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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Title Screen

Fire Emblem Heroes

Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Android, iOS
Released internationally: February 2, 2017

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

<Sanky> please suggest an unused sprite with a clock or something
This game is still under active development.
Be aware that any unused content you find may become used or removed in the future. Please only add things to the article that are unlikely to ever be used, or went unused for some time. If they do get used, please remove them from the page and specify in the edit summary!
To do:
  • Look through and upload unused voice clips including but possibly not limited to these clips of the main characters saying Fire Emblem game subtitles aloud. (Bruno puts a lot of feeling into it.)
  • Art differences.
  • Document what changed with the updates, when new modes were added, typo fixes and so on. (Off the top of my head in regards to dialogue: one of Oboro's quotes while in the castle was fixed; it used to cut off instead of moving to the next text box.)

Summon all your favorite Fire Emblem Heroes* in this mobile crossover game of epic proportions!

**For a price. Terms and restrictions may apply.


Skill Description Revisions
An unending journey towards consistent descriptions.

Unused Graphics

A simple dummy image named SSPlayerDummy.

Fire-Emblem-Heroes-Placeholder-Arrow.png Fire-Emblem-Heroes-Placeholder-Bow.png Fire-Emblem-Heroes-Placeholder-Axe.png Fire-Emblem-Heroes-Placeholder-Dagger.png Fire-Emblem-Heroes-Placeholder-Lance.png Fire-Emblem-Heroes-Placeholder-Rod.png Fire-Emblem-Heroes-Placeholder-Sword.png
Placeholder images for weapon icons. In order, they are for arrows, bows, axes, daggers, lances, staves, and swords.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

A placeholder for the map chibis.


A mockup of Amerlia's map sprite.


A mockup of Arden's map sprite.


A mockup of Mia's map sprite.


A mockup of Jamke's map sprite.


A mockup of Owain's map sprite.


A mockup of Elincia's map sprite.


A mockup of Valter's map sprite.


A mockup of Tana's map sprite.


A mockup of Alfonse's map sprite.


A mockup of Kaze's map sprite.


A mockup of Legendary Lyn's map sprite.


A mockup of Ylissean Travelers Olivia's map sprite.


A mockup of Noire's map sprite.


A mockup of summer Innes's map sprite.


A mockup of Kagero: Beverage Ninja's map sprite.


A mockup of Harvest Festival Jakob's map sprite.


A mockup of New Years Corrin's map sprite.


A mockup of New Years Takumi's map sprite.


A mockup of F!Corrin's adrift map sprite.


A mockup of male Corrin's adrift map sprite.

FEHPlaceholder Hel.png

A mockup of Hel's map spite.

A placeholder sprite for Corrin's dragon form from Fates, located in \assets\Common\Unit\ch05_19_Kamui_F_Dragon\tex\.

(Source: NWPlayer123)

Comparing the datamine of Version 1.5.0 to the final release reveals that Summer Tiki's damaged artwork was edited to make her rear less defined.

Datamine version Final version
FEHSTiki Datamine.png FEHSTiki Final.png


Surtr's axe called Sinmara, added in the November 27th, 2017 Book 2 update, has an unused WIP version hiding in the update. This image was removed in the January 11th, 2018 update.

Unused Text

Skill Texts

An unused skill name can be found inside assets/{LANG}/Message/Data/Data_00_first.bin.lz, referring to Ragnarok+:

Internal ID English Japanese German Spanish (EU) Spanish (LA) French Italian Traditional Chinese Portuguese (Brazil)
MSID_ライナロック+ Ragnarok+ ライナロック+ Ragnarök+ Ragnarok + Ragnarok + Ragnarök + Ragnarok+ 末世烈焰+ Ragnarok+
MSID_H_ライナロック+ (Same as MSID_H_ライナロック, i.e. unrefined Ragnarok's descriptions)

There are no skill definitions associated with Ragnarok+; it is unknown if Ragnarok was once planned to be a rank-3 weapon similar to Silver weapons. (The refined Ragnarok uses the same skill name ID, and uses MSID_H_ライナロック改 as the description ID instead.)

