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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

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Title Screen

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Also known as: Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki (JP)
Developers: Intelligent Systems, Nintendo SPD
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: April 20, 2005
Released in US: October 17, 2005
Released in EU: November 4, 2005
Released in AU: December 1, 2005

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
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Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
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In the Fire Emblem series' first foray into 3D, Ike must bridge a centuries-old racial divide between humans and shapeshifting furries to stop a madman from abusing a glowing lump of blue metal.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Regional Differences
Lots of messing around with the difficulty.
Unused Classes
"No, I'm not talking about school. Sheesh!"
Unused Items
All the items you'll never need.
Debug Menu
Featuring ominously rotating cutscene backgrounds!
Battle Previewer
A model viewer lurking in the game's files.
Test Map
Ever wanted to climb a gigantic staircase that leads nowhere? Now's your chance.

Internal Project Name

The game's internal project name is "FE8", judging by several important files which bear this label. This seems a bit odd at first glance, since Path of Radiance was the ninth Fire Emblem game to be released, but evidence suggests that it was in development long before Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, even though The Sacred Stones ended up being released first.

Unused Text

Retreat Dialog

In the Japanese version, almost every playable character (plus the NPCs Leanne and Nealuchi, for some reason) has a dialog string for when they are retreating from a map in the common.m file, but since Chapter 10 is the last regular map with a retreat objective, 29 of these strings are left unused. The localization completely removed all of these strings and internal references to them, so no text box will play at all if you retreat with any of these characters (e.g. by using a chapter select code to take them back).

Message Name Display Type Speaker Message (JP) Translation
MESC_CALILL Top/Bottom Calill そう急かさないでよ。
Don't rush me like that. I'm going already.
MESC_CHINON Top/Bottom Shinon はっ!この俺が
Hah! You think I'd bite the dust in a place like this?
MESC_DALAHOWE Top/Bottom Devdan 口笛~♪
Whistling~♪ A tune~ As I go~♪
MESC_ENA Top/Bottom Ena …これ以上
...I've no more reason to remain here.
MESC_ERINCIA Top/Bottom Elincia アイク様、
I await you, my lord Ike...
MESC_GATRIE Top/Bottom Gatrie ぜぇはぁ…
Phew... J-just made it.
MESC_GEOFFRAY Top/Bottom Geoffrey 退路の確保は
Leave the retreat path's security to us.
MESC_HAAR Top/Bottom Haar 結局、また生き残っちまったか… Looks like I get to live another day, after all...
MESC_JANAFF Top/Bottom Janaff …敵がぞろぞろ来てる。
The enemy's on our tail. I say we hurry.
MESC_JILL Top/Bottom Jill 了解!
Understood! I will retreat at once!
MESC_LARGO Top/Bottom Largo みんな、慌てずあせらず急げよ。 Let's get outta here, everyone, and quickly.
MESC_LAY Top/Bottom Ranulf アイクより先に退くってのは
Retreating before Ike is embarrassing, but...
MESC_LEARNE Top/Bottom Leanne ~~~~~… ~~~~~...
MESC_LUCHINO Top/Bottom Lucia あなた方を信じる。
I believe in you. I'll trust you and go first!
MESC_MAKAROV Top/Bottom Makalov た、助かったぜ… I... I'm saved...
MESC_MWARIM Top/Bottom Muarim 気をつけろ。
Be on your guard. There are still enemies about.
MESC_NAESALA Top/Bottom Naesala 引き際を知らないほど
Wouldn't you say that those who don't know when to quit are fools?
MESC_NASIR Top/Bottom Nasir アイク、きみも早く! Ike, you should hurry up!
MESC_NEALUCHI Top/Bottom Nealuchi 皆様、こちらですぞ! This way, everybody!
MESC_RIEUSION Top/Bottom Reyson 先に行かせてもらう。
I will go first. Forgive me for lacking the strength...
MESC_SOANVALCKE Top/Bottom Stefan …潮時、か。 ...So, now's my chance.
MESC_STELLA Top/Bottom Astrid 皆様の御武運をお祈りいたします… May the fortunes of war be with everybody...
MESC_TANIS Top/Bottom Tanith 全騎迅速に離脱の後、
I will see you at the rendezvous point as soon as all hands have retreated!
MESC_TAURONEO Top/Bottom Tauroneo 遅れている者はいないな? I trust that nobody is falling behind?
MESC_TIBARN Top/Bottom Tibarn 目的は果たした。
Mission accomplished. Let's withdraw!
MESC_TOPUCK Top/Bottom Tormod ほんのちょっとだけ
That was just a little bit tough...
MESC_ULYSSES Top/Bottom Bastian まことの騎士とは
A true knight is one who chooses when he withdraws.
MESC_VULCI Top/Bottom Ulki …追っ手が近い。
...Our pursuers are close. Hurry.
MESC_ZIHARK Top/Bottom Zihark わかった、先に行こう。
Understood, I'll go first. I'll be waiting over there.
(Source: bookofholsety)

Death Dialog

Two NPCs, Nealuchi and Leanne, have death quotes in the Japanese version. Like all the retreat quotes, both the text strings and any reference to them were removed from the localizations.

Message Name Display Type Speaker Message (JP) Translation
MDIE_NEALUCHI Top/Bottom Nealuchi い、いかん! わしが倒れては
Th-this will not do! If I die,
then who will look after the nestling...?
Forgive me, but I must excuse myself early!
MDIE_LEARNE Top/Bottom Leanne ~~…… ~~......
Ike リアーネ!
Fall back!
Don't force yourself any further!
Leanne (こくり) (Nods)
(Source: bookofholsety)

Cutscene Dialog

To do:
Find out what causes English subtitles to not be displayed in the European version and if there is a way to forcibly activate them.

In non-Japanese versions, scripts for the English dubbed cutscenes can be found in the mess\common.m file. In the European version, localized versions of these scripts in Spanish, Italian, French and German can be found in s_common.m, i_common.m, f_common.m and d_common.m, respectively, where they are used as subtitles when the game is set to those languages. However, the original scripts go completely unused, as subtitles are not displayed at all in cutscenes when playing the game in English. Some of the scripted lines also do not match the actual spoken ones.

Message Name Message (EN)
MMC_SCENE01_01 Well, Ike. Had enough?
MMC_SCENE01_02 Dad!
MMC_SCENE01_03 Ike!
MMC_SCENE01_04 Oh... Mist!
MMC_SCENE01_05 (blank)
MMC_SCENE01_06 Ike?
MMC_SCENE01_07 Ike!
MMC_SCENE