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Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

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Title Screen

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Also known as: Fire Emblem Echoes: Mouhitori no Eiyuuou (JP), Fire Emblem Echoes: Lingyiwei Yingxiong Wang (CH), Fire Emblem Echoes: Tto Hanaui Yeong-ung Wang (KR)
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: April 20, 2017
Released in US: May 19, 2017
Released in EU: May 19, 2017
Released in AU: May 20, 2017
Released in KR: July 13, 2017
Released in CN: April 20, 2017

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

To do:
  • Any additional playable data for Berkut and Fernand that's not mentioned here.
  • Rip and upload voice clips where needed.
  • There are a very large number of skill name and description strings that the player definitely never sees. Is there any other data connected to them? Presumably some of them are used but invisible, but which ones are those?
  • Virtually everything in the game that doesn't have to do with text files.
  • Investigate possible unused functionality for growth rates for the movement stat. [1]
  • Document the English, Spanish, and French text differences between the US and European versions of the game

"Once upon a time, there was a game named Fire Emblem Gaiden and a game developer named Intelligent Systems, who remade each other bitterly for an age."

"Hey, why did Fire Emblem Gaiden and Intelligent Systems have to cut so much? Couldn't they just say they were sorry?"


Fire Emblem Echoes SoV Face Shadowman hr.png
Unused Graphics
"Looking good, Alm! ...Heh."

Internal Project Name

The game's internal project name is "Iron16", judging by several files which bear this label. This continues the pattern set by the other two 3DS Fire Emblems - "Iron" being a pun on the abbreviation "FE" (the chemical symbol for iron), and "16" for this being the sixteenth main Fire Emblem game. Interestingly, this means that BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia Senkihen is counted as a discreet, mainline Fire Emblem game.

Unused Text

Odd Art Scene Names

Shadows of Valentia's art scenes (sometimes called CGs, for computer graphics) are not named in the game. However, in the game's files themselves, they have descriptive and occasionally humorous names. Anything particularly interesting is bolded.

File name Event Explanation, if needed
Tlp_Ev_AcrossTheGrate Alm and Celica grasping each other's hands across the metal grate in the final chapter.
Tlp_Ev_AdviceOfFernand Clive clutching a dying Fernand.
Tlp_Ev_Albine Alm staring at Rudolf, who reveals himself to be Alm's father. 'Albine' is part of Alm's full name in Japanese.
Tlp_Ev_BigTree The end art scene of the game that displays "Fin". There is a large tree in the art piece.
Tlp_Ev_BlackKnight Fernand, Berkut, and a third, generic soldier riding on horses ominously. Possibly a reference to the Black Knight from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Berkut is wearing black and is a knight.
Tlp_Ev_BossyLady Clair's recruitment Apparently, someone on the development team thought that Clair was rather bossy!
Tlp_EV_CrisisSofia Alm receiving an ominous vision of gravestones after receiving Mila's Turnwheel.
Tlp_Ev_DarkForce Monstrous hands rising from the ground after Berkut shatters Nuibaba's mirror.
Tlp_EV_DecisionOfAlum Alm looking determined whilst overlooking a blue background.
Tlp_Ev_Employment Saber's recruitment.
Tlp_Ev_EntrustHope Mila talking to Alm stabbing Celica with Falchion. Towards the end of the game.
Tlp_Ev_Farewell Celica leaving Ram Village as a child while a forlorn Alm waves to her.
Tlp_Ev_IsolatedIsland Celica sailing on her loaned ship with Saber, Mae, and Boey, looking out towards the sea.
Tlp_Ev_Landslides The landslide separates Alm from Celica.
Tlp_Ev_LeavingFernand Fernand shoves Clive.
Tlp_Ev_MaskKnight Celica sees Conrad for the first time in his mask.
Tlp_Ev_MatildaInPrison Mathilda is Fernand's prisoner.
Tlp_Ev_MotherLiplica Celica's mother holds a baby Celica.
Tlp_Ev_NuibabasConspire Nuibaba peers into her crystal ball.
Tlp_Ev_OldKnight Slayde and Mycen duel.
Tlp_Ev_PhantomOfJudah Jedah references Shrek by standing in a swamp. Jedah's Japanese name is Judah.
Tlp_Ev_PledgeAllegiance Saber, Mae, and Boey swear their fealty to Celica and bow to her.
Tlp_Ev_PrincessHuggy A surprised Celica is lifted by a masked Conrad Celica is a princess, and Conrad is lifting her.
Tlp_Ev_PrivateEmperor A very-much dead Rinea tenderly touches Berkut's face.
Tlp_Ev_PrivateEmperor2 Close-up of the ghostly Rinea's face.
Tlp_Ev_PuppetDeyute Possessed Delthea. "Dyute" is Delthea's Japanese name.
Tlp_Ev_Quarrel The scene that plays after Alm and Celica's major fight.
Tlp_Ev_RealFace Conrad takes his mask off.
Tlp_Ev_Repayment Kamui, Leon, and Valbar laugh with Celica after recruiting all three of the men.
Tlp_Ev_RescueTheSilk Alm rescues Silque.
Tlp_Ev_RespondForContinent Alm and Celica wave to the crowd and accept their new titles as Valentian king and queen. Alm and Celica are likely responding to Valentia, the new continent they now rule.
Tlp_Ev_SaviorOfValencia Alm and Zeke stare at the Brand on Alm's hand.
Tlp_Ev_SealedMila Mila's dragon skeleton sits ominiously.
Tlp_Ev_SealedMila2 Mila's dragon skeleton sits ominiously, but now it has a metal grate in front of it. Fascinating.
Tlp_Ev_SealedMila3 A third variant of Mila's skeleton, but with a lit tail.
Tlp_Ev_SetUpRoyalSword Alm holds Falchion.
Tlp_Ev_SistersMeetAgain Est, Palla, and Catria - the Pegasus sisters - are reunited after the player recruits all three.
Tlp_Ev_SluiceCollapse Alm overlooks the opened sluice.
Tlp_Ev_SofiaFreed Alm overlooks a cheering crowd.
Tlp_Ev_SofiaInHand Art that is played when Desaix's power grab is explained.
Tlp_Ev_Stigma Alm and Celica, as kids, discussing each other's Brands.
Tlp_Ev_TalkIllusionCelica Alm talking to the illusory Celica conjured by the witch Nuibaba.
Tlp_Ev_ThinkTheCelica Alm thinks of Celica immediately after he leaves Ram Village.
(Source: Robotortoise)

Name Strings

The message archive file m/(language)/Name.bin contains several character names which are never used at any point.

