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Development:F-Zero X

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This page details development materials of F-Zero X.

How about a nice leek in this trying time?
This page or section details content from the July 2020 Nintendo Leak.
Check the July 2020 Nintendo Leak category for more pages also sourced from this material.

On July 25th, 2020, a large amount of internal data was leaked relating to a variety of Nintendo properties. This leak also included many early F-Zero X assets.

Internal Names

Some machines sport some alternative names. This can be observed in f0x\dai_traveling.h. Black Bull and Black Fortress both occupy #15, which suggests that they are likely the same machine.

Internal Retail
Deep Red Claw Deep Claw
Super Piranhan Super Piranha
Green Dasher Green Panther
Black Fortress Black Bull
King Comet King Meteor
Queen Comet Queen Meteor
Wonder Hornet Wonder Wasp
Mad Beetle Mad Wolf
Hell Viper Hell Hawk (JP)
Blood Hawk (US/PAL)


F-Zero 64 Graphics

The speedometer and power bar present in E3 1997 footage of F-Zero X are present in f0x\IMAGES.


(Source: Luosetigua)

Cup Graphics

The graphics for each cup were originally represented by a playing card. Found in f0x\CAD. The checker-boarded card seems to be an early graphic for the Edit Cup (not to be confused with Course Edit), as the retail Edit Cup graphic is named Ed.rgba.

Menu Graphics

Found in f0x\CAD. There are two menu options, Records and Slot Race, which do not show up in retail. As evident by the filenames provided within the leak, Records was replaced by Death Race (named RECORD.rgba) and Slot Race was replaced by Practice (named SLOTrace.rgba).

Selection Graphics

At some point, selecting a cup was handled through a menu similar to the VS player selection. Speaking of which, an early graphic of the VS player selection is also present. Both graphics notably feature some skewed text. The cup selection graphic lacks Jack and X cup.
FZX64 IQUE CUPselect.pngFZX64 IQUE VSselect.png
There is also another early VS select graphic which is closer to retail's, but the text is closer together and the fire graphic is different.
FZX64 IQUE 2 VSselect.png

Ghost Menu Graphics

f0x/CAD contains two unused graphics that reference ghost selection options, Celebrity Ghost and Champ Ghost.


In the f0x/IMAGES directory there are two files, face1_TX.tex and face3_TX.tex, both of which are pictures of Beavis from Beavis and Butt-Head. The latter of the two has its colors inverted.


An early version of the title screen's music is present in f0x\sound\SeWave. Unlike most music, this has both the left and right audio channels present as title_l.b.22.c4.aiff and title_r.b.22.c4.aiff respectively. The guitars are different in this version.

Old Announcer

Also in f0x/sound/SeWave are early voice recordings for the announcer. Many of them contain different dialogue:

Old Voice Actor Transcript Retail Voice Actor Transcript
Check behind the car!
Watch your back!
Bingo! (Laughs)
Bingo! (Laughs)
You got boost power!
You got boost power!
Yeah! That final lap!
Yeah! The final lap!
You lost your machine.
Too bad! You lost your machine.
OOOAAAHHH! It's(?) new record!
Way to go! It's a new record!
Nobody behind the car!
Pour it on! You're right out in front!
You're number one!
Yeah! First place!
See you again! (Laughs)
See you again! (Laughs)

Some voice lines lack a used equivalent in the retail game.

File Name Voice Line Transcript
(Groans) Are you crazy?!
You extend your machine!
Oh-woah-oh-oh-oh! Hurry up!

Presumably, the voice lines labeled "rank up" and "rank down" were supposed to be used when the player ranked up or down during a race, or perhaps when their position in the tournament overall changed, but they didn't make it into the final game.


It's likely that these lines were recorded by composer Taro Bando, given the similarities to the vocals heard in a handful of songs in the game, and the pronunciation of the word lap as "rap" in the "That final lap!" line. It's also likely he recorded the male falling scream from the final game as well:

Old Announcer Male Falling Scream

Pilot Graphics

Early designs of some of the pilots were found in the iQue leak from July 25th, 2020. These aren't actually located where all the F-Zero X stuff is, instead in the sf64\assets\en\gfx\nigen_i\multigen\FZ64 directory.

Captain Falcon

Early Retail

Samurai Goroh

Early Retail

Dr. Stewart

Early Retail

Jody Summer

Early Retail