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This page details development materials of LEGOLAND.

Some art assets from LEGOLAND were found on Data Design Interactive's hard drives, as they assisted with the game's development.

Test Videos

Found in emails are animation tests for some of the cutscenes.


Test Final

A test of the pyramid shrinking in the Inca cutscene.

tm_travel.avi and tm_appear.avi

Two videos of animation tests for Professor Voltage's time machine.


Animation test for Professor Voltage's ray gun.


Sketch (June 2, 1999) Revised Sketch (June 29, 1999)
LEGOLAND certificate sketch.png LEGOLAND certificate RevisedPark.png
Certificate (July 1, 1999) Final (July 3, 1999)
LEGOLAND certificate certificate.png LEGOLAND certificate.png

Various sketches of the end certificate screen.

Early Models

Found in emails are early 3D Studio MAX files of the game's main cast.

Found in another email are the original concept sketches of these characters.

LEGOLAND characters2.jpg

Miscellaneous Images


LEGOLAND trexy.jpg

Concept sketches of the T-Rex.

Time Machine

LEGOLAND Timemachine v1.jpg

A render of Professor Voltage's time machine.