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The gaming world is dominated by Final Fantasy VII, and the movie world is dominated by Titanic. The "Special" Editions of the Star Wars trilogy films also release... Back to video games. Sony releases the Net Yaroze, a slick black-colored PlayStation allowing hobbyist development for the console and disabling the region locking, allowing people to play games from any region. Emulation takes off on PCs around the world with the release of NESticle, Genecyst, and MAME, with ROMs spreading around fast. Nintendo finally releases the Nintendo 64 in Europe. Also, Gran Turismo, the game that can easily be considered the father of sim-racing, releases in Japan. Gunpei Yokoi, known for the creation of the Game & Watch, the Game Boy, the Wonderswan and various other systems, sadly passes away in October. May he rest in peace.

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