Extra Voice Lines

Certain Special Heroes include an extra voice line transcription found in assets/{LANG}/Message/Character/*.bin.lz, where {LANG} is one of USEN (English), JPJA (Japanese), or TWZH (Traditional Chinese). These transcriptions are unused because there are no voice files corresponding to those texts.

The transcriptions found in the files for other European languages are the same as English.

Internal ID Hero English Japanese Traditional Chinese
MID_AQUA_DANCE_VOICE21 Azura: Lady of Ballads I'll try to save this world with my song. 私の歌で…この世界を救ってみせるわ 用我的歌聲……拯救這個世界吧。
MID_SHEEDA_BRIDE01_VOICE21 Caeda: Talys's Bride Do you believe in love everlasting? あなたは、永遠の愛を信じますか? 你相信永恆的愛嗎?
MID_CAMILLA_NEWYEAR01_VOICE21 Camilla: Holiday Traveler A New Year—and you need me already? 新しい年だもの、私の力が必要よね? 在新的一年裡,當然需要我的力量吧?
MID_TIAMO_BRIDE01_VOICE21 Cordelia: Perfect Bride Who doesn't admire a stunning bride? 素敵な花嫁さんは、女の子の憧れよね 成為完美的新娘,是女孩的夢想嘛。
MID_KAMUI_F_SUMMER02_VOICE21 Corrin: Novice Vacationer Oh! Are we wearing swimsuits today? あなたも水着になりませんか? 你要不要也換上泳裝呢?
MID_GUIRE_SUMMER01_VOICE21 Gaius: Thief Exposed You expect me to steal stuff dressed like this? まさか、この格好で依頼を受けろってのか? 你是想叫我穿成這樣去接受委託嗎?
MID_AZUR_DANCE_VOICE21 Inigo: Indigo Dancer Someone call for a dancer to cheer the mood? I guess I'll do! みんなを元気づける踊り…今の僕になら! 能鼓舞大家的舞蹈……我現在應該辦得到!
MID_JOKER_HALLOWEEN01_VOICE21 Jakob: Devoted Monster I wore this at my master's behest. この仮装も、カムイ様のためです… 這副裝扮,也是為了神威殿下……
MID_LEON_SUMMER02_VOICE21 Leo: Seashore's Prince What?! I can't wear this! It's disgraceful! こ、こんな格好で…王族の恥晒しだ…! 穿、穿成這樣……是王族之恥……!
MID_LUCINA_SPRING01_VOICE21 Lucina: Spring Exalt Let's go hop into a garden and see what's blooming! 私と一緒に、お花見でも行きませんか? 要不要和我一起去賞花呢?
MID_NONO_HALLOWEEN01_VOICE21 Nowi: Eternal Witch Hand over the candy or I'll scorch you good! お菓子くれなきゃ、ブレスでぺしゃんこだよっ! 不給糖就會被儂儂用吐息消滅掉喔!
MID_REFLET_M_WINTER01_VOICE21 Robin: Festive Tactician Got any plans for the holidays? 冬祭りを楽しむ策、教えてあげるよ 讓我來告訴你享受冬祭的計策吧。
MID_TAKUMI_NEWYEAR01_VOICE21 Takumi: Prince of Soup The year's barely started and busy already? もう…新年早々、何の用事だよ 真是的……大過年的,什麼事情啊?
MID_SALLYA_WINTER01_VOICE21 Tharja: "Normal Girl" Look at me. All dressed up and ready to celebrate! Huzzah! 冬祭りは普通の私でお祝いよ☆あはっ! 冬祭由正常的我來慶祝喔☆啊哈!
MID_TIKI_A_SUMMER01_VOICE21 Tiki: Summering Scion Even as long as I've lived, I never tire of summer. 私でも、夏を楽しむことだってあるわ 我也是會享受夏天的喔。
MID_MARKS_SPRING01_VOICE21 Xander: Spring Prince Ah! Is this where we're celebrating the spring festival? 春祭りの会場はここか…? 這裡是春祭會場嗎……?

Unused Portuguese Translations

When the Portuguese (Brazil) language was added in Version 3.2.0, translations for past event maps were added that can be found in assets/USPT/Message/Data/*.bin.lz. These strings are unused because event maps are never rerun. The corresponding used English strings are shown for comparison.

Internal ID English Portuguese (Brazil)
Name Epithet Name Epithet Name Epithet
MID_STAGE_V0001 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0001 Part 1 Launch Celebration Parte 1 Celebração de lançamento
MID_STAGE_V0002 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0002 Part 2 Parte 2
MID_STAGE_V0003 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0003 Part 3 Parte 3
MID_STAGE_V0004 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0004 Part 4 Parte 4
MID_STAGE_V0005 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0005 Part 5 Parte 5
MID_STAGE_V0011 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0011 Part 1 Starter Support Parte 1 Ajuda inicial
MID_STAGE_V0012 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0012 Part 2 Parte 2
MID_STAGE_V0021 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0021 Part 1 Defensive Battle Parte 1 Batalha defensiva
MID_STAGE_V0022 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0022 Part 2 Parte 2
MID_STAGE_V0023 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0023 Part 3 Parte 3
MID_STAGE_V0024 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0024 Part 4 Parte 4
MID_STAGE_V0025 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0025 Part 5 Parte 5
MID_STAGE_V0031 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0031 Part 1 Turn Limit Parte 1 Máx. rodadas
MID_STAGE_V0032 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0032 Part 2 Parte 2
MID_STAGE_V0033 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0033 Part 3 Parte 3
MID_STAGE_V0034 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0034 Part 4 Parte 4
MID_STAGE_V0035 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0035 Part 5 Parte 5
MID_STAGE_V0041 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0041 Trial 1 Kozaki Yusuke Prova 1 Kozaki Yusuke
MID_STAGE_V0042 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0042 Trial 2 Prova 2
MID_STAGE_V0043 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0043 Trial 3 Prova 3
MID_STAGE_V0044 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0044 Trial 4 Prova 4
MID_STAGE_V0045 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0045 Trial 5 Prova 5
MID_STAGE_V0051 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0051 Trial 1 Yamada Kotaro Prova 1 Yamada Kotaro
MID_STAGE_V0052 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0052 Trial 2 Prova 2
MID_STAGE_V0053 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0053 Trial 3 Prova 3
MID_STAGE_V0054 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0054 Trial 4 Prova 4
MID_STAGE_V0055 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0055 Trial 5 Prova 5
MID_STAGE_V0061 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0061 Part 1 Daily Parte 1 Diariamente
MID_STAGE_V0062 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0062 Part 2 Parte 2
MID_STAGE_V0063 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0063 Part 3 Parte 3
MID_STAGE_V0064 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0064 Part 4 Parte 4
MID_STAGE_V0065 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0065 Part 5 Parte 5
MID_STAGE_V0066 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0066 Part 6 Parte 6
MID_STAGE_V0067 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0067 Part 7 Parte 7
MID_STAGE_V0071 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0071 Part 8 Parte 8
MID_STAGE_V0072 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0072 Part 9 Parte 9
MID_STAGE_V0073 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0073 Part 10 Parte 10
MID_STAGE_V0074 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0074 Part 11 Parte 11
MID_STAGE_V0075 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0075 Part 12 Parte 12
MID_STAGE_V0076 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0076 Part 13 Parte 13
MID_STAGE_V0077 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0077 Part 14 Parte 14
MID_STAGE_V0081 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0081 Part 15 Parte 15
MID_STAGE_V0082 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0082 Part 16 Parte 16
MID_STAGE_V0083 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0083 Part 17 Parte 17
MID_STAGE_V0084 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0084 Part 18 Parte 18
MID_STAGE_V0085 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0085 Part 19 Parte 19
MID_STAGE_V0086 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0086 Part 20 Parte 20
MID_STAGE_V0087 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0087 Part 21 Parte 21
MID_STAGE_V0091 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0091 Part 1 Warriors Parte 1 Guerreiros
MID_STAGE_V0092 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0092 Part 2 Parte 2
