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Asterix & Obelix contre César

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Title Screen

Asterix & Obelix contre César

Developer: Cryo Interactive
Publisher: Cryo Interactive
Platforms: Game Boy, Game Boy Color
Released in EU: August 2000

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A game based upon the 1999 live-action movie. Yeah, there's a couple of those, folks.

Unused Text

Found at 0x000F5DC0:

-- THE END --

Street Fighter Alpha Text

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A collection of text from Street Fighter Alpha starting at address 8F513, comprised of the endings of Rose, Bison, Akuma, Dan, and a small portion of Charlie's, plus names for dialogue. It is most likely taken from the Game Boy Color port, though the reason it is here is not known.

believe I would
let him live. He
was a fool!

How do you like my
Soul Power now?
The Soul Power of
Rose is the one
thing that can 
defeat Bison's
Psycho Power.
With her last bit
of Soul Power Rose
defeats Bison.
I have done what I
was sent to do.
I feel as if I may
have used up all..
Exhausted and near
death, Rose hears
what sounds like a
Was it Bison?

Soul Power is
nothing to me.
You wasted my time
and your life.
So pitiful.
With Rose defeated
Bison replays the
battle in his mind
over and over.
Is there no one to
stop him from
ruling the world?

If evil has a name
it is Akuma!
Many have opposed
this warrior.
All have failed.
Powerless against
his great skill
even Bison fears
the mighty Akuma.
There is no one 
who can defeat me.
My quest is at an
Yet I am...
For some, it's the 
path not the goal.

You could be a
asset to me
Who the heck are 
you ?
Come with me, I 
can make you the 
greatest fighter 
in the world
You're a little late,
I already am
I will have my
revenge !
Interpol Agents:
Bison's Men:
mad gear members: