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Development:Stuart Little: The Journey Home

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This page details development materials of Stuart Little: The Journey Home.

Donald Campbell, sound driver programmer at Tiertex, released the source code to all of his work. Including the MusyX Audio Engine compiler and MIDI files used for it. Along with the .mid files are .wrk files, presumably project files from an old version of Cakewalk, which composer Mark Ortiz used.

Early Music

Level 2: Stick 'Em Up (SL_Ctry.wrk)

SL_Ctry.wrk (Early) sl_ctry.mid (Final)

A significantly slower version. It is also worth noting that in the final version, the music loops twice, then again but without the main melody for most of it, then again but without percussion at the end, and then finally finishes the first "real" loop. Due to how .wrk files are structured it is unknown whether the early version of the song is also constructed like this.

Level 3: Ahoy There / Level 8: Escape From Central Park (SL_5.wrk)

SL_5.wrk (Early) sl_5.mid (Final)

Pretty much the same as final, only with an extra snippet of note data at the very end that isn't heard in the final version.

All Items Collected Jingle (SL_Jingle_01.wrk)

SL_Jingle_01.wrk (Early) sljing1.mid (Final)

Early version of the fanfare jingle used for when you collect all required items in a top-down race level.

Level 5: Make It Snappy / Level 7: Up To His Neck In It (SL_6.wrk)

SL_6.wrk (Early) SL_6.mid (Final)

Slower version of the final song in a different key. The secondary instrument is used from the very beginning, a couple "wrong notes" can be heard, and most notably, no key change mid-song, making it a lot shorter.

SL_6.wrk (General MIDI) SL_6.wrk (In-Game)

Additionally, this is one of the few .wrk files to have "human-assigned" General Midi instruments rather than the specific ones used for the MusyX conversion.

Unused Music


A very unfinished, swingy tune. It uses the same percussion line shared by both the main menu theme (sl_2.mid) and the themes in level 1 and 6 (SL_3.mid) While the way the odd bassline ends suggests this could be an earlier version of the latter.