Message Name Message (JP) Message (EN) Notes
MPID_フードマン ??? ??? One of several generic question-mark name entries listed at the top of the file. The interesting part is its message name, which translates as "MPID_Hoodman": a.k.a. the same text entry used for hooded Sumeragi in Fates, who definitely does not appear in this game.
MPID_デフォルト名 アルム
Alm The message name reads "MPID_DefaultName", which is the same entry where Awakening and Fates stored the default names for their player avatars, Robin and Corrin. Shadows of Valentia does not have avatars at all, so this is likely a leftover from Fates with Alm written in as a placeholder.
MPID_魔道軍 魔道軍
(Mage Army)
War Mage ??
MPID_デビル デビル
Devil ??
MPID_サーペント サーペント
Serpent This name string existed in Gaiden, where it was also unused.
MPID_ナーガ ナーガ
Naga This name string existed in Gaiden, where it was also unused. The recurring Fire Emblem character Naga is mentioned in parts of the remake's story, although she never appears in person.
MPID_ゲッペル ゲッペル
Ganger ??
MPID_シャドー シャドー
Shadow In Gaiden, this was the name of all units summoned by the Invoke spell. The remake calls them "Illusions" instead, the text string for which is listed much, much further down in the file, suggesting it was a late change.
MPID_白魔法テスト 白魔法テスト
(White Magic Test)
White Magic Test These are presumably unit IDs which were used in development to test magic and summoning functions.
MPID_召喚師テスト 召喚師テスト
(Summoner Test)
Summoner Test
MPID_召喚テスト 祈祷師テスト
(Shaman Test)
Cantor Test
MPID_黒魔法テスト 黒魔法テスト
(Black Magic)
Black Magic Test
MPID_妖術師テスト 妖術師テスト
(Wizard Test)
Arcanist Test
MPID_特殊魔法テスト 特殊魔法テスト
(Special Magic Test)
Sp, Magic Test
MPID_イリュージョン魔戦 イリュージョン魔戦
(Illusion Demonfight)
Invoke Magic Test
MPID_イリュージョン天馬 イリュージョン天馬
(Illusion Pegasus)
Invoke PN
MPID_イリュージョン兵士 イリュージョン兵士
(Illusion Soldier)
Invoke Soldier
MPID_メサイア死霊 メサイア死霊
(Messiah Deadspirit)
Conjure Revenant
MPID_メサイア骸骨 メサイア骸骨
(Messiah Skeleton)
Conjure B. Walker
MPID_メサイア飛魔 メサイア飛魔
(Messiah Flyingdemon)
Conjure Gargoyle
MPID_メサイア死竜 メサイア死竜
(Messiah Deaddragon)
Conjure N.Dragon
MPID_メサイア魔女 メサイア魔女
(Messiah Witch)
Conjure Witch
MPID_メサイア目玉 メサイア目玉
(Messiah Eyeball)
Conjure Mogall

Additionally, there are duplicate name strings for the majority of the game's classes listed as character names (MPID; the actual class strings have the prefix MJID and are stored in a different file). Some of them are used when visiting locations, as the names of generic members of the respective classes who the player can talk to.

Name.bin also has a complete set of specific name and description strings for each variant of the Invoke and Conjure spells. In the finished game, like in the original Gaiden, every variant is just called "Invoke" and "Conjure" without mentioning what it specifically summons.

Message Name Message (JP) Message (EN) Notes
MIID_メサイア死霊 メサイア死霊
(Messiah Deadspirit)
Conjure R Revenant version of Conjure.
MIID_メサイア骸骨 メサイア骸骨
(Messiah Skeleton)
Conjure B Bonewalker version of Conjure.
MIID_メサイア飛魔 メサイア飛魔
(Messiah Flyingdemon)
Conjure G Gargoyle version of Conjure.
MIID_メサイア死竜 メサイア死竜
(Messiah Deaddragon)
Conjure N Dolth's necrodragon version of Conjure.
MIID_メサイア魔女 メサイア魔女
(Messiah Witch)
Conjure W Marla and Hestia's witch version of Conjure.
MIID_メサイア目玉 メサイア目玉
(Messiah Eyeball)
Conjure M Jedah's mogall version of Conjure.
MIID_イリュージョン魔戦 イリュージョン魔戦
(Illusion Demonfight)
Invoke DF Silque's dread fighter version of Invoke.
MIID_イリュージョン天馬 イリュージョン天馬
(Illusion Pegasus)
Invoke PN Tatiana's pegasus knight version of Invoke. "PN" is an odd way to abbreviate "pegasus knight"...
MIID_イリュージョン兵士 イリュージョン兵士
(Illusion Soldier)
Invoke S Genny's soldier version of Invoke.
(Summons monsters.)
Summons Terrors. Help text for five of the six Conjure names, duplicated five times. When viewed in-game, Conjure's help text reads "Summons evil beings from the darkness."
MIID_H_メサイア魔女 魔女を召喚する
(Summons witches.)
Summons witches. Help text for the Conjure W name. Like the other Conjures, Marla and Hestia's just says "Summons evil beings from the darkness." in-game and does not specify witches at all.
(Summons phantom soldiers
(Up to 8 per army))
Summons illusory
soldiers. (Eight max)
Help text for the Invoke DF, Invoke PN, and Invoke S names, duplicated three times. Identical to the help text seen for Invoke in-game.

