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Asterix and the Magic Cauldron (Commodore 64)

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Title Screen

Asterix and the Magic Cauldron

Also known as: Ardok the Barbarian (US)
Developer: Beam Software
Publisher: Melborne House
Platform: Commodore 64
Released internationally: 1986

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Asterix and the Magic Cauldron is part of the Asterix Series, where Asterix needs to recover 7 pieces of Getafix's Magic Cauldron.

Of the three platforms the game was released on, the Commodore 64 version has the world in a chaotic spaghetti layout, in the same way Zork uses "You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike." Those interested in this game are better suited to play the ZX Spectrum or Amstrad CPC version.

Unused Text

The text table contains entries for Asterix, Obelix, and Gaul. The game doesn't open the encounter window when you touch these entities, thus the text will never be displayed.

Unused Ending

Because of a bug that hides the magic cauldron piece behind a building, the game is unwinnable. As such, normal players will never see the ending text:

By Touatis you have done it

Only those who use POKE 18014,14:POKE18015,152 before launching the game will get to see the ending. They even misspelled "Toutatis"!

(Source: The C64 Adventure Game and Walkthrough site)

Regional Differences

In the US, the game was retitled as "Ardok the Barbarian".

Asterix's title is typical cartoony style, while Ardok is darker and receives a title-screen-only sword.

Asterix and the Magic Cauldron Ardok the Barbarian
Asterix and the magic cauldron Title.png
(Red border)
Ardok the Barbarian Title.png
(Blue border)

The following text gets changed among the two versions. In addition, "Not so open forest" receives a left alignment, as opposed to being centered.

Asterix and the Magic Cauldron Ardok the Barbarian
Roman Dungeon Dingy Dungeon
Roma Rome
Outskirts of Roma Outskirts of Rome
Camp Totorum Camp Nonamus
Camp Aquarium Camp Fishtankum
Camp Compendium Camp Conglomeration
Gaulish Village Pagan Village
Deciduous Epilepticus Eucalyptus Not so open forest
Asterix Ardok
Obelix Bogg
Boar Wild Pig
Legionary Soldier
Centurion Warrior
Gaul Pagan
Piece of Cauldron Piece of shield
Golden Splonders Golden Coppers
Ham Dead Pig
Asterix Surrenders Ardok Surrenders
By Touatis you have done it By Odin you have done it