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Doki Doki Sasete!!

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Title Screen

Doki Doki Sasete!!

Developer: Zero One
Publisher: Victor Interactive Software
Platform: Game Boy Color
Released in JP: October 26, 2001

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
Check for more unused content.

Sound Driver Credits

Credits for the sound driver are present at offsets 1D000A, 1D400A, 1D800A, and 1DC00A.

DMG Sound Driver - Sheep - v0.93 (c)2001 Manabu Namiki All rights reserved.

Crash Debugger

DokiDokiSasete ErrorHandler.png

A basic crash debugger exists at the start of the ROM. Pressing Start on this screen resets the game.

Debug Text

All of the following debug text is supposed to be shown with the debugger mentioned above.

bk malloc:over bank no
bk free:over bank no
sp buf full
undefined animation=reg A, max=(hl)
undefined group=reg B, max=(hl)
OBJ char alloc
undefined palette set=reg C, max=(hl)
undefined palette=reg A, max=reg H
CGEN=reg A, max=(hl)
obj buffer over
palette not empty
palette under free

Present at offset 1FC000.

wk malloc:no initialized
LCD_STAT_INT:undefined lcd status interrupt

Present at offset 1FC968.

trance queue full
QUEUE_AFTER:trance count over
sp font alloc by trance
bg font alloc by trance
last fit malloc
best fit malloc
first fit malloc
FREE:not found alloc ptr
WDIV:division by ZERO
BDIV:division by ZERO
proc_stack over(other)
proc_stack over
proc_stack under
Undefined proc No.

Present at offset 1FCAAD.

Undefined Error

Present at offset 1FCDFB.


Present at offset 1FCE1E.

MSG INDEX OVER:bc=max no.
unuse msg global var
unuse msg local var
over local var No.
MSG not fond unuse buffer
MSG_DIV:division by ZERO
MSG no open window
SET_ARRAY:over (de=last_no bc=req_no)
GET_ARRAY:over (de=last_no bc=req_no)

Present at offset 1FD126.

not empty:window buffer
window text area char alloc
window frame char alloc
lost unget char(de=unget char)
map No. over
map object buffer full

Present at offset 1FD254.