World Map Labels

Name.bin contains the name strings for every location on the world map, and among them is a set of labels for paths between individual locations. In-game, text associated with these "locations" is never displayed.

Message Name Message (JP) Message (EN)
MID_盗賊森ラム谷経路 盗賊森ラム谷経路 F. Forest⇔Ram Valley
MID_ラム谷南砦経路1 ラム谷南砦経路1 Ram Valley⇔S. Outpost 1
MID_ラム谷南砦経路2 ラム谷南砦経路2 Ram Valley⇔S. Outpost 2
MID_南砦ソフィ南経路 南砦ソフィ南経路 S. Outpost⇔S. Zofia
MID_ソフィ南ソフィ門経路 ソフィ南ソフィ門経路 S. Zofia⇔Zofia Gate
MID_海1海2経路 海1海2経路 Zofia Seaway 1⇔2
MID_海3海ほこら経路 海3海ほこら経路 Z. Seaway 3⇔S. Shrine
MID_ソフィ港ソフィ門経路 ソフィ港ソフィ門経路 Z. Harbor⇔Z. Gate
MID_ソフィ北ソフィ森経路1 ソフィ北ソフィ森経路1 N. Zofia⇔Z. Forest 1
MID_ソフィ北ソフィ森経路2 ソフィ北ソフィ森経路2 N. Zofia⇔Z. Forest 2
MID_村森ドゼ砦経路 村森ドゼ砦経路 F. Village⇔D. Fortress
MID_ソフィ森森北経路 ソフィ森森北経路 Z. Forest⇔F. Northside
MID_森北水門経路 森北水門経路 F. Northside⇔Sluice
MID_ソフィ海岸山墓場経路1 ソフィ海岸山墓場経路1 Z. Coast⇔M. Graveyard 1
MID_ソフィ海岸山墓場経路2 ソフィ海岸山墓場経路2 Z. Coast⇔M. Graveyard 2
MID_山墓場ミラ谷経路1 山墓場ミラ谷経路1 M. Graveyard⇔V. Approach 1
MID_山墓場ミラ谷経路2 山墓場ミラ谷経路2 M. Graveyard⇔V. Approach 2
MID_砂漠砦砂漠北経路 砂漠砦砂漠北経路 D. Stronghold⇔N. Desert
MID_砂漠砦砂漠南経路 砂漠砦砂漠南経路 D. Stronghold⇔S. Desert
MID_砂漠北ギス砦経路1 砂漠北ギス砦経路1 N. Desert⇔G. Citadel 1
MID_砂漠北ギス砦経路2 砂漠北ギス砦経路2 N. Desert⇔G. Citadel 2
MID_砂漠南ギス砦経路 砂漠南ギス砦経路 S. Desert⇔G. Citadel
MID_ミラ谷ミラ神殿経路1 ミラ谷ミラ神殿経路1 V. Approach⇔M. Temple 1
MID_ミラ谷ミラ神殿経路2 ミラ谷ミラ神殿経路2 V. Approach⇔M. Temple 2
MID_ミラ神殿ミラ北経路1 ミラ神殿ミラ北経路1 M. Temple⇔T. Northside 1
MID_ミラ神殿ミラ北経路2 ミラ神殿ミラ北経路2 M. Temple⇔T. Northside 2
MID_ミラ神殿の北 ミラ神殿の北 Temple Northside
MID_ミラ北死人沼経路1 ミラ北死人沼経路1 T. Northside⇔D. Mire 1
MID_ミラ北死人沼経路2 ミラ北死人沼経路2 T. Northside⇔D. Mire 2
MID_ミラ北死人沼経路3 ミラ北死人沼経路3 T. Northside⇔D. Mire 3
MID_死人沼沼墓地経路1 死人沼沼墓地経路1 D. Mire⇔M. Boneyard 1
MID_死人沼沼墓地経路2 死人沼沼墓地経路2 D. Mire⇔M. Boneyard 2
MID_沼墓地ドルク砦経路1 沼墓地ドルク砦経路1 M. Boneyard⇔D. Keep 1
MID_沼墓地ドルク砦経路2 沼墓地ドルク砦経路2 M. Boneyard⇔D. Keep 2
MID_ドマ沼ドマ塔経路 ドマ沼ドマ塔経路 D. Swamps⇔D. Tower
MID_水門国境経路1 水門国境経路1 Sluice⇔Border 1
MID_水門国境経路2 水門国境経路2 Sluice⇔Border 2
MID_国境リゲル森経路 国境リゲル森経路 Border⇔Rigel Forest
MID_リゲル森恐山経路1 リゲル森恐山経路1 R. Forest⇔F. Mountain 1
MID_リゲル森恐山経路2 リゲル森恐山経路2 R. Forest⇔F. Mountain 2
MID_国境リゲル平野経路1 国境リゲル平野経路1 Border⇔R. Plains 1
MID_国境リゲル平野経路2 国境リゲル平野経路2 Border⇔R. Plains 2
MID_竜火口リゲル滝経路1 竜火口リゲル滝経路1 D. Maw⇔Rigel Falls 1
MID_竜火口リゲル滝経路2 竜火口リゲル滝経路2 D. Maw⇔Rigel Falls 2
MID_リゲル滝要塞経路1 リゲル滝要塞経路1 R. Falls⇔L. Bastion 1
MID_リゲル滝要塞経路2 リゲル滝要塞経路2 R. Falls⇔L. Bastion 2
MID_要塞リゲル城経路1 要塞リゲル城経路1 L. Bastion⇔R. Castle 1
MID_要塞リゲル城経路2 要塞リゲル城経路2 L. Bastion⇔R. Castle 2


This message file contains five short dialogue samples for testing purposes.

Message Name Speaker Message (EN)
MID_Sample_サンプル女 Brigand This is a sample conversation.
MID_Sample_サンプル女2 Brigand Fade Test
(Scene fades out)
MID_Sample_サンプル男 Brigand This is a sample conversation.
MID_Sample_サンプル女1 Brigand This is a sample conversation.
MID_Sample_サンプル男1 Brigand This is a sample conversation.


