's way. Four hours tops. A chopper's being sent to pick up a squad they dropped off to scout the area.
They tell me it can hold up to ten additional people. So if all goes as planned, some of us might make it out of here.
Ok. I don't care where you find it. Buy it, steal it, whatever. What matters right now is my wife…
Jesus Christ. What kind of people are you?
Did you find the water?
I'm really worried for her. She feels feverish.
You didn't forget about us, did you?
Hold on babe… It won't be long now…
Do you have any extra water?
My wife is very weak…
Soon we'll be safe… all three of us.
The doctor said that travel shouldn't be a problem during the middle trimester. We figured once the baby was born we wouldn't be able to go anywhere for awhile.
Laura and I have been hiding here so long that we're all out of water. She's four months pregnant. She's hungry, exhausted and very dehydrated. Plus she fell and cut her knee and I'm afraid it'll get infected.
I could tell you what I know about this place, if you could find us some bottles of water and maybe some antibiotic cream.
You find me the water and antibiotic cream and I'll tell you everything I know. Do we have a deal?


Judging by his dialogue, Hans was a very rude German survivor who needed the heroes' help to clear out an alleyway.

You wanna help? Then get over here!
Just don't stand there like an idiot!
Okay, now you're just irritating me.
You listen to me, ja?
Look, the alleyway is the perfect place to make a stand. Fortify the perimeter. Find more survivors.
…but we gotta clear it out first. Once this barricade is set, nothing gets in unless we let it in. Want to help us out?
Gut ja, then let's get to it. First, let's clear out this building. We don't want any nasty surprises, ja?
What are you waiting for? Move!
Well? Are you gonna help us?
Then stop wasting my time.
What the hell do you think you're doing?!
You're gonna bring more of them in here!
Either get in or get out!
This place isn't yet safe.
Make sure you get everyone of those Schweinhunde!
Are you sure there's no other way they could get in?
If you don't, then get the hell out of the way!
We gotta take the city back piece by piece.
Starting right here.
Make up your damn mind!
Do you wanna get yourselves killed!
I think that's it! We did it! Danke! You're welcome here any time you need to rest up, hide out, or get patched up. Auf Wiedersehen!


While Jack is used, he has unused dialogue which suggests he was to be found in the City Hall at one point. He would've offered a quest to steal evacuation plans from the mayor.

Will you help me? I promise, you won't be sorry.
According to this there are two active evacuation points on the island.
Okay. Be quiet and careful. You're gonna need to sneak past security. The plans should be in his office upstairs.
Oh, you have a better plan to get out of here? I'd like to hear it.
Psst! Here!
Do you have them?
It's a way out of here.
So? Any luck.
I gotta proposition…
Just hear me out.
Over here…
Inside the Mayor's office, there are evacuation plans - a map showing evacuation points off the island. If the whole city knew, it would be chaos, so he's keeping it quiet for those with influence.
It's a way out and I can tell you how to find them if you agree to snatch 'em. You interested?
We have to find the evacuation plans before they all leave without us.

Janie Clayton

A lady who would be found in the Jungle looking for gas.

I need help!!
Please, you gotta help me!
No! Don't leave me!
Come closer please.
We need to talk
Do you think you could help me?
I need some help
Where are you going?
Things here seem safe for now, but who knows for how long. And I don't have enough gas to get to the next village.
Half a can is all I need.
Are you going to get some gas for me?
Thank you. I have to get out of here. I need to find more people. I need to leave this place.
My brother always kept a spare gas can around. It might be in the rear of the house.
I can't do this by myself.
I just don't want to be trapped here.
Have you found the gas yet?
I have a bad feeling. I wish you would hurry.
Thank you… If you hadn't come along… Thank you…


A businessman looking for his boss.

