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After the fabled Y2K bug thankfully fails to live up to expectations, Sony follows up their PlayStation video game console with the PlayStation 2 DVD player, which also happens to sport the ability to play some games. It becomes the best-selling video game console worldwide by that technicality. Apple releases the Mac OS X Public Beta to the world, giving the world a taste as to what Apple was planning for the future of its computer line. Microsoft also releases Windows 2000 and the ill-fated Windows ME. The Sims is also released to the world after months of hype, becoming one of the best-selling Windows games of all time, and the Super Famicom receives its final game release in Japan via Nintendo Power flash cartridges.

Despite what you might first assume, the year 2000 is actually still part of the 1990s. Thanks to some calendar technicalities that are best described in detail elsewhere, the new millennium wouldn't start until the next year. And knowing is half the battle!

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