This contents of this message file (the Japanese part of its name translates as "TestMap") are completely unused.

Message Name Speaker Message (EN)
(Pre-Battle Conversation Test)
Alm What's this statue?
Mila Welcome, child of fate...
Alm Huh?! Who said that?


Every time the player is shown the end-of-battle results screen, one character will make a remark about the army's performance in the preceding battle. In-game, the player only gets these remarks as voice clips, but every one of them is also unused in text form in Result.bin. Unlike the rest of the game's dialogue text, these are just plain text strings which do not include instructions to display speaker names or portraits, or to play the matching sound clip.

Death of Celica

Several characters have voice clips for the end-of-battle results screen that are intended to play if Celica died in the preceding battle. However, as per usual for Fire Emblem main characters, Celica's death is an automatic Game Over in all circumstances, leaving no way to ever see these. It's possible that Celica was intended to stop being a main character in the postgame, similar to how Sothe stops being a main character in Radiant Dawn's endgame. In the final release, the postgame allows the player to choose either Alm or Celica to lead the party and be forcibly deployed to every battle - but the other character's death will still result in Game Over. Like the rest of the results lines, these are also kept in text form in Result.bin.

Message Name Voice Clip Speaker Message (EN)


Alm No... Oh, Celica, not you...


Mycen Celica... Your life had only just begun...


Conrad Anthiese! I only fought so you could be happy...


Saber I really hoped you'd find happiness, lass...

Menu Leftovers

Several files contain strings for menu functions which were in the previous 3DS games but do not appear in Shadows of Valentia.


Message Name(s) Message (JP) Message (EN) Notes
MID_CONFIG_命令継続 号令の継続 Persistent Tactics Strings for a scrapped management feature for the Tactics auto-battle commands. Previous Fire Emblem games don't have anything like this, either.
MID_CONFIG_命令継続_オフ オフ Off
MID_CONFIG_命令継続_オン オン On
MID_CONFIG_命令継続_手動 手動 Manual
MID_H_CONFIG_命令継続_オフ 自軍ターン開始時に号令を継続しません Tactics do not remain in effect across multiple turns.
MID_H_CONFIG_命令継続_オン 自軍ターン開始時に号令を継続します Tactics remain in effect across multiple turns.
MID_H_CONFIG_命令継続_手動 自軍ターン開始時に号令を再確認します Tactics must be confirmed at the start of each turn.
MID_CONFIG_スライドパッド スライドパッド Circle Pad Shadows of Valentia has no Circle Pad configuration options.
MID_CONFIG_スライドパッド_アナログ アナログ Analog
MID_CONFIG_スライドパッド_デジタル デジタル Digital
MID_H_CONFIG_スライドパッド_アナログ スライドパッド操作特有の滑らかな動きをします Move the cursor freely and smoothly.
MID_H_CONFIG_スライドパッド_デジタル 十字ボタン操作のようなやや角ばった動きをします Limit the cursor to rigid, precise movement
MID_CONFIG_ボイス再生 会話イベントボイス Story Voices This option from Awakening and Fates is not present in Shadows of Valentia, which only has a volume slider for all voice clips played both in and out of cutscenes.
MID_H_CONFIG_ボイス再生_オン 会話イベント中のボイスを再生します Play voices during story scenes.
MID_H_CONFIG_ボイス再生_オフ 会話イベント中のボイスを再生しません Mute voices during story scenes.
MID_CONFIG_BGM BGM変更 Change Music In Awakening and Fates, this option controls which player-phase themes are played in skirmishes outside of the main story. Shadows of Valentia doesn't have this.
MID_H_CONFIG_BGM マップ、バトルBGMを「(name)」に変更します Set background music to (name).


Message Name(s) Message (JP) Message (EN) Notes
MID_メインメニュー_ルナティック_説明 最難関を求める方に For those who love a
hardcore challenge.
Main menu description string for the Lunatic Mode difficulty that had been in all games from Shin Monshou no Nazo to Fates, but is absent here.


Message Name(s) Message (JP) Message (EN) Notes
MID_MENU_制圧 制圧 Seize Menu strings for the seize objective, which is absent in Shadows of Valentia.
MID_MENU_制圧確認 このマップをクリアします。よろしいですか? Sieze[sic] and finish the battle?
MID_MENU_杖 Staff Various absent menu commands from Fates. Although the Swap ability still exists in Shadows of Valentia, it's activated in the Arts submenu.
MID_MENU_破壊 壊す Break
MID_MENU_訪問 訪問 Visit
MID_MENU_宝箱 宝箱 Chest
MID_MENU_罠解除 罠解除 Disarm
MID_MENU_救出 救出 Shelter
MID_MENU_入れ替え 入れ替え Swap
MID_MENU_階段 階段 Stairs
MID_MENU_転移 転移 Transfer
MID_MENU_ワープ ワープ Warp
MID_MENU_スキル_忘却 持てるスキルが
You cannot equip
any more skills.
Select one skill
to unequip.
Leftover from the Awakening/Fates version of the skills system.
MID_MENU_エターナル確認 レベル上限を5レベル分上げますか? Add +5 to your level limit? Prompt for using the Eternal Seal item from Fates, which is not present in Shadows of Valentia.
MID_MENU_仲間入り確認 (unit)を仲間にしますか?
Recruit (unit)?
(The unit will be added to your
Unit Logbook regardless.)
Prompt for recruiting bonus StreetPass/Spotpass units in Awakening and Fates, which are absent from Shadows of Valentia.
MID_戦績_TURN: TURN TURNS Strings for the results screen shown at the end of battles in Awakening and Fates. The Shadows of Valentia results screen is very different and has no use for these strings.
MID_戦績_MVPなし なし None
MID_戦績_MVPコネクト &


Message Name(s) Message (JP) Message (EN) Notes
MID_SYS_フェニックス フェニックス Phoenix String for the Phoenix Mode difficulty setting from Fates, which does not return in Shadows of Valentia.