Oh, no, he's fucking dead. Well that's not good. I think I'm going to need to hold onto my money if that's the case, because I'm out of a fucking job. But feel free to keep his wallet. He's certainly not going to need it anymore.
We're both from New York.
If something happens to him, I don't know where I stand. Now I'm not just worried about the promotion of course. I do care about the man. So I'm hoping you can find him. His name's Hal. Tall. Graying. Fifty-something. Wearing a suit. All I have to give you is money, but this can't last forever, so I'm thinking this could be a win win for both of us. You interested?
Oh, that's fantastic. I'm guessing he went back to his Bungalows. Room 15. I just want to know he's okay. If he's not, bring back his wallet for me. I just want proof you actually saw his body.

Well, that's disappointing. That's a lose lose for both of us.

You see Hal? Gold Bungalows. He's gotta be there.
If you can't find him, my career if fucking over.
Excuse me?
I'm here on a business trip with my boss.
He's in his fifties…His name his Hal.
I'm not dead, I'm just pretending…
We're here on business and this was a very big trip for me. The resort here hired our company to do an advertising campaign for them and I am so close to a promotion. But now I can't find my boss. I told him to stay close, but when I turned around…
Find my boss and I'll pay you a premium.
You change your mind? It's a lucrative offer.


A man who wanted the hero to help him kill undead in order to break into a workshop.

Yeah...That's what I call teamwork! You come back in a bit and I will have something real special for you.
You're my kind of folks. Okay…Let's do this.
It's a one time offer, friends. I ain't asking again.
Damn, they are stupid!
They just don't back the fuck off, do they?
That's what I'm talking about.
Hey ya'll doing.
I've got a little job for ya.
No pain no gain!
Where you going?
You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
I'm thinking there might be some very useful stuff inside that workshop. And it just so happens, I'm a damn good locksmith.
What do you say? Help me take out any undead and I'll make you a hell of a weapon.
Help me get rid of these assholes and I will put together something very useful for you.


A survivor who could heal the player.

This needs to be bandaged. Let me see that… There, that should be better.
Let me see that… Just a moment… There… That's better.
You're wounded. Hold on, let me help you… There, done.
Hold on, I'll help you…how's this? Better?
You got hit… Let me see that… Okay, that should do it.
Wait, you're bleeding…
Let me look at that… There.
…Anything else?
Again? Hold on… Okay
…That's it.
Don't move… Done.


A guy who really needed smokes.

Oh, Jesus, I was jonesing bad for one of these bitches.. You find anymore smokes, you know where to find me. Smokes for ammo. Kapi owes you one.
Okay then. Smokes for bullets. Just bring 'em back and ask for Kapi. That's me.
Okay den. Don't come bitchin' when you run out of ammo.
No smokes yet?
Keep looking, brattahs, I'm dying for a smoke.
Can I bum a smoke?
Gotta cigarette?
I'll all out of smokes.
I was thinking of quitting, but no point to that now. A lotta things kill you faster than cigarettes. Bullets for instance.
If you can find me some smokes, I'll trade you bullets. They both kill ya in the end, so what the hell, right? You willing to find me some smokes, huh?
Smokes for ammo. We got a deal.
You mokes change your mind?
I need a smoke.
Damn I need a cigarette.


A man wanted to clear a house full of looters. Maybe replaced by the quest Grasp All, Lose All.

These animals don't deserve to live!
Help me to drive them off and I will reward you with whatever I can. Weapons, ammo. Food. It is the right thing to do.
It is done and now I must admit something. This house is not mine and the things in it do not belong to me. But what is done is done and in this world, the spoils of war go those who survive. So take what you want. You paid for it in blood.
Tank you tru, my friends. These looters must be punished.
Ah, I see then maybe you are looters too?
Do not hesitate. They do not deserve our mercy.
Soon they will have stolen everything. Please hurry.
It is shameful!
They are taking everything my family has.
They are looting my house! Stealing my things!
These raskols are taking advantage of the chaos, brattahs. They taking what they want. Looting the homes of those who are still trying keep the city together.
Drive away the looters and I give you whatever I can.
Have you decided to help me after all?


Leigh needed the heroes' help to clear a house.

