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Development:WWF WrestleMania (Arcade)

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This page details development materials of WWF WrestleMania (Arcade).

To do:
Move all the stuff left in the final game inside the main article (feel free to re-create it, you can find the title screen image that was uploaded here).

W.W.F. spells danger
It's 1993 and time for WrestleMania

Unlike the song, the game doesn't feature terrible literacy or a rapping Einstein. What it does feature can be found in its entirety on Github, which is where most of this information and all the art comes from.

Unused Characters

Adam Bomb

Work on a ninth wrestler, Adam Bomb, was started but only 5 of the 11 required image categories were created. According to Josh Tsui, one of the developers, Adam was cut from the game due to space constraints.

(Source: @JoshTsui)


Hit reaction - ADM_HIT.IMG


Punches - ADM_PNC.IMG

Movement - ADM_WLK.IMG

Miscellaneous - ADM_MSC.IMG


Character selection mugshot and logo
Wwfwrestarc-abombmug.png Wwfwrestarc-ADM.png

Name and bio
Wwfwrestarc-NAM ADM.png Wwfwrestarc-ADMBIO.png


Unlike Adam Bomb who was well known to have been cut, there's a relative lack of information about any referee being present. Nevertheless, the source dump contains art for various referee actions.





Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect was intended to be a playable character in the game, but he reportedly no-showed the sprite capture sessions. As a result, he has only a minimal presence remaining in the files. Two high score screen images, one composited with a background, and one without:
Wwfwrestarc-CRUT MP.png Wwfwrestarc-CRUT MRP.png

A character selection mugshot:
Wwfwrestarc-WWFMUGS MPMUG.png

And an embossed name for an earlier version of the 'Fall/Match Awarded To' banner too:
Wwfwrestarc-EMBPERF vda.png

Unused Moves


Famously only The Undertaker has a fatality, with rumours as old as the game suggesting increasingly bizarre input combinations as to how to perform them for the other wrestlers. Unfortunately the game code confirms that the rumours are just that, The Undertaker's is the only one that is programmed in. Each wrestler does however have data slots for two fatalities, and art and animations exist that seem to fit unused fatalities.

Bam Bam

Wwfwrestarc-BAMBOWL.gif Bam Bam bowling a literal fire ball

Wwfwrestarc-B4NP3Z.gif Normal people throw shade, Bam Bam throws heat

Wwfwrestarc-PLFR.gif And perhaps, the result of one of those - a person on fire collapsing


Wwfwrestarc-BALLD.gif Wwfwrestarc-BALLR.gif A large ball materialising and rolling

Wwfwrestarc-BALL.gif A smaller version of a rolling ball too

Flattened wrestlers, presumably after being squashed by it

Lex Luger

Wwfwrestarc-LEXBEAM.gif A fatal beam of patriotism is Lex's move. AMERICA!

Razor Ramon

Wwfwrestarc-RZSLIC.gif This would likely have been similar to Jax's cutting-up fatality in MK3, with some associated spinning razors
Wwfwrestarc-RAZORA.gif Wwfwrestarc-RAZORB.gif

But that's not all, the art for the results of this move is also present

Head Body Legs
Wwfwrestarc-BAMHEAD.png Wwfwrestarc-BMTORSOA.gif Wwfwrestarc-BAMLEGS.gif
Wwfwrestarc-DNKHED.gif Wwfwrestarc-DKTORSOA.gif Wwfwrestarc-DNKLEGS.gif
Wwfwrestarc-HRTHEAD.png Wwfwrestarc-HTTORSOA.gif Wwfwrestarc-HRTLEGS.gif
Wwfwrestarc-LEXHEAD.png Wwfwrestarc-LXTORSOA.gif Wwfwrestarc-LEXLEGS.gif
Wwfwrestarc-RAZHEAD.png Wwfwrestarc-RZTORSOA.gif Wwfwrestarc-RAZLEGS.gif
Wwfwrestarc-SHNHEAD.png Wwfwrestarc-SNTORSOA.gif Wwfwrestarc-SHNLEGS.gif
Wwfwrestarc-UNDHEAD.png Wwfwrestarc-UNTORSOA.gif Wwfwrestarc-UNDLEGS.gif
Wwfwrestarc-YOKHEAD.png Wwfwrestarc-YKTORSOA.gif Wwfwrestarc-YOKLEGS.gif

Wwfwrestarc-UNLGASH.gif Wwfwrestarc-UNSASH.gif In addition, The Undertaker also has two steaming piles of ash.