Text relating to the weapon level system which has been the standard since Seisen no Keifu, but is absent from Shadows of Valentia.
MID_SYS_待機不可 待機不可 Impassable In Fates, this message is displayed on the terrain window when the cursor is on a space that no units are able to step onto. Shadows of Valentia instead represents this by displaying no avoid bonus number at all.
MID_SYS_EN_軍資金単位 G G Currency symbol for the gold currency used by every Fire Emblem game, except for the original Gaiden and this game.
MID_SYS_ガード GUARD GUARD In Awakening and Fates, this text pops up on battle screens when a unit blocks an enemy's attack with a Dual Guard, a function which does not exist in Shadows of Valentia.
MID_MSG_ゴールド入手 (n)Gを手に入れた You got (n)G. Another leftover of the absent gold currency.
MID_MSG_アイテム略奪 (item)を奪われた The enemy swiped (item). Messages for when an enemy in Awakening or Fates opens a chest and loots its contents. The only chests in Shadows of Valentia are found when exploring dungeons and other locations, and there is no system for enemies to loot them before the player.
MID_MSG_ゴールド略奪 (n)Gを奪われた The enemy swiped (n)G.
MID_MSG_アイテム破損 (item)が壊れてしまった (item) broke. Weapons and equipment cannot break at all in Shadows of Valentia.
MID_MSG_アイテム破損2 (unit)(item)が壊れてしまった (unit)'s (item) broke.
MID_MSG_武器レベルアップ 武器レベル(weapon)(level)に上がった (weapon) weapon level (level) attained. More weapon level leftovers.
MID_MSG_武器レベルアップ2 (unit)の武器レベル(weapon)(level)に上がった (unit) attained (weapon) weapon level (level).
MID_MSG_スキル習得2 (unit)はスキル
(unit) learned the skill (skill). Alternate version of the skill prompt.
MID_MSG_支援レベル上昇 (unit 1)(unit 2)の\n支援レベルが$a2に上がった (unit 1) and (unit 2) attained
support level (level).
While supports still exist in Shadows of Valentia, the player is never informed of support level increases aside from the conversations themselves.
MID_MSG_捕獲 (unit)を捕獲した (unit) was captured. A leftover of Fates' enemy capture mechanic, which is absent in Shadows of Valentia.
MID_MSG_能力強化 (stat 1)(stat 2)の調子が上がった Gained a surge of
(stat 1) and (stat 2).
Leftovers from the random bonuses given out in various places in Shin Monshou no Nazo, Awakening and Fates, which have no equivalent in Shadows of Valentia.
MID_MSG_武器経験値入手 武器の扱いが上手くなった Weapon proficiency improved.
MID_MSG_支援強化 (unit 1)(unit 2)が仲良くなった (unit 1) and (unit 2)'s
relationship improved.
MID_MSG_通信交流終了 通信交流が終了しました The parley has ended. Message related to StreetPass interaction with other player avatars in Awakening and Fates.
MID_MSG_戦闘予測_死亡 非常に危険です A very dangerous confrontation. Warning messages from the combat forecast screen in Fates, warning about death risks, effective weapons and weapon triangle disadvantages respectively. Shadows of Valentia does not use text to represent these warnings.
MID_MSG_戦闘予測_特効 敵の武器が危険です An especially dangerous weapon.
MID_MSG_戦闘予測_3すくみ 武器の相性が悪いです Poor weapon compatibility.
MID_TRICK_命中 命中+(n) Hit +(n) Miscellaneous terrain effect labels. Shadows of Valentia uses completely different strings for these functions, which are stored in name.bin instead.
MID_TRICK_必殺 必殺+(n) Crit +(n)
MID_TRICK_回避 回避+(n) Avo +(n)
MID_TRICK_必殺回避 必殺回避+(n) Ddg +(n)
MID_TRICK_ダメージ強化 与えるダメージ+(n) Dmg dealt +(n)
MID_TRICK_ダメージ軽減 受けるダメージ-(n) Dmg taken -(n)
MID_TRICK_ターンダメージ ターンダメージ(n) Turn dmg: (n)%
MID_TRICK_ターン回復 ターン回復(n) Turn rcv: (n)%
MID_BTL_アタック アタック! Attack! In Fates, these messages are used in battle scenes to indicate that a unit has Tag Teamed or Paired Up, respectively, with an ally. Neither function is in Shadows of Valentia.
MID_BTL_サポート サポート! Support!
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Audio


16 seconds of silence. It might technically be used, but we'd never know.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Models

Similarly to Fates, quite a few test models remain. This time, a few use assets from Gaiden itself.

Gaiden Test Maps

There are a lot of map models which consist of only a single texture laid out flat each. Each uses an original Gaiden map as its texture.

Model Name Texture Name Image Notes
field/enc_mori_1.bch MAP Fire Emblem SoV testmap mori.png The map for Lost Treescape skirmishes.
field/enc_osorezan_1.bch MAP Fire Emblem SoV testmap osorezan.png The map for Fear Mountain Shrine skirmishes. This map was cut entirely, and has no used equivalent in the remake. Though it is essentially an expanded version of a used map.
field/enc_saidan_2.bch MAP Fire Emblem SoV testmap saidan 2.png The map for one of the Duma Temple battles. This map was cut entirely, and has no used equivalent in the remake.
field/enc_saidan_3.bch MAP Fire Emblem SoV testmap saidan 3.png The map for one of the Duma Temple battles. This map was cut entirely, and has no used equivalent in the remake.
field/enc_tou_1.bch MAP Fire Emblem SoV testmap tou1.png The map for one of the Duma Tower battles. This map was cut entirely, and has no used equivalent in the remake.
field/enc_tou_2.bch MAP Fire Emblem SoV testmap tou2.png The map for one of the Duma Tower battles. This map was cut entirely, and has no used equivalent in the remake.
field/enc_tou_3.bch MAP Fire Emblem SoV testmap tou3.png The map for one of the Duma Tower battles. This map was cut entirely, and has no used equivalent in the remake.
field/fld_mori_kita.bch MAP Fire Emblem SoV testmap morikita.png The map for the Forest Northside battle.
field/fld_test_map.bch MAP19 Fire Emblem SoV testmap1.png The map for the Zofian Coast battle.
(Source: Original TCRF research)


Bleep. Bloop.