Ya, good job. You did it. Nice. Don't pay to piss you folks off.
Good for you. Let's see what you can do.
What? You fraid to go in there?
Are they… still in there?
You kill those things dead or are dey still kicking?
What you waiting for, huh?
Hey! Over here!
Please, friends, I need some help!
You kill those things no problem, eh?
Maybe you can help me out here.
Hold on, brattahs!
If anybody is still alive and can hear me, please, make your way to the large building by the south bridge. I need assistance, brattahs! We kept all dem things out of this building, except for one place. One apartment. Somehow dey got in and we need to get rid of dem, but I got no volunteers.
Please brattahs, put dem things out of there misery. Come on.


A woman who needed the heroes' help to save her daughter from her infected father.

Katie! Katie, my baby… It's okay… Are you okay? Oh, my God…
Thank you!!!!! Here, it's all I have!
She's in that house! Hurry! Please!. Kill him if you have to, but bring Katie back to me. God forgive me…
Please… Please… No!
I need help!
Please!! Please help me!!
Katie, don't run! We'll get you out!… just stay put! You hear me!
Don't let her die…
Oh God, why is this happening…
Please help me…
Katiee!! Katie? Hold on, honey!
I can't do this alone!
Her dad's trying to kill her. He's lost his mind. Turned into something…something that isn't human.
She in there with him!
Don't let him hurt her.
No!! Please don't go! She'll die. Pleeeaaase!!!
Heeelp!! Heeey!!! Heeelp me!!!
My daughter! She's in trouble! I need help!
No!!! Katieeee!!! Nooooo!!
Katie's still in there. In that building! Steven was bitten. I got away, but Katie…I thought she was behind me.
Save my Katie! I'll give you anything!!! Just save her!
Don't let her die like this…

Mike Davis

It appears that you could hear Mike talk to his partner Ken at one time and there was another scrapped quest involving his family.

Ken watch out. There’s too many of them. Oh fuck... get the hell out of there.
Block the passage. Get to some cover! Ken!!!!
Ken!? Are you alright? For fuck's sake!
Just one more thing. I promise.
My wife and child are locked inside there. Julie and Tim aren't dead, but...they're not…they're not alive anymore either. I just… I can't leave them like that. So I'm staying. But to do so, I need food and I need water.
All supplies are kept in the kitchen. But the camera shows that the place is swarming with the infected.
If you can clear 'em out, I can make it inside there. You do that and I'll help you get to the parking lot. Sound fair?
Change your mind?


Straight from the windy city, Nelson was using the outbreak to fulfill his dream.

That's the stuff. Good deal. And this is for you, sir. I know it feels like the end of the world and all, but if I'm going out, I'm going out like a man. You know what I'm saying. Hot damn!
First vacation in twenty years.
Back home I compete in fast draw tournaments, but it's a lot more challenging hitting crap that means you harm. I wonder if you could help me find something special? It's called a Mare's leg. It's a sawed-off repeating rifle that I can fit in my holster. I saw someone using one and I'm thinking if that son of a bitch isn't dead, maybe you could convince him to part with it? I managed to grab quite a few weapons and and quite a bit of ammo and I'd be glad to give you either one in exchange. Think you could help an old gunslinger out?
Thank you kindly, sir. You find that \"mare's leg\", I'll be right here, blowing these son of bitches straight to hell. You come back with it, I'll give you something to make it worth your while.

Suit yourself. You change your mind, you let me know.

Find that sawed off repeater? Well, then keep looking.
I'm still waiting on ya. Don't you let me down, partner.
Howdy, pard. Can you help me out?
Name's Nelson. I'm visiting from Chicago.
Have any extra ammo?
Hell of a thing taking a man's life, huh?
My wife passed last year and my kids convinced me to take some time off. They bought me a trip here and oh, my gosh, it's been crazy. But I found me a side arm and I must say, the whole experience has been very exhilarating. See, I love westerns and deep down I always wanted to be a gunfighter, not a gosh darn accountant.
A mare's leg for whatever you need. That's right.
Alright then? You change your mind about helping your old pard?


