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Dragalia Lost

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Title Screen

Dragalia Lost

Developer: Cygames
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released in JP: September 27, 2018
Released in US: September 27, 2018
Released in EU: February 26, 2019
Released in AU: February 26, 2019
Released in CN: September 27, 2018

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Dragalia Lost is a gacha game where you can shapeshift into a dragon, advertising it with an off-element combination.

Placeholder Facility Event Music

In the game's file downloads for the first Trick or Treasure! event run, there was a placeholder track for the facility event menu. With the A Wish to the Winds event, this song was replaced with the one that's currently used in the game.

Placeholder Current

Leftover Seasonal Lines

To do:
Sort out all the seasonal lines for each adventurer. This should go on a separate page since there's ~120 adventurers to go through for both English and Japanese.

When the first anniversary came around, a voice clip was added for every adventurer. In this data, they left over voice clips for all the other seasons they were going to do. These lines were eventually removed from the game's data, as they now only include the one necessary at the time.