This is a test of the "hubs" where you meet characters in villages. The two test characters in question are actually from an old, Japanese MMORPG called CroXino which Hidari, the lead artist for Shadows of Valentia, worked on.

She looks like Hatsune Miku with a sword.Saber? You look....different.

(Source: VincentASM)


"Go and play, but don't leave the infinite black void."

The sleep.bch model contains a screenshot of Mycen's first line of dialogue in the original Gaiden's opening cutscene (albeit with the village background removed). When one considers the text on the image, the model name makes sense...somewhat.

Japanese Translation
※「アルム ひとやすみしよう
※ Alm, let's take a break.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Characters

Playable Berkut and Fernand

Both Berkut and Fernand - who only appear as bosses in the main game - each have a nearly complete set of voice clips and text strings specifically for being playable units. They only lack a set of base conversations, something possessed by every actual playable unit except Alm, Celica and Mycen, and character endings.

Fernand is playable in two of the Rise of the Deliverance DLC maps, but because those maps do not feature the end-of-battle results screen and do not allow him (or any other unit) to gain experience, levels or change class, most of his dialogue still goes unused.

Character Data

Despite all the dialogue they have, neither Berkut nor Fernand have actual surviving data as playable characters. However, the data/Person.bin file may have a hint about plans for the characters.

The person ID (PID) entries for Fernand's three enemy appearances - PID_敵フェルナン3章1, PID_敵フェルナン3章2, and PID_敵フェルナン4章 - all label him "Enemy Fernand". The only other PID entries which are specifically labelled "Enemy" are for the enemy versions of Delthea, Zeke, Sonia and Deen, to distinguish them from their regular playable selves. No other enemy or boss unit is marked this way, since it would be redundant given the total lack of playable status.

All of this implies that a non-enemy version of Fernand existed at some point but was removed. Since Berkut does not have the "Enemy" label on any of his PID entries - PID_ベルクト3章, PID_ベルクト4章, PID_ベルクト5章, and PID_ベルクト5章H - he might not have ever had playable data (dialogue and voice clips aside, anyway).

(Source: Serenes Forest)



Message Name Voice Clip Expression Message (EN) Notes


Laughing None can stand as my equal. Berkut's Level Up quote, if he gains HP, attack or defense.


Default Don't mistake me for those other
muscle-bound dullards.
Berkut's Level Up quote, if he gains skill or speed.


Laughing I have no need for divine favor. Berkut's Level Up quote, if he gains luck or resistance.


Sad ...Hmm? Berkut's Level Up quote, if he gains one or no stats.


Default How could one improve upon
Berkut's Level Up quote, if most of his stats are already at maximum.


Regular Hmph. So be it. Berkut's class change quote.


Laughing Who needs my aid? Don't be shy! Fernand's Level Up quote, if he gains HP, attack or defense.


Default A knight needs power and finesse both. Fernand's Level Up quote, if he gains skill or speed.


Special 1 Good fortune is a fine weapon. Fernand's Level Up quote, if he gains luck or resistance.


Pain ...What? Fernand's Level Up quote, if he gains one or no stats.


Special 1 Time to turn my attention to new
Fernand's Level Up quote, if most of his stats are already at maximum.


Determined If this is to be my new path... Fernand's class change quote.


Message Name Voice Clip Message (EN) Notes


Ha! Victory comes naturally to me. Berkut's result screen quote, if the player has a perfect victory.


How dare they put me through so much trouble... Berkut's result screen quote, if the player has a narrow victory.


Men die. This could be your lot tomorrow. Berkut's result screen quote, if the player lost a unit.


I hope they appreciated that display. Fernand's result screen quote, if the player has a perfect victory.


Blast. I never struggle this much! Fernand's result screen quote, if the player has a narrow victory.


If I were only stronger... Fernand's result screen quote, if the player lost a unit.


Clive, you fool. What were you thinking? Fernand's result screen quote, if Clive died in the battle.


Message Name Voice Clip Expression Message (EN) Notes


Pain, sweatdrop Urgh... No...this isn't possible! Berkut's Classic Mode death quote.


Determined Now I can finally...be with them... Fernand's Classic Mode death quote.


Message Name Voice Clip Expression Message (EN) Notes


Pain, sweatdrop Perhaps I underestimated them...
Carry on without me. I'll find a place
to recover...
Berkut's Casual Mode retreat quote.


Pain, sweatdrop They have more skill than I
gave them credit for.
I must retreat—you deal with the rest.
Fernand's Casual Mode retreat quote.

Voice Clips

All of these voice clips are found in the sound/@E/Iron16_Sound.bcsar archive.

Character Select

Sound Speech Notes


No one is a match for me! Played when Berkut is selected, if his HP is at 70% or greater.


I'll do this. Played when Berkut is selected, if his HP is between 30% and 70%.


I must be cautious... Played when Berkut is selected, if his HP is at 30% or below.


I'll take them all on! Played when Fernand is selected, if his HP is at 70% or greater.
Completely different from the clip used in the Rise of the Deliverance DLC. ("Who among you will face me?")


Very well. Played when Fernand is selected, if his HP is between 30% and 70%.
Completely different from the clip used in the Rise of the Deliverance DLC. ("I await your word.")


If you insist... Played when Fernand is selected, if his HP is at 30% or below.
Completely different from the clip used in the Rise of the Deliverance DLC. ("I am in no shape for this.")
(Source: Original TCRF research)


Shizas was the boss of the Border map in the original Gaiden, and is the only Gaiden character who does not appear at all in Shadows of Valentia. Berkut replaces him as the boss of the Border. His stats are still in the game (and are identical to his Gaiden stats), and has a fully functional model, voice, and unit ID.