A prologue completely different from the final version.

It wasn' t my goddamn idea to come here! Just get your shit together!
Get it together goddamnit! We gotta get the fuck out of here. You hear me?
Damn women! What the hell you're looking at? Why are you looking at me like that?
Honey I packed everything from the bathroom now. Hurry we need to get out of here!
Is everything okay? Honey? What are you doing in there!?
Ho-n-eeeyyyyy? What happened?
Nooooo! Get away from me… Jake it's me… AAAAAAAAAHH
Jenny! We have to go! Jenny! JENNY!
Baby, please… we have to leave them here… there's nothing you can do for them… open the goddamn door!
Jenny… I'm begging you… I can't leave you here… your parents are dead, leave them… You hear me? Jen?
I'm sorry… Jesus Christ, what I could I do? I had to!
Oh, my God…why did you make me do that…why….
I'm just going to stay here with you. I can't…I just can't leave you…not like this.


Would have given you Thermite grenades in exchange for rust. Most likely replaced by the quest Bleach with a Vengeance.

Very good. That's it. Here are some Thermite grenades I already made. You keep looking for that Iron Oxide. Bring it back and I'll fix you up.
Alright then. You can scrape that rust off any iron you can find.
No problem. You let me know if you change your mind.
You gather any up yet?
It's out there. Iron Oxide, right? Rust.
Maybe we can help each other out.
I was trained by the best.
You know what Thermite is?
An incendiary grenade that can melt through metal.
You help me, I help you. I'm Remsy.
If you can find me some Iron Oxide. Common rust. I'll mix it up with the aluminum filings I already have. Together they make Thermite. Shit burns hotter than the sun.
You bring me enough rust and I'll make some Thermite Grenades. Some for me, some for you. You interested?
You bring me rust and I'll make some Thermite.
So how about it? Find me rust and you'll have a weapon that'll burn through fucking anything.


Probably one of the most interesting pieces of unused dialogue in the game, Robert is a survivor looking for his fourteen year old brother. This means that kids were at one time included in the game, but taken out most likely due to the controversy it would cause.

Come on!
He's all alone in there!
Get these assholes away from me!
I can't get down!
Come on!
Oh, my God…
Don't leave me..
It's my brother…
Hey! Over here!
Hey! Don't walk away!
What? But… No… But I have to see if he's still… wait… WAIT!
My brother's hurt. I left him in the john. I told him I'd find a car and get 'em out of there, but these things are everywhere! Can you help me?
He's in the john on the other side of the parking lot. Let's go!
It's my brother! I can't just leave him there! He's only fourteen! What the hell is wrong with you people?
Where you going?
Faster, come on, he's all alone…
Please. Can you help me?
I couldn't get here any faster, An. I'm sorry. Without these people, I wouldn't have got here at all. Thank you


A gambler who wanted his winnings, and a casino in the middle of a zombie outbreak... Sounds a bit familiar.

Not only did you grab it, you actually came back. I don't think I would have done that, but then I'm not a very nice guy. As promised, here's half.
Alright, you're gonna have to go into the main hotel building. It's in the Kohuhu ballroom, man. Big ass table and big ass pile of winnings.
Okay, I get it. It's not worth the risk.
Dude, I had a fucking full house, Aces high.
Better grab it before somebody else does.
Hey, would you like to make some money?
You help me, I'll help you.
I go out there and I'm not gonna make it, man. I'm not a fighter.
Can you come closer? I don't like shouting.
I'm here for the South Pacific Poker Championships. Last year I won the world series in Vegas. We stayed in the game and stuck it out until we finally had to get the fuck out of there. There was a lot of cash left on that table when we booked, man. And I know I had the winning hand.
Here's the deal. If I tell you where to find out, would you bring back some for me? Half and half. I think that's fair. You up for that?

Grab the pot and you can have half.

So are you gonna go get my money for me?


A man who was convicted during the outbreak. Likely found in the Police Station.