The Undertaker

Wwfwrestarc-HANDL.gif Wwfwrestarc-HANDR.gif The art file for Undertaker's fatality has animations of hands coming out the canvas


A bunch of arena lights associated with Yokozuna in some way
Wwfwrestarc-YKLIGHT01.png Wwfwrestarc-YKLIGHT02A.png Wwfwrestarc-YKLIGHT02B.png

Wwfwrestarc-BLOOD.gifWwfwrestarc-BLOODHIT.gif And some blood animations that could go anywhere


Bam Bam

Wwfwrestarc-BREATH.gif Wwfwrestarc-FIREBALL.gif Animations named breath and fireball, it would likely have been similar to Sonya's fire breath fatality in MK3

Bret Hart

Wwfwrestarc-H4JK4C.gif A knee drop


Lex Luger

Wwfwrestarc-L3FL3A.gif Lex throwing from his knees

Razor Ramon

Wwfwrestarc-R2CT2E.gif Razor high stepping out of there

Wwfwrestarc-R4FC3B.gif And throwing his sweat

The Undertaker

Wwfwrestarc-U4GH3Z.gif Ghostpunchers!

Wwfwrestarc-U3FD3X.gif A rapid fall

Wwfwrestarc-U3FH3A.gif Is this a roll or a flip?

An unused purple headed ghost type being born, flying, and disappearing
Wwfwrestarc-GOSTAP.gif Wwfwrestarc-GOSTFL.gif Wwfwrestarc-GOSTHT.gif


Game Modes

Wwfwrestarc-LUMBMTCH.png A label for a non-existent Lumberjack match mode exists, due to the name and being an actual match type it would be, a ring surrounded by wrestlers who might go inside the ring and attack the wrestlers based on their alignment with that wrestler.


Source code also exists that would've transported the player to a hidden game of Robotron if the player had exactly 25 awards after a match during a credit - awards being points given for things like perfect, double perfect, quick wins, big comebacks etc. However, the check for this at the start of the main game loop is commented out

; Wrestle.asm, line 1049
;	.if DEBUG
;	;don't allow this out in the field yet.
;	JSRP	robo_check
;	.endif

The code doesn't exist in the Rev 1.30 rom version in MAME, and so was never allowed out into the field.

Two Players

Drone Meters and Move Names are the only modes one player can turn unilaterally. With two players, more modes can be turned on by inputting various control codes on the pre-match screen where the wrestler logos are displayed.

No blocking: Block x3

Hyper match: Left, Punch, Punch, Block

Instant Combo: Right, Punch, Power Punch

Over the top rope elimination: Down, Punch, Kick, Block

Buddy Mode: Block x5

There is another mode to change the ring to either to become invisible or to removes it, since it sans means without.
Sans ring: Up, Right, Down, Left


Grabbable weapons seem to have been planned at some point. Images of a chair being swung and breaking are present in CHAIR.IMG

To go with those, each wrestler except The Undertaker has an animation for swinging the chair and picking it up. The Undertaker only has one for picking it up, swinging may have reused the tombstone smash animation.

Other Images

Wwfwrestarc-alternatitle.png An alternative title screen spelling out what WWF stands for. Apparently it's not 'danger' any more

Wwfwrestarc-SCRNSHOT.png A screenshot from an early build showing a different 'round won' icon

Wwfwrestarc-EMBLEM.gif And the different 'round won' icon itself

Wwfwrestarc-TITMOC1.png A really low quality version of the title screen

Wwfwrestarc-FUJI.gif Mr Fuji is part of the progression screen assets. This is actually in production, but you don't see it often. He's only visible when you play Yokozuna 1-on-1, and he doesn't show up when it's a 1-on-2 or a 1-on-3 match.

Wwfwrestarc-scrdangle.png scrdangle is a test crowd image

Wwfwrestarc-VIDEOSET.png A video set is amongst the images for the crowd

Wwfwrestarc-RAD MK2.png The file with the developer tip images has a stray Raiden from MK2

Wwfwrestarc-RNDNUM 4.png There's a number 4 amongst the round number images

Wwfwrestarc-BGLAS.gif Bret's sunglasses, rotating

Wwfwrestarc-best2of3.png An older version of the Best 2 out of 3 Falls graphic

And finally, four different styles of old 'namebars'. This is what the embossed Mr Perfect above would be mounted on
Wwfwrestarc-MATCH PLT.png Wwfwrestarc-NAMEBAR2 vda.png Wwfwrestarc-NBAR3old.png Wwfwrestarc-NBAR1 composed.png


Versions.doc lists a few revisions and a summary of what was fixed in each. These version numbers don't correspond to the ROM revision numbers in MAME, so whether they refer to pre-release test builds or are different names for official version numbers (that MAME uses) is unknown.