Gold Knight 1 40 18 7 12 0 13 6 None 0.5

Fire Emblem Echoes SoV Shizas.png

(Source: Serenes Forest)

Unused Items

Data/Item.bin references IDs for two items which otherwise don't seem to have any surviving data or stats: the "fiend's lance" (IID_魔人の槍) and the "titan's axe" (IID_タイタンの斧). Since there's no other data left for them, there's no hints as to what they might've been for, aside from being connected to the monster species.

The file also lists IID slots for 20 memory prisms; only 10 exist in the base finished game, and only 3 more are added by DLC, leaving 7 empty listings. These don't have any other data, either.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Abilities

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: There are many, many, many, many more unseen skill text strings than what's listed here. Presumably a good chunk of them are tied to various hidden skills/properties; it would be helpful to sort of which belong to what and to identify anything else among them that's completely unused.

There are a sizable number of abandoned spells and skills, most of which originated in previous Fire Emblem games. Some of them don't actually have proper help text in any language, with the respective strings just repeating the skill's name as a placeholder, while a handful don't even have surviving name strings at all.

Please note that in the video demonstration to the right, these skills underwent some cosmetic hacking to give them proper descriptions and to assign them to equippable rings that don't actually exist in any form.


Spell Name Cost MT WT HIT CRIT RNG Help text File name Notes
Apocalypse -12 HP 30 0 0 0 0 Ruinous magic. IID_アポカリプス
A black magic spell which first appeared in Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi. At 30 might it's vastly more powerful than any other weapon or spell in the game, but all of its other stats are 0, including range, meaning you can't attack without increasing range with the Mage Ring. The spell has no animation and defaults to copying Fire.

(Source: VincentASM)

Combat Arts

Art Name SP Cost Stat change/Effects Help text File name Notes
Lethality ?? -10 HP +0 Range/+0 Mt
Attack instantly KOs the target
Lethality SID_滅殺
A recurring skill first seen in the seventh game. Only missing the traditional black/red screen flashes.
Aegis 20 -2 HP +0 Range/+0 Mt
Reduces damage from 2+ range attacks by 50% until user's next turn
Halves physical damage
incurred from a distance.
A recurring skill from the previous 3DS Fire Emblems.
Speculum 20 -3 HP +0 Range/+0 Mt
User reflects all damage from magic attacks back to enemies until user's next turn
Reflects magical attacks. SID_G魔法反射
Is visually incomplete in animations-on battle scenes: user will take no damage, but the reflected damage is not depicted on the enemy until the scene is over. Works normally when animations are off.


Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Since there's no text strings relating to most of these in the relevant archives, and since the above video modified them to give them those strings, what do those ones look like in an otherwise unmodified game? Are they assignable skills, per se, or orphaned effects not tethered to anything in particular?
Skill Name Effects Help text File name Notes
Aptitude Increases the user's growth rates Aptitude SID_良成長
A recurring skill from the previous 3DS Fire Emblems.
Influence Increases user's black magic range by 1 Increases black magic range
by 1.
Weaker version of the used Sophisticate skill.
Halve Swords Reduces damage from all sword attacks by 50% Halve Swords SID_剣ダメージ半減
Sword counterpart to Heavy Armor and Apotrope.
Halve Lances Reduces damage from all lance attacks by 50% Halve Lances SID_槍ダメージ半減
Lance counterpart to Heavy Armor and Apotrope.
Halve Axes Reduces damage from all axe attacks by 50% Halve Axes SID_斧ダメージ半減
Axe counterpart to Heavy Armor and Apotrope.
Wrath Has no observable effect Boosts critical rate when
HP is 50% or lower.
A recurring skill from many previous Fire Emblems. Seems to be incomplete and useless, despite the help text's claims to the contrary.
Attack Twice Doubles the number of strikes the user makes Attack Twice SID_攻撃時2回攻撃
Similar to Adept, a recurring skill last seen in Radiant Dawn.
(N/A) Inflicts damage taken by the user back on the enemy, when attacked at 1 range (N/A) SID_カウンター
This is Counter, a recurring skill from previous Fire Emblems. Is visually incomplete in animations-on battle scenes: the reflected damage is not depicted on the enemy until the scene is over. Works normally when animations are off.
(N/A) Doubles the user's EXP gain (N/A) SID_エリート
This is Paragon, a recurring skill from previous Fire Emblems.
(N/A) Allies in a 3-space radius of the user deal 2 more points of damage (N/A) SID_カリスマ
This is the recurring Charm skill, specifically its Fates version which works differently from prior games.
(N/A) User can move through enemy-occupied spaces (N/A) SID_すり抜け
This is Pass, a recurring skill from previous Fire Emblems.
(N/A) User always strikes first when attacked with HP at <50% (N/A) SID_待ち伏せ
This is Vantage, a recurring skill from previous Fire Emblems.
(N/A) All attacks by the user have an effective bonus against human enemies (N/A) SID_人間特効
Counterpart to the various "Anti-" effective bonus skills.
(N/A) All attacks by the user have an effective bonus against magic users (N/A) SID_魔法特効
Counterpart to the various "Anti-" effective bonus skills.
(N/A) All attacks by the user have an effective bonus against dragon-type enemies (N/A) SID_竜特効
Counterpart to the various "Anti-" effective bonus skills.
(N/A) All attacks by the user have an effective bonus against god-type enemies (N/A) SID_神特効
Counterpart to the various "Anti-" effective bonus skills.
(N/A) Prevents user from using any black or white magic, and prevents all such magic from being listed on their stat screen (N/A) SID_魔法禁止
Similar to the spellbind status effect, but without the wearing-off.