MID_STAGE_V0093 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0093 Part 3 Parte 3
MID_STAGE_V0094 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0094 Part 4 Parte 4
MID_STAGE_V0095 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0095 Part 5 Parte 5
MID_STAGE_V0101 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0101 Part 1 Special Skills Parte 1 Hab. especiais
MID_STAGE_V0102 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0102 Part 2 Parte 2
MID_STAGE_V0103 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0103 Part 3 Parte 3
MID_STAGE_V0104 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0104 Part 4 Parte 4
MID_STAGE_V0105 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0105 Part 5 Parte 5
MID_STAGE_V0111 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0111 mk1 Miracle Pulse+++ mk1 Pulso milagroso+++
MID_STAGE_V0112 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0112 hataP Static Is Scary hataP Eletricidade estática
MID_STAGE_V0113 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0113 hashimon Indoor Tactician hashimon Estratégia doméstica
MID_STAGE_V0114 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0114 k2 Manakete Squad k2 Esquadrão manakete
MID_STAGE_V0115 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0115 ryo Strike from Afar ryo Ataque à distância
MID_STAGE_V0121 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0121 Part 1 Daily Parte 1 Diariamente
MID_STAGE_V0122 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0122 Part 2 Parte 2
MID_STAGE_V0123 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0123 Part 3 Parte 3
MID_STAGE_V0124 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0124 Part 4 Parte 4
MID_STAGE_V0125 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0125 Part 5 Parte 5
MID_STAGE_V0126 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0126 Part 6 Parte 6
MID_STAGE_V0127 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0127 Part 7 Parte 7
MID_STAGE_V0131 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0131 Part 8 Parte 8
MID_STAGE_V0132 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0132 Part 9 Parte 9
MID_STAGE_V0133 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0133 Part 10 Parte 10
MID_STAGE_V0134 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0134 Part 11 Parte 11
MID_STAGE_V0135 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0135 Part 1 New Year's Parte 1 Ano Novo
MID_STAGE_V0136 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0136 Part 2 Parte 2
MID_STAGE_V0137 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0137 Part 3 Parte 3
MID_STAGE_V0141 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0141 Shingoroid Effie the Strong Shingoroid Effie tem a força
MID_STAGE_V0142 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0142 Taroimo Dark Rainbow Taroimo Arco-íris obscuro
MID_STAGE_V0143 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0143 Rokumoji The Alluring Four Rokumoji Fascínio x quatro
MID_STAGE_V0144 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0144 Arayang Light and Breezy Arayang Descontraídas
MID_STAGE_V0145 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0145 ryo The Iron Wall ryo Muro de ferro
MID_STAGE_V0151 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0151 Part 1 Refined Weapons Parte 1 Armas refinadas
MID_STAGE_V0152 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0152 Part 2 Parte 2
MID_STAGE_V0153 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0153 Part 3 Parte 3
MID_STAGE_V0154 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0154 Part 4 Parte 4
MID_STAGE_V0155 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0155 Part 5 Parte 5
MID_STAGE_V0161 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0161 Part 1 Daily Parte 1 Diariamente
MID_STAGE_V0162 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0162 Part 2 Parte 2
MID_STAGE_V0163 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0163 Part 3 Parte 3
MID_STAGE_V0164 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0164 Part 4 Parte 4
MID_STAGE_V0165 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0165 Part 5 Parte 5
MID_STAGE_V0166 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0166 Part 6 Parte 6
MID_STAGE_V0167 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0167 Part 7 Parte 7
MID_STAGE_V0168 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0168 Part 8 Parte 8
MID_STAGE_V0169 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0169 Part 9 Parte 9
MID_STAGE_V0170 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0170 Part 10 Parte 10
MID_STAGE_V0171 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0171 Part 11 Parte 11
