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Fire Emblem Engage

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Title Screen

Fire Emblem Engage

Developers: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: January 20, 2023

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Fire Emblem Engage is the result of Intelligent Systems coming up with their own version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

Unused Weapon Properties

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Leif's Master Bow has complete stats as an equipable weapon and an icon for the inventory, despite the fact that only it's MT stat is used in game for his 'Quadruple Hit' Engage Attack. Interestingly enough, it has the unique trait among bows in the game of having 1-2 range, hinting that it may have been meant to be a fully usable weapon at some point.

Ephraim's Seigmund has a full set of stats as an equipable weapon as well, though only it's effective status and MT are used for the 'Twin Strike' attack.

Corrin's Dragon Fang has unused stats as an equipable weapon despite only it's MT stat being used during 'Torrential Roar' attack.

Icon Name Rank Range WT MT Hit Crt Cost Effects
MasterBowFEEngage.png Master Bow D 1-2 6 14 65 0 N/A N/A
N/A Seigmund D 1 11 14 80 0 N/A Effective Vs 'Corrupted'
Corrin Dragon Fang Icon FE17.png Dragon Fang D 1 7 20 100 0 N/A N/A
(Source: Fire Emblem Fandom Wiki)

Unused Character Data

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King Morion has unused map data and voice lines for hits, misses, critical hits, victories, and losses. His character ID is PID_モリオン, which is different than that of the Corrupted Morion fought in Chapter 10 which is PID_M010_異形兵_モリオン. These two share the same animations in battle and look the same on the minimap, however.

Queen Ève has unused map data and voice clips for hits, misses, critical hits, victories, and losses. Her starting class is High Priest and she has proficiency in staves.

Queen Seforia has map data, though no voice clips. Unused code in the scripting for Chapter 14 reveals that she was to appear on the map at some point, seemingly taken off the map by Marni before the last cutscene before the map started would have played. Her starting class is Wyvern Knight and she has proficiency in lances.

(Source: princereyson, princereyson, Kayya (Unused M014 scripting))

Sombron, Lumera and King Hyacinth have extra entries in Person.xml that fully go unused due to the fact that the game uses more specific units for where they're fought against in the game (PID_M000_ソンブル for Sombron in the prologue, PID_M002_ルミエル for Lumera in Chapter 2, and PID_M010_ハイアシンス for King Hyacinth in Chapter 10.) The main difference between the units is that the ones for specific chapters have skills, stats, and levels defined whilst the unused entries do not.

Sombron, Past Alear, Lumera, Corrupted Lumera, and King Hyacinth all have unused voice lines for winning an encounter which go unheard as the voice line of a playable unit who died is prioritized instead. Possessed Veyle, Zephia, Gris, and Marni have win lines which can only be heard by waiting at the title screen for them to show up in the demo reels.

Unused Engage_Decide Voice Lines

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Upload every instance of V_[character]_Engage_Decide_13 and V_[character]_Engage_Decide_14. Is there any other situation where a character might use Engage_Decide_14 over Engage_Decide_13?

Every playable character has two unused voice clips for equipping emblem rings labelled Engage_Decide_13 and Engage_Decide_14, with the characters calling for the Divine One or Alear respectively--except for Veyle, as her lines are "Brother!" and "Sister!" instead. If the game is modded to let Alear be equipped like a normal emblem ring and for their ID to be changed from PlayerM/PlayerF to Lueur1/Lueur2, all of the characters will use the unused voice lines.

The existence of the second voice line implies that Alear's name was unable to be changed at a point in development where the lines were being recorded.

(Source: triabolical (Finding that the code exists still in the game))

Internal Project Name

Many of the files refer that the internal name for this game is Iron19, this refers the game as the 19th main Fire Emblem game even though it was officially released as the 18th main game, however, there is a reference to Iron18 in data.unity3d possibly referring to a separate mainline Fire Emblem title in development or an older internal name for the game.