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Title Screen


Developer: Illusions Gaming Company
Publisher: Playmates
Platform: Windows
Released in US: May 31, 1997
Released in EU: 1997

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

An obscure TV show based on an obscure comic book gets an even more obscure point-and-click adventure game. Featuring the voice of not-Jason Alexander!


Generic Dialogue
Myst is out for the Game Boy?!

Debug Mode


A debug menu can be accessed by hex editing a saved game. Set address 150 to 01.

Play One Scene Only: Plays one scene. When the scene ends, the game exits back to the debug menu.
Play a Scene and Continue: Start a scene and continue through the game without debug intervention.
Start the Game: Restarts the game.
Audio Test: Load/unload and play selections from different sound, music, and voice groups.
View ReadMe: Gives a walkthrough of the game and outlines some debug functions (which don't seem to work.)


A more detailed README file can be
found on the CD in the root directory,
called 00ReadMe.TXT

Left Mouse / Enter Key - Action
Right Mouse - Next Verb
Space Bar - Talk Abort, Walk Abort
Esc - Pause Menu
F1 - Debug Menu
F12 - Quick Quit

Quit: Guess.

Unused Voice Clips

Where to begin? There's a lot here.

Though these clips are never heard in normal play, the file "DUCKMAN.gam" has subtitles for almost all of them. That text will be provided when available.

Catchphrase Take 1

An alternate take of Duckman's trademark phrase.

"What the hell are you starin' at?"

Uncharged Poster

"It's useless in this condition."

Placeholder Dialogue

Generic dialogue for Duckman's various interactions with items (Curious, Aggressive, Pick Up).


"That doesn't make me feel aggressive at all."


"I'm not curious about that."

Pick Up

"I'll just save this for later."

Item Interactions

Every item has a special message when used on the book of matches in the spa. However, you need the book of matches to obtain some of the items in the game, making a few of the clips impossible to hear through normal play.

Book of Matches

Obviously you can't use the book of matches on itself. That would be madness.

"That would be fun, but it's not going to help the cause."


"I've decided I'm only going to clean things for money."

Discotronic Light

"I should save this. Maybe I can mount it on my car and score with cop groupies."

EZ Guide

"That would be funny, but it's not going to take care of business."


"I should save these. And remember, kids--don't play with matches. Fire burns and burns hurt."

Pizza Card

"I'd be better off using this on a real telephone."

Spark Plug

"That might work, but not here and not now."

Spray Paint

The can of spray paint is the only item with multiple interaction lines.

"That would be on the order of graffiti. Speaking of which, where's the waitress with our order?"

"I should save this for painting something bigger."

"It's almost out of paint."

Unused Directory Book Dialogue

Dialogue in Duckman's house that's never triggered. The phonesex book is automatically picked up when entering Duckman's room.


"It's my directory of 1-900-ROCK-MY-SOCKS operators. With these numbers I'm just a telephone call away from manually operated lust."


"Heh heh--It's stuck to the carpet."

Use Item

"That magazine is only good for one thing, pal--and that ain't it."


In-game, the outtakes at the end of the game are played from a single file, and are censored. However, the individual files are still in the game, uncensored.

There are no subtitles for these files.

Uncensored Dialogue

Unused Clips

The following are intended for the main outtakes file, but they weren't included.

(Sourceman: Private Dick / Family Man: Original TCRF research)