MID_STAGE_V0172 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0172 Part 12 Parte 12
MID_STAGE_V0173 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0173 Part 13 Parte 13
MID_STAGE_V0174 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0174 Part 14 Parte 14
MID_STAGE_V0175 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0175 Part 15 Parte 15
MID_STAGE_V0176 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0176 Part 16 Parte 16
MID_STAGE_V0177 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0177 Part 17 Parte 17
MID_STAGE_V0178 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0178 Part 18 Parte 18
MID_STAGE_V0179 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0179 Part 19 Parte 19
MID_STAGE_V0180 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0180 Part 20 Parte 20
MID_STAGE_V0181 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0181 Part 21 Parte 21
MID_STAGE_V0182 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0182 Part 22 Parte 22
MID_STAGE_V0183 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0183 Part 23 Parte 23
MID_STAGE_V0184 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0184 Part 24 Parte 24
MID_STAGE_V0185 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0185 Part 25 Parte 25
MID_STAGE_V0191 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0191 mk1 The Effectives mk1 Eficácia máxima
MID_STAGE_V0192 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0192 Shingoroid Long & Short Shingoroid Longo e curto
MID_STAGE_V0193 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0193 ngyope A Complete Hex ngyope Malefício final
MID_STAGE_V0194 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0194 kuroyagi Wrys's Bodyguards kuroyagi Defensores de Wrys
MID_STAGE_V0195 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0195 k2 Manakete Squad k2 Esquadrão manakete
MID_STAGE_V0211 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0211 Navarre Shadow Dragon Navarre Shadow Dragon
MID_STAGE_V0212 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0212 Linde Shadow Dragon Linde Shadow Dragon
MID_STAGE_V0213 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0213 Minerva Shadow Dragon Minerva Shadow Dragon
MID_STAGE_V0221 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0221 Tharja Awakening Tharja Awakening
MID_STAGE_V0222 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0222 Olivia Awakening Olivia Awakening
MID_STAGE_V0223 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0223 Odin Fates Odin Fates
MID_STAGE_V0231 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0231 Vs. Xander Reward Map Vs. Xander Recompensa
MID_STAGE_V0232 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0232 Vs. Camilla Vs. Camillas
MID_STAGE_V0233 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0233 Vs. Azura Vs. Azuras
MID_STAGE_V0236 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0236 Vs. Robin M Vs. Robin M
MID_STAGE_V0237 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0237 Vs. Takumi Vs. Takumi
MID_STAGE_V0238 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0238 Vs. Robin F Vs. Robin F
MID_STAGE_V0239 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0239 Vs. Lucina Vs. Lucina
MID_STAGE_V0240 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0240 Vs. Chrom Vs. Chrom
MID_STAGE_V0251 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0251 Roy Four Heroes Roy Quatro heróis
MID_STAGE_V0252 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0252 Tailtiu Tailtiu
MID_STAGE_V0261 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0261 Part 1 Daily Parte 1 Diariamente
MID_STAGE_V0262 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0262 Part 2 Parte 2
MID_STAGE_V0263 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0263 Part 3 Parte 3
MID_STAGE_V0264 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0264 Part 4 Parte 4
MID_STAGE_V0265 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0265 Part 5 Parte 5
MID_STAGE_V0266 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0266 Part 6 Parte 6
MID_STAGE_V0267 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0267 Part 7 Parte 7
MID_STAGE_V0268 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0268 Part 8 Parte 8
MID_STAGE_V0269 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0269 Part 9 Parte 9
MID_STAGE_V0270 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0270 Part 10 Parte 10
MID_STAGE_V0271 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0271 Part 1 Nifl and Múspell Parte 1 Nifl e Múspell
MID_STAGE_V0272 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0272 Part 2 Parte 2
MID_STAGE_V0273 MID_STAGE_HONOR_V0273 Part 3 Parte 3
(Source: feh-assets-json)

