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Driver: San Francisco

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Title Screen

Driver: San Francisco

Developer: Ubisoft Reflections
Publishers: Ubisoft, E Frontier (Japan)
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: March 8, 2012 (Mac OS X)
Released in JP: December 22, 2011
Released in US: September 27, 2011
Released in EU: September 2, 2011
Released in AU: September 29, 2011

MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.

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*The ASYM Desannes made for the cutscenes are drivable via scripts. Get the civilian versions if possible.
  • Could someone check the Mac version's files for anything unused? I've heard that the files are unpacked in the Mac version.
  • There's a video of an extremely early prototype floating around. Shift in that early prototype was likely almost implemented.
  • More unused vehicles?

Driver: San Francisco is the "revival" of the Driver series, taking place after DRIV3R. The game's plot revolves around Tanner in a coma, and has the ability to shift (possess people in random cars, Quantum Leap style). Despite the strange premise, it's a remarkably fun game.

Unused Cinematics

Weird Pause Background

"pause" shows a blue background with moving circles. The frame rate of the video is 15 FPS for some reason.

Leila's Placeholder Flashback

A cinematic that shows Leila shooting with a RPG inside a helicopter can be found under the name of "Leila_Flashback_Placeholder.bik".

Generic Task Preview

Another one shows two characters in a drawing style (like in the game when you see only Tanner and his friend talking) without facial representation, most likely from an early version of the game. The file can be found under the name of "generic_placeholder_task_preview".


A file named "FramePrecision.bik" can be found in the cinematic folder. It shows some test for video output and frame.


If its filename is of any indication, it's probably some sort of splash screen.

Test Task Preview

Judging by the placeholder voices, this was a test preview to most likely see if a mission was set up to be played correctly.


A remnant of what is probably from the demo. Sadly it's just a generic ESRB "inappropriate content" screen fading in and out. It's still unused!

DriverSFEsrb Warning.png

Unused Vehicles

ASYM Desannes Police Car

The ASYM Desannes was a vehicle created for the sole purpose of being exploded in cutscenes, due to Ubisoft Reflections not able to obtain rights to give licensed vehicles the ability to explode. The Police version of the ASYM Desannes is used in a cutscene early on in the game, however, it has a fully modeled exterior and interior.

ASYM Desannes Taxi

While the Police version of the ASYM Desannes appears in a cutscene, the taxi version goes completely unused. Maybe it was for a planned mission, considering it is fully modeled. Who knows.


To do:
Helicopter model.

A helicopter can be seen in cutscenes but in-game you can't see the model. However in the mission "Eyes on the City", you can only hear helicopter sounds.