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The Nintendo Switch is released by Nintendo as the successor to the Wii U, going on to sell more units in 2017 alone than the Wii U did during its whole lifespan in certain countries. Breath of the Wild turns out to be one hot game, selling well as both the swan song of the Wii U as well as a launch title for the Switch. Star Wars Battlefront II takes on the heat by relying on the player to spend cash to get characters and a high rank, rather than battling and levelling up through the fair(er) way. Yooka-Laylee is marred by controversy and is subsequently met with mixed reviews, while A Hat in Time fares a lot better. Nier: Automata becomes a solid hit, gaining quite a following in the process. A "new" SNES game got released via way of the SNES Classic Edition, with Starfox 2 finally seeing the light of day after 21 years in the dark that is the Unreleased Games void. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both got beefy upgrades in the form of the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, respectively.

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