2.01	Tues 6 Jun	Initial release.

2.02	Thurs 8 Jun	Endgame stories added.
			Fixed a bug that cut many combos short.
			Buddy mode powerup didn't work.  Fixed.
			Various minor bug fixes.

2.03	???		Fixed a problem with a new watchdog part.

3.00	Fri 23 Jun	Test version only -- never released.
			Attract AAMA transition crash bug fixed.
			Various minor bug fixes.
			Lots of gameplay tweaking.

3.01	Tues 27 Jun	Various tweaks and bug fixes.
			Buy-in during fireworks bug fixed.

Some of the fixes mentioned above are also listed in a more detailed compilation of problems found and bugs to be fixed, contained in todo.doc:

SHIT TO DO:	6/19/95

JASON - Owns everything not owned by anyone else, the greedy bastard.

TEST - safe time while entering ring
TEST - second wind safety time

DONE - shawn's hdhold suplex doesn't add to combo meter
DONE - doink's & razor's head grabs don't add to combo meter

why the funny reaction on spin kicks?
somehow make robotron fit or abandon it (not NEARLY enough room)

DONE - don't allow taunts if all opponents are dead.

DONE?- more buckoff weirdness

DONE - new hint - pin guys who can't buck off

1 on 2, tossed guy out, went out after him, I walked toward rear of arena,
	opponent logic wouldn't allow him to walk back to me, time ran out,
	I won.  Drone even climbed back into arena.

DONE - 1 on 2, tossed guy out, killed him, I waited outside, never took damage

do fake head grab if too fast
drones not aggressive outside of ring
rpt hdbutt needs to be reversible.

interruptible credits
DONE - put operator message over top of bouncing balls
choose brighter pal/font for end game stories
reduce firework time - jazz up text
???? - add some white flashes to fireworks
effects on napalm miss
kick or punch to a flying opponent should fall back in place, not bounce off
bam bam hits inair off-ground opponent from tbukl leap, do fall back sans fire
DONE - don't allow pushing people out of flying kicks.
unique sound on second wind
no attack sounds if blocked
meter comes out after a fling
getting buzzed, someone interrupted it, I was left hanging
rzr z-float backwards on pin
bam fireball
Rzr blade toss - blades also?
dnk tornado
trashed combo image
Getup meter came out, didn't rise until a button was hit - flung/flykicked
8-on-1 did buckoff on right, message came out on left
look at all ;fix & TODO comments
some moves give high-risk message but didn't hit!
Drain from my meter into his on squeeze move - use taker pin art

???? - still have opponent bnc off ropes from choke slide and drift up/over offscrn
???? - robotron sounds [can't do it unless we can link robotron in somehow]
???? - auto taunt after def play - block time?
???? - allow sharpshooter on dead guys
???? - fix that zero seconds crap

MARK - owns wrestlers (bam, doink, ???seq?, etc.)

use the pie
show hiptoss art not in close
bam combos against lex
doink hammer bug (?)
knock-down hits should hold longer (only when you've got one live opponent)
slow down recoil on punches
bam bam charge neckbreaker after hiptoss
fix spirits
drone yoko salts teammate bret, bret gets stuck in run frame
quicker run time whacks
yoko lost overhead victim
low gut flykick
2 butn pickups
graboh mvs on other combo
last super k,p - delay
chair code
dnk box pnch - slide mv - dnk negpal
Do doink boxing pnch slide - trail
Yoko bnc on grnd knock opponent down/perhaps float, energy shock wave - air2
kick somebody out of ring
look into tb misses
fire wad plume for bam pin
bret eye gouge move floats
Add sweat at neckbreaks, etc.  -  lex elbow to face
Look through wake up addrs to see what looks out of place
Do hands from mat Taker move
Add bogus adam bmb, etc. audits, inc over time... text strings also
Repeated chokes
bret swirl mv from head hold too powerful
ball bnc
Smoke from turnbuckle moves (hits only)
Add other moves (knees, etc) to in close combos
Flip slam to taker - taker slides off ropes
Put in swirl/swirl speedy fly kick
Make spirits code/art cooler


Test combos

IN PROGRESS - Taker coffin.

