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Dragon Warrior IV (NES)/Regional Differences

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This is a sub-page of Dragon Warrior IV (NES).

Title Screen

When the Japanese version boots up, it shows the names of some of the main staff members, then the numeral "IV" appears on-screen, and then the title and castle with the red background appears on the screen. In the US version, a traditional copyright screen appears first, then it goes to the castle with a blue background. After the title appears, the background changes to red just like in the Japanese version.

Japan US
Dragon Quest IV-staffmembers.png Dragon Warrior IV-Enix-copyright.png
Dragon Quest IV-numeral.png Dragon Warrior IV-presented-by-Enix.png
N/A (SCENE MISSING) Dragon Warrior IV-bluebackgroundcastle.png
Dragon Quest IV-title.png Dragon Warrior IV-title.png

Graphical Differences

Japan US
Dragon Quest IV church.png Dragon Warrior IV church.png

The churches became "Houses of Healing", with their symbol changed from a cross to a five-pointed star, and the priests became "shamans" and lost their crosses.

Japan US
Dragon Quest IV grave.png Dragon Warrior IV grave.png

Grave markers were changed from crosses to tombstones.

Japan US
Dragon Quest IV Royal Crypt.png Dragon Warrior IV Royal Crypt.png

The entrance to the Royal Crypt lost its cross, leaving it rather nondescript.

Japan US
Dragon Quest IV Cristo.png Dragon Warrior IV Cristo.png

The symbol on Cristo's hat was edited, and for some reason he was made to blink constantly.

Japan US
Dragon Quest IV bunny.png Dragon Warrior IV bunny.png

The casino girls lost their bunny ears and tail, had their hair color changed, and their legs shortened by a pixel.

Japan US
Dragon Quest IV Vivian.png Dragon Warrior IV Vivian.png

Vivian, one of Alena's opponents in the Endor tournament, also lost her bunny ears and tail.

Gameplay Differences

Japan US
Dragon Quest IV water vs metal.png Dragon Warrior IV water vs metal.png

In addition to preventing random encounters on the world map, Fairy Water (called "holy water" in Dragon Quest 4) can be used in combat to inflict a small amount of damage to one enemy. In Dragon Quest 4, it works on any enemy, including metal slimes and their ilk. In Dragon Warrior IV, like in Dragon Warrior III, it only works on enemies that are vulnerable to the Expel spell--mainly undead and demonic enemies.

Chapter Titles

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In the Japanese version, chapter title and end screens are written with ornate borders and large, unique text graphics. This visual flair was removed from the US version, which just has plain text on a black background using the game's default 8x8 font. At least it's multicolored.

Japan US
Dragon Quest IV Chapter One Title.png Dragon Warrior IV Chapter One Title.png


The Japanese version showed "The End" in cursive written by a quill pen. As with the chapter titles, this visual touch was removed from the US version in favor of plain blue block letters.

Japan US
Dragon Quest IV - JPN The End.png Dragon Quest IV - USA The End.png


A number of bugs in Dragon Quest 4 were fixed in the US release.

Terrific Blow Frenzy

If you try and fail to run eight times in the same battle, then all physical attacks by all of your party members will become terrific blows for the duration of the battle. In random battles the fourth attempt to run always succeeds, so this is only possible in boss battles. The reason it happens is because the counter for how many times you've tried to run and failed is packed into the same byte as several other battle flags, and in Dragon Quest 4 there's no check to prevent the run-attempts counter from overflowing its bitfield. When you try to run eight times, the run counter overflows into the bit corresponding to the "party's morale is boosted" effect of the Chance spell.

Casino Price Overflow

If you try to buy an amount of casino coins that would cost more than 16777215 gold, the price will overflow and wrap around. Most famously, this bug makes it possible to buy 838861 coins for only 4 gold in Chapter 5. In Dragon Warrior IV, the price of casino coins caps at 9999999 gold (which is more than the game lets you carry) and does not overflow.

Invisible Balloon Sequence Break

If you sail to world map coordinates 0, 0 (in the ocean northwest of Stancia) before obtaining the balloon and press A, you'll board an invisible balloon, enabling massive sequence breaking. The invisible balloon will return to its original location when you enter a town, castle or dungeon.