Revisional Differences

Version 1.6.0

The graphics for Durandal were updated to better match its appearance in Fire Emblem. This was possibly done in preparation for the Choose Your Legends version of Roy, who wields a Durandal variant (which uses the same graphic) and whose artwork prominently features the sword.

Old version Updated version
Fire-Emblem-Heroes-Durandal old.png Fire-Emblem-Heroes-Durandal new.png

The attack and special artwork for Summer Gaius from Awakening was updated to fix an error in which he did not pull his bowstring. His arm, collarbone, and arrow were also redrawn.

Old version Updated version
FEH GaiusAttackBefore.pngFEH GaiusSpecialBefore.png FEH GaiusAttackAfter.pngFEH GaiusSpecialAfter.png

Version 2.0.0

To do:
Compare the original and 2.0 icons and backgrounds.

A major update that added Book 2 on November 27th 2017 a new story expansion and several major antagonists and new characters. The app's icon was changed from a picture of the Book 1 antagonist, Veronica, to the Book 2 protagonist, Fjorm.

  • New background illustrations were added to several game mode menus, including the Arena, Training Tower, and Voting Gauntlet.

Version 2.4.0

The Chain Challenge banner for Book II Chapters 5-6 was edited to fix an error where Eirika: Anamnesis Lady could be seen behind Robin: Fell Reincarnation and Chrom: Knight Exalt.

Old version Updated version
FEH ST C0203 old.png FEH ST C0203 new.png
(Source: RainThunder)

Version 2.6.0

One of the Grand Conquests map files, assets/Common/Field/Chip/O0046.png, was updated to fix a small graphical error on one of the patches of defensive terrain. This file remained unused, because Grand Conquests are never rerun. (Later a Rival Domains map would use the same image under a different file name, assets/Common/Field/Chip/Q0026.png.)

Old version Updated version
FEH Map O0046 old.png FEH Map O0046 new.png
(Source: RainThunder)

Version 3.7.0

To do:
Add Lilina: Beachside Bloom's modified portrait files here.

Version 3.7.1

Byleth: Tested Professor was originally voiced by Chris Niosi; however, following allegations of sexual abuse and NDA breaches, he was replaced by Zach Aguilar in this version update. As this update was released before Byleth was first made available, his credit and voice files in the game remained unused.

To do:
Upload his old voices here.
(Source: HertzDevil)

Version 3.10.0

To do:
Add Death Knight: The Reaper's modified portrait files here.

31 March 2020

All English textual references to a location from Seisen no Keifu and Thracia 776 were changed, renaming it from "Meath" to "Munster". The reason for this change being made is unknown - however, Munster is accurate to the Japanese name of the location in question (マンスター), and in those games there was already a location in close proximity to Munster that was named after Meath (ミース). Both Munster and Meath are named after historical Irish kingdoms, like many locations in their region of the Jugdral setting.

This change was not pushed during a proper version update, but rather as part of the unit data update that added Bramimond: The Enigma and its associated content.

This change affects text assets related to Ced: Hero on the Wind, as well as dialogue in two long-concluded Forging Bonds spoken by both Ced and Tanya: Dagdar's Kid. However, Ced's spoken voice clips were unchanged then and have remained unchanged since, and so two of them still refer to the location as "Meath". This change has also not been taken into account in bulletin board announcements made after that change - for instance, for Ced's appearance on the "Summoning Focus: Voting Gauntlet, Block A" banner in April-May 2020, the announcement still uses a version of his help text that calls the location Meath.

Context Speaker Text (pre-31 March 2020) Text (post-31 March 2020)
Help text for
Ced: Hero on the Wind
N/A Son of Silesse's pegasus knight Erinys. A hero
that stood up for the liberation of Meath.
Appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the
Holy War.
Son of Silesse's pegasus knight Erinys. A hero
that stood up for the liberation of Munster.
Appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the
Holy War.
Forging Bonds: Path to the Future,
group C conversation
Tanya: Dagdar's Kid You could say that! My dad and I
helped develop Mt. Violdrake,
between Thracia and Meath.
You could say that! My dad and I
helped develop Mt. Violdrake,
between Thracia and Munster.
Forging Bonds: Beyond Blood,
Ced: Hero on the Wind B conversation
Ced: Hero on the Wind It is true that I once fought for the
people of Meath.
It is true that I once fought for the
people of Munster.

30 June 2020

The Seliph: Scion of Light unit data update brought with it a small number of text edits.