DONE - Try to free up more program space.  NOTE - We gain about 16k by
       turning OFF debug mode.

DONE - end game dma lockup - NOTE - This was being caused by multiple
       round winner announcement processes being started.  As far as I know
       Jason fixed that problem.

DONE - end game pan around, faster fireworks, readable text, more text

DONE - attract mode instructions - secret moves (go from bio page to a bio page
       without text, instead put up three moves). NOTE - Need to finalize
       tips for each wrestler.

DONE - Fix some bullshit problem with some off brand watchdog chip gurnee
       decided to use.  What a cluster fuck!!!!

DONE - AAMA Message crash bug from Belmont tape.  See explanation in

DONE - do a general hints in the attract mode on one page - tons of moves. flings, 
       hiptosses, big boots, flying kicks, etc.


make the first drone a complete sissy
drones are too aggressive.  on the low difficulty settings, the drones don't
 win headholds, and they block poorly, which is good, but they still
 constantly attack, kamikaze-style.  On low settings, they should just stand
 around and/or circle their opponent more.
drones don't appear to begin trying to buckoff until they get pinned.  They
 should start the instant they die.
rzr has a leaping rugslam now - TT KICK
drones - shouldn't jump off turnbuckle so often in multi matches
make drones easier - especially match one
won 5 against humans, then drone kicked my butt - rules?
fix undertaker not pinning - taker walks back and forth real fast trying to
 look for a pin!
guys still walk into ropes for long time!
don't attack mode head hold humans - unless difficulty setting is hi!
Don't have drones do power moves unless human has.
Yoko should take advantage of salt throw
Drones should take advantage of missed buzzers, etc.
Have drones run back into ring
drones should NOT be able to mess with other drones when they are in the
 middle of a puppet move
Drone Taker drops people from chokehold

Doink's main code file, DNK.ASM, also has an undated list of problems to fix and things to do

;Tap thru every fucking delay
;Into ring easier
;Drain from my meter into his on squeeze move
;Fix immobilize - doesn't allow stands from head hold or fire punch angle swaps
;Blood from broken arm
;Revive after death
;Fix all action_tables to read dual buttons!  We miss button hits...
;Make alt arena pals come up rarely, or button combo!
;Lex club somebody down from in close super punch
;Fix end of round/game pin/move time/stuff
;Fix convulse on all pins
;Out of ring slide backs
;Fix shawn run/stomp
;Penalize missed ghosts
;Do some 5x damage moves, etc.
;Flash player on powerups!
;Stop near rope pile driver zeroing of y vel
;Fix flying kicks in place, looks stupid, be successful...
;Buyin count - repeated ladder position - Jake!
;Fix shawn flip toss
;Fix head hold speeds/look
;Don't knock me down with 1 pixel, and am blocking
;Blocks slide velocity
;Two bozo modes on aggressor head hold - 2 presses of supers does kick
;Flying kick start rules / like clothesline
;Add smoke whisps
;fire moves
;make flykick not miss on bounce!
;Damage bug from combo
;Wrong guy awarded victory
;Fix all at_types, including at_leaping
;Whack on buttons bozo mode
;Fix frankensteiner into blocker
;Clothesline stick on blocker
;Flykick off of blocker up into air
;Get out of overhead
;Get out of chokehold
;Kick toss out of ring
;Wrong person wins
;Urn in takers hand at end
;Do our own auto pin
;Z on pin
;Buckle drop after being hit!
;Immobilize bugs
;Shawn dead, but still in puppet mode
;Make tombstone smash work on ground opponent
;reverse piledriver/neckbrkr for und
;Tombstone smash sound
;Killed in midst of head held hits - for everyone!
;Frankensteiner reversal doesn't jump up high!  Yes it does!
;Reversals don't work!
;Show fast victory time
;Put in new artwork
;Whack out of fast victory - it selected razor
;Make spirits code/art cooler
;Redo head grabs
;Eyes tumble from head on eye gouge
;Fix pal options - button combo at start - Blue curtain is good
;Fling guy into wrong direction
;Fix razor knee into gut from head hold
;Doink pin toss
;Flash screen white
;Sliding choke move - faster?
;Fix taker smash snd
;Fix taker clobber snd
;Fix big boots, read kick & skick buttons
;Debris from broken arm
;Place specific speech calls where needed!  (Ex. Arm break "Here it comes")
;High scream when shawn nabs you on charge suplex