Character Ages

Every unit in the game is assigned a hidden age stat, which has no use by itself but is related to an unused item property which would have prevented provisions from being consumed by units whose age is less than 20. Rather than the age function working as a simple yes/no flag, every playable unit is assigned an age that is realistic for the character:

  • 13: Delthea
  • 15: Kliff, Genny
  • 16: Boey, Est
  • 17: Alm, Celica, Tobin, Mae
  • 18: Gray, Faye, Clair
  • 19: Silque
  • 20: Catria, Atlas
  • 21: Tatiana, Conrad
  • 22: Luthier
  • 23: Palla
  • 24: Lukas, Leon, Jesse
  • 25: Python, Forsyth, Sonya
  • 27: Clive
  • 28: Kamui, Mathilda
  • 29: Zeke
  • 30: Deen
  • 31: Valbar
  • 34: Saber
  • 65: Mycen
  • 71: Nomah

Enemies and NPCs are all given a placeholder age of 30, with the exception of several bosses: the Brigand Boss (38), Desaix (43), Slayde (32), Barth (35), Nuibaba (124), Jedah (147), Rudolf (50), and Gharn (100). Despite their playable leftovers, Berkut and Fernand only have the placeholder age, too.

This ability was most likely intended for the four alcoholic provisions - the wine, ale, leftover ale, and Ram wine - which in the final game are the only provisions that cannot be consumed by anyone at all. This may have been removed because it provided an inherent disadvantage to underage units. As a side effect of being left unconsumable, the four alcohols all have recovery values programmed in that go unseen and unused: the wine, ale, and leftover ale would all restore 10 HP and 10 fatigue points each, while the Ram wine would restore 30 HP and 20 fatigue points.

To clarify, no version of the game allows the alcohol provisions to be consumed; this is not something that any localizations censored.

(Source: Serenes Forest)

Regional Differences

7-Eleven Promotional Items

There is a set of eight items - the Seven Sword, Eleven Shield, Boiled Chicken, Moist Bread, Spicy Chicken, Mille Crepe, Chicken Link, and Pure Honey - which are present but inaccessible in the game by itself, but which were distributed in a Japanese event held by the 7-Eleven convenience store chain. All of these are currently inaccessible outside Japan, since 7-Eleven is not in the habit of holding game events like this in other countries. It is possible they will be released by some other means in the future.

The following dialogue and assets relating to the Flashy Man, the NPC from whom players collect these items after using the distribution event, are also currently unused outside Japan.

Flashy Man

Zofia Castle (m/(language)/ソフィア城_C.bin)

Message Name Speaker Message (EN)
MID_SUB711_0_確認1 N/A A flashy man has appeared in
Zofia Castle.
MID_SUB711_1_1 Flashy Man Ah, I've been looking for you!
I was bade give you this by an
acquaintance of mine.
I pray you will accept it.
MID_SUB711_1_確認1 N/A You got the Seven Sword!
MID_SUB711_1_確認2 N/A You got the Eleven Shield!
MID_SUB711_1_確認3 N/A You got (item)!
MID_SUB711_1_2 Flashy Man And with that, my business is done.
MID_SUB711_1_確認4 N/A The flashy man departed.
MID_SUB711_2_確認1 N/A Nothing happened.

Zofia Harbor (m/(language)/ソフィアの港_C.bin

Message Name Speaker Message (EN)
MID_SUB711_0_確認1 N/A A flashy man has appeared in
Zofia Harbor.
MID_SUB711_1_1 Flashy Man Finally! I have been searching high and
low for you.
I was bade give you this by an
acquaintance of mine.
I pray you will accept it.
MID_SUB711_1_確認1 N/A You got the Seven Sword!
MID_SUB711_1_確認2 N/A You got the Eleven Shield!
MID_SUB711_1_確認3 N/A You got (item)!
MID_SUB711_1_2 Flashy Man And with that, my business is done.
MID_SUB711_1_確認4 N/A The flashy man departed.
MID_SUB711_2_確認1 N/A Nothing happened.
(Source: Serenes Forest)

Missing DLC

The Fire Emblem Cipher trading card game's June starter deck contains a download code which adds four decorative items based on the card game's mascots to Shadows of Valentia: the Hard Worker’s Ribbon, the Black Crescent Moon, the Warrior’s Warding Bell and Vagabond’s Hairclip. Since the card game is Japan-exclusive, the download codes do not function in international releases and the items are not otherwise available, but all of their icons are still in all versions of the base game.

Revisional Differences

Version 1.1

This patch was released worldwide on June 22, 2017.

  • Corrects a bug where certain menu areas which use eye crops of unit portraits - including the experience bar, the results screen and the combat forecast's character support listings - failed to render the portraits of any present DLC characters. In most regions, the patch was released shortly after the Cipher Legends DLC maps, which added the game's first DLC characters.
  • Corrects a font error affecting Celica's Ragnarok Ω combat art in all American and European localizations. The Ω character was missing from the font used by the message notifying the player that the art has been learned, which resulted in the message reading "Your Beloved Zofia unlocked the Ragnarok ? combat art!". This issue did not affect the Japanese version, where the art is called "True Rainarok" (真ライナロック) instead, and the Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations were also not affected for the same reason.
  • Corrects a font error that Act 5's title "再会、そして…" is not correctly displayed in the Japanese text. The glyph for ellipsis "" was missing in "SystemL" font which is used in the Japanese chapter title screens, and hence the title was displayed as "再会、そして?". The Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations were not affected: The title in both Chinese translations contains ellipses as well ("重逢之后……" in Simplified and "重逢之後……" Traditional), but the Chinese fonts "SystemL_S" and "SystemL_T" have been including ellipsis already.
  • Corrects a logical error in the sidequest "The Prisoner's Whereabouts". Alm and the Deliverance would rescue the merchant in Nuibaba's Abode repetitively by reading the writing in the Sylvan Shrine again.
  • Corrects script errors in the Simplified and Traditional Chinese localizations.
File Message Name Script, pre-1.1 Script, 1.1 Note
m/@JPN_CN/LVUP.bin MID_レベルアップ_クレーベ_無し $SvpV_LU_CLEA_NONE_00|(...) $SvpV_LU_CLERBE_NONE_00|(...) Corrects voice clip assignation.
MID_ED1 (...) $SbpBGM_EVT_DESTINY_A|0|(...) Adds background music.
MID_BOSS_DIE1 (...) (...)$Sbs2000| Adds background music fade-out.