I can't hold on much longer!
You save me and I'll tell you where to find my supplier's hidden stash. Money, drugs, guns. Everything man. What do you say? Come on, man, I don't have a lot of fuckin' time here.
Jesus Christ, that was way too close. Alright. The stash is located in a building nearby. Top floor, a closet in the backroom. The whole place is probably overrun with these fucknuts, but hell, I never said it would be easy. Later…
Alright then! Do it! Kill these motherfuckers!
Are you fucking kidding me?!
What are you waiting for man?
Hurry man! I'm losing my grip!
Save me and you won't be sorry!
Kill these fucking things!!!
I was in jail here. They got crazy-ass drug laws. Stupid like. Picked me up for a little bit of pot and put me away and threw away the fucking key. Ten fucking years for possession, man. They were moving me to the big house when everything went to shit. That's the only reason I got away.
Save me and I'll tell you where to find the stash!
Are you saving my ass or what?

Ryder White

Even Ryder White has unused lines suggesting that the quest On the Air was going to continue after the cutscene while the last four lines were for the final battle during the quest On the Edge.

Jesus Christ that was close. If you don't have a weapon it's better to run for it. These things are like rabid dogs.
Alright, now there's a staff elevator directly behind you. Try to get to the lowest floor you possibly can.
I've unlocked the doors… try to open it manually.
That's it. Keep moving now.
There's one inside!
Search for something you can use as a weapon. Look inside that toolbox.
That'll do just fine. Alright now listen up. These are no longer people They are bloody predators. If you want to survive, you cannot hesitate. You need to aim for the head and hit 'em with every ounce of strength you have.
Good work!
The elevators in this wing appear to be on the blink. You need to get to the stairway on the other side!
Get out of there! There's too many! Run for Christ's sake!
Just a bit further!
Go! Before they rip you to shreds! Get back to the corridor!
Don't bloody risk it!
Get back to the corridor!
There's a dead guard by the elevators. Get his security card off him. You can use it to open the elevator shaft and get outside.
Jesus Christ. These freaks are tearing this place apart. A section of the corridor in front of you has collapsed. You're gonna have to get around it somehow.
I see no other way. You're gonna have to get outside! See if you can kick down the door to the adjacent room.
Good. Now get to the window!
Okay, steel yourself now. You're gonna have to traverse the ledge to the room next door! Whatever you do, don't look down.
What took you so bloody long? I thought you fell off, for Christ's sake.
Alright, now, let's keep moving. I managed to reactivate the elevators but they can only be run from inside and only in emergency mode. The guard is still by the elevators but to take his card you'll have to kill him… again.
You're probably gonna need a weapon better than this wrench. A pipe from the ceiling might do more damage.
Jesus Christ, what a monster. Search his pockets. He's gotta have a security card on him somewhere.
Got it? Good. Use it on the security card reader. This should activate the emergency door release.
You have it? Thank God! Now take it and don't bloody lose it. I'm waiting for you on the prison island. Hurry!
Don't you dare say that!
Drop your weapons! Or I'll destroy the bloody helicopter!
It's okay now, Em. Everything's going to be okay.
This is Colonel Ryder White. Execute protocol 66. I repeat! Execute protocol 66.


A survivor who would have been in the Jungle trying to get inside the bunkers.

Hey, can you help me out here?
Those bunkers are filled with all kinds of treasures.
Would you like to see for yourself?
Show yourself!
I'm trying to blast these doors open, but they won't bloody budge.
There's a lot of valuable equipment in these bunkers. Weapons of war we can use it to fight these demons.
Will you help me to get inside?
That's what I'm talking about, brattahs. Though I got some worries, man. You got a minute?
Good. Good! I planted a charge, but it turned out to be too weak to blow the doors.
I have more Semtex but I left it in another bunker. If you can find it and plant it on that door, I will blow the ever-living shit out of it.
We might attract some unwanted attention, but by then we will have the means to deal with them.
Don't be a puss. Help a girl out.
Hurry before other raiders have the same idea.
Did you find the Semtex?
The Japanese built them during World War Two. Who knows what's down there?
Huh? Who's out there?
There's gotta be all kinds of crap down there.
Don't you want to know what's hiding in that bunker? Yes or no?
What's it going to be then? Will you help me get inside that bunker or not?
God damn! That blew the shit out of it! Let's see what's inside, ya?
Okay den good. You will find gasoline in the village. Take two cans and set 'em by the door. That little extra power should do the bloody trick.
You don't want to miss seeing this man. We're a big fucking boom!
Bring that gas.
Two cans will be enough for sure.
I could use a little more help.
I need to be sure we have enough plastique to blow this bitch.
What if there's a double door in there?
Once we set it off, those things will come running from miles around. We got one chance at this so let's add a little more firepower. Let's make sure it's really gonna blow. You up for this?
Fine. Grab some cover, brattahs. I'm setting it off on three.