  • Many lines of text relating to Book IV and its characters were edited to correct errors relating to referring to the ljósálfar and dökkálfar in the singular. Prior to this update, the game commonly used "ljósálfar" and "dökkálfar" as both the plural and (erroneously) the singular; the correct singular forms, implemented from this point onward, are "ljósálfr" and "dökkálfr".
  • A handful of English voice actors had their names altered in the credits... except in the case of Jeannie Tirado, the voice of female Byleth, they actually 'introduced' a brand-new error. Oops!
Context Speaker Text (pre-31 August 2020) Text (post-31 August 2020)
Voice credit for
Ced: Hero on the Wind
N/A Phil Reich Phillip Reich
Voice credit for
Chad: Lycian Wildcat
N/A Griffin Pautu Griffin Puatu
Voice credit for
Byleth: Proven Professor
N/A Jeannie Tirado Jeannine Tirado
  • A few miscellaneous edits.
Context Speaker Text (pre-31 August 2020) Text (post-31 August 2020)
Help text for
Roy: Young Lion
N/A The son of Eliwood, Marquess of Pherae
and talented leader of its army. Appears
in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.
The son of Eliwood, Marquess of Pherae.
Talented leader of Pherae's army. Appears
in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.
Help text for the
Power Postiche accessory
N/A A glorious fake beard from Mustafa.
The dignified whiskers demand the
respect of all. Doubles as a disguise.
A strong fake mustache from Mustafa.
The dignified whiskers demand the
respect of all. Doubles as a disguise.
(Source: HertzDevil)

31 July 2020

The Hel: Death Sovereign unit data update brought with it a small number of text edits.

  • Female Byleth's voice actor's credits were changed once again to undo the aforementioned error and correctly credit her as "Jeannie Tirado".
Context Speaker Text (pre-31 August 2020) Text (post-31 August 2020)
Voice credit for
Byleth: Proven Professor
N/A Jeannine Tirado Jeannie Tirado
Voice credit for
Byleth: Fell Star's Duo
N/A Jeannine Tirado + Cherami Leigh Jeannie Tirado + Cherami Leigh
  • A few miscellaneous typo corrections.
  • On the absolutely tiny side of things, instances of the names of the first two Fire Emblem games were slightly edited to adjust the punctuation.
Context Speaker Text (pre-31 August 2020) Text (post-31 August 2020)
Help text for
Wrys: Kindly Priest
N/A Humble priest of Talys who likes a quiet life.
Despises battle, preferring to heal allies. Appears
in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the
Blade of Light.
Humble priest of Talys who likes a quiet life.
Despises battle, preferring to heal allies.
Appears in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon &
the Blade of Light.
Music source label N/A Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light
Music source label N/A Fire Emblem: Gaiden Fire Emblem Gaiden
(Source: HertzDevil)

31 August 2020

Another Legendary Hero release (Corrin: Child of Dusk, in this case), another surprise name change relating to Seisen no Keifu: in all European-language translations of the game, all references to Larcei's twin brother were edited to rename him from "Ulster" to "Scáthach". "Scáthach" was the character's Japanese name all along (スカサハ - named after the mythological Irish warrior woman), but Fire Emblem Awakening had previously renamed him "Ulster" for its English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian scripts, a change which stuck for Heroes until this update. Why it was only changed now is unknown, although the case has one thing in common with the above "Meath"/"Munster" case: Ulster is another real-world historic Irish kingdom and is the namesake for another Seisen no Keifu location named after it (アルスター), located in the same part of Jugdral as Meath and Munster.

This change affects text and voice assets relating to both Larcei: Keen Kin, and to the twins' cousin, Shannan: Wielder of Astra. Similar to the "Meath" case with Ced, Larcei has one English voice clip that originally mentioned her brother under the Ulster name. This clip was updated to remove the sentence mentioning him entirely. (The Japanese voice clip is, unsurprisingly, unmodified and still mentions Scáthach.)

Context Speaker Text (pre-31 August 2020) Text (post-31 August 2020)
Help text for
Larcei: Keen Kin
N/A A young warrior searching for her mother,
elegantly fashioned blade in hand. Ulster
is her twin brother, and Shannan is her cousin.
Appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the
Holy War.
A young warrior searching for her mother,
elegantly fashioned blade in hand. Scáthach
is her twin brother, and Shannan is her cousin.
Appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the
Holy War.
Stat screen voice clip
and internal transcription
Larcei: Keen Kin

I'm Larcei. Ulster is my twin brother. Nice to meet you!

I'm Larcei. Nice to meet you!
Home screen dialogue Shannan: Wielder of Astra If only I were more firm, Ayra would
still be— All I can do now is protect
Larcei and Ulster. I won't fail here!
If only I were more firm, Ayra would
still be— All I can do now is protect
Larcei and Scáthach. I won't fail here!
(Source: HertzDevil)