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Donkey Kong 64/Unused Exits

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This is a sub-page of Donkey Kong 64.

A number of spawn points exist that are normally inaccessible in Adventure mode. Use these GameShark codes to access them, where XX is the corresponding map value and YY the exit value.

Version GameShark Code
USA 807444E7 00XX
807444EB 00YY
EUR 8073EC37 00XX
8073EC3B 00YY
JPN 80743DA7 00XX
80743DAB 00YY

DKTV Demos

All of the title screen demos start from predefined spawn points. Only DK and Lanky's are unique; the rest are the same as those used in Adventure mode.

Kong Map Exit
DK 07 10
Lanky 17 01

DK's Treehouse

Map: AB

Exit 00

DK64 exit AB00.png

Spawns you to the right of the doorway, in front of the oil drum.

Regardless of where you entered, being in this position spawns a DK clone in the center of the room.

Exit 02

DK64 exit AB02.png

Spawns you in the center of the room. While you do start here at the beginning of a new game (if story skip is off), this particular exit value is never loaded.

Troff 'n' Scoff

Map: 2A

Exit 01

DK64 exit 2A01.png

Spawns you next to Scoff's pad.

Exit 03

DK64 exit 2A03.png

Spawns you on the left side of the room, near the stairs. Causing Cutscene 6 in Aztec Lobby will take you to this exit.

To do:
Is this where one of the Level/Exit Doors was?

Jungle Japes

Map 04, Exit 01

DK64 exit 0401.png

Spawns you in front of the Chimpy Charge gate.

Map 04, Exit 02

DK64 exit 0402.png

Spawns you slightly ahead of the entrance. E3 footage shows there used to be a DKTV demo in this area, but that one appears to have used exit 00 instead.

Map 07, Exit 0B

DK64 exit 070B.png

This was where Lanky's Exit Door was in the prototype.

Map 07, Exit 0D

DK64 exit 070D.png

This was where Tiny's Exit Door was in the prototype.

Map 21, Exit 01

DK64 exit 2101.png

Spawns you a short distance away from the barrel cannon. Again, Chunky's demo uses exit 00 instead of this one.

Angry Aztec

Map 0E, Exit 01

DK64 exit 0E01.png

Starts you at the bottom of the slide, right before the finish line. Crossing it doesn't end the race, so you can freely walk over and grab the Banana (which counts as having won it).

Frantic Factory

Map 1A, Exit 0E

DK64 exit 1A0E.png

Spawns you inside the toy monster room in R&D. There's no way to warp here normally; dying to the toy monster just respawns you at the level entrance.

Gloomy Galleon

Map 1F, Exit 01

DK64 exit 1F01.png

Spawns you to the left of the barrel cannon, under the window.

Map 27

All of these exits affect your starting position in the race. For reference, exit 00 is the used one, which starts you in the front-right position.

Exit Position
01 Front left
02 Back right
03 Back left
04 Several feet ahead on the right, in front of the red checkpoint

Crystal Caves

Map: 48

Exits 07-0B

All of the level's old Exit Door warps are still intact.

Exit 1B

DK64 exit 481B.png

Spawns you at the back of Tiny's Bonus Barrel shrink hole. Signs point to this having been a scrapped Troff 'n' Scoff portal: it's located right after the used portals in the exit list, and you immediately drop under the floor when spawning (which also happens if you warp to where a portal was after beating the boss).

Exit 1D

DK64 exit 481D.png

Spawns you in the center of the giant Kosha room. The only normal way to access this place is via the Tiny Pad.

Exit 1F

DK64 exit 481F.png

Spawns you in one corner of the Gorilla Gone cave. As noted on the main page, this area may have had something to do with the Ice Key and/or Stop 'n' Swop.

Hideout Helm

The list of exits is generally the same between all versions of Hideout Helm (maps 11, 1C, and 98). The only difference is that 11 has five exits, whereas 1C and 98 only have three.

Exit 01

DK64 exit 1101.png

Spawns you next to the prison(s) from the Intro Story.

Exit 02

DK64 exit 1102.png

Spawns you in the throne room, between the chair and the corridor.

Exit 03

DK64 exit 1103.png

Spawns you in front of the lever.