A woman who would give you a nerve agent in exchange for oleander. Probably made redundant by the Toxic Mod.

Perfect. Quite beautiful and quite dangerous. Nature is amazing. As promised this is for you. If you see anymore, please bring them back. I can use as much as you can find
Thank you. The red flowers grow in clusters at the end of each branch and are sweetly scented. I'll supply you with a picture. They're quite easy to spot.
I see. Apparently you have more important things to do.
Have you found any yet? Do you still have the picture?
It won't kill them but it will render them helpless.
I really think it could work.
Do you know what oleander is?
It's one of the most poisonous plants in the world.
It creates a paralysis in the central nervous system.
Can you come here a moment…?
If you can find some oleander for me, I believe I can use it to create a fast acting poison which may create a temporary paralysis in the undead. They exhibit only the most primitive brain functions, but they still have nervous systems
Bring me Oleander and I will create poison that can be injected with the tip of a spear or by blowgun dart. Would you be willing to help me with this?
Oleander will make a very effective paralysis agent.
Are you sure you can't do this for me?


Ted is a survivor found in City Hall. Apparently he wasd suppose to give you a quest at one time.

That's perfect. Thank you. You find any more, you know where to bring it.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
Alright, well let me know if you change your mind.
You can salvage it. Steal it. Whatever.
Find any wire or duct tape?
Anybody have any wire?
We're keeping things together the best we can, but I can't do it with spit and a prayer.
You can pretty much fix anything with wire and duct tape.
I'm making weapons, making barricades, whatever is needed.
Looking for wire and duct tape.
Back in the world, I was a general contractor. I can fix pretty much anything. But I need the right tools and materials. Any kind of wire you can find will help out quite a bit. 10 gauge, 20 gauge, whatever you can find.
Find me some wire or duct tape and I'll make it worth your while.
Wire and duct tape? Whatever you can find.
Ready to help me out now?


Tembi is a tour guide who would give the heroes her binoculars for rescuing her.

For older ladies they were rather vicious, weren't they. Take the lenses, for they may be useful. I will not forget what you did for me.
Oh, thank the Lord. They are dead, but they still walk. Kill them before they kill us all.
Then I am doomed. There are too many and they are so hungry.
What has gotten into them!
Do not hesitate! They are not human!
They're trying to kill me!
Do you see them?
They're after me!
They're crazy!
They wanna eat me!
I'm a wilderness guide. I take birding groups into the bush. Bird watchers. But my group from Britain, all ladies, they got bitten and they are infected and they are insane.
They want to tear me apart and they're right behind me. You must help me! These ladies are crazy. Kill them and you can have the lenses from their broken binoculars.
Kill them and those lenses are yours!
So you'll save me. Please say yes


In the quest Alcohol for Theresa, Theresa was going to give you medkits, but in the final game she gives you cash instead.

I have a few med kits… I can give you them in exchange for your help…


Tony was apparently a mafia wiseguy on a honeymoon with his wife Marie and a part of his crew.

I appreciate your help, bro. Poor Marie, huh? You wouldn't know it, but once upon a time she was a hot piece of ass. On our wedding day?Marone. Here. This is for you.
Yeah? Okay. Good. They're in that Diamond Villa right across the way.
Yeah, yeah, I get it. Forget about it.
You take out my wife yet?
Hurry it up, brother. Tick tock. You know what I'm saying.
Yo, over here!
You make a little bit of scratch?
You see you know how to handle yourselves.
I'm thinking you could maybe do something for me.
I wanted to go Vegas, but that wasn't good enough for Marie. She wanted to come to this fucking paradise. What I wouldn't give to be back in Jersey. But I'll get there. In the meantime, I got a job for ya if you're interested?
Marie is still in there with most of my crew. They're fuckin' dead, but they ain't fuckin' down, if you catch my drift. And Marie's wearing two hundred grand worth of fucking jewelry. I'll be damned if I'm gonna let some soldier boy walk away with my fuckin' bling . So here's the deal. Take her out. Take out my crew and any other random asshole that's in there, and you can have one of her diamond earrings. That's like ten grand right there.
Get my jewelry back and you can have a taste.
So are you gonna help me out or what?


A man that requested help killing zombies. Due to him mentioning the mayor, he would've likely been found in Chapter II.

We managed to secure the entire area except for this one building. The infected showed up inside there out of bloody nowhere!
I lost two men in there already. I heard you know how to handle these freaks of nature. That you might even be immune to this illness. Think you could help us?
I can talk to the mayor for you if you like. If you help us, we'll help you. Way of the world, right? So what's it gonna be?
I see. It's every ponce for himself, is it? Well, then maybe you should just piss off out of my sight.
Good. Now I know these were all human beings at one time, but not anymore. Their dangerous and they need to be put down like rabid dogs. So grab you weapons and take care of business.
Get it done. If one of those things were to get out…if that infection were spread…well I don't even want to think about it…
Go on!
We'll be waiting.
Good job, mates. Thanks for your help. And why don't you just keep those weapons for yourself. You may come in handy later.


A fashion photographer looking for his client.

Oh my, that's her ring. That's a shame. What a waste. Well, here's some cash for your trouble.
Alright then. Good. She's wearing a green bikini and a diamond engagement ring worth a fortune. If she's no longer among the living, see if you can at least bring back the ring.
Are you kidding me? We're talking about Kim Compeau, for Christ's sake.
As soon as you find her bring the crazy bitch back.
Her legs alone are insured for ten million dollars. Of course that's only if they're still attached.
You can't miss her. She's five eleven, long red hair, a body to die for. Not literally of course.
You wanna make some money?
I know money doesn't matter much at the moment, but once we're rescued it sure the hell will.
Let me tell you what I have in mind.
Did you here me calling on the radio?
Whoever can hear this, I'm at the Diamond Bungalow and I need help. Is anyone out there? You come help me and you will make a shitload of money.
I'm a fashion photographer here to shoot a new swimsuit issue with one of the most famous models on Earth - Kim Compeau.
She went out for a swim this morning and I haven't seen her since. This girl's worth millions. Find her and you will be handsomely rewarded.
If you can find her, believe me, her people will be very greatful.


A survivor looking for flares. He may have been replaced by the survivor Trevor Cohen, who looks for flares as well.

Thank you, my friends. Now we're ready. Help is on the way. Has to be.
Otherwise they're never gonna see us!
If we build a bonfire and keep it going, it'll attact the wrong kind of attention. The bad kind, brah.
Emergency flares?
There's gotta be some around.
It's the only way we're gonna get out of here.
They no can see us. How will they know….
I'm looking for flares…
Emergency flares!
Don’t make me shout! I don't want those things to hear me.
Hold on, brattahs!
Rescue choppers gotta be on their way, but how will find us? There's fires everywhere. It's a bloody disaster area. We gotta make sure they see us. For that we need signal flares. The more the better.
Help me out and you can keep some for yourself.


William has some lines that would have been said when you found him in Family Matters.

I have to find the love of my life and that is not my wife…
I don't want her looking for me…
She needs to forget all about me…
Max sent you to find me?
I'm not in love with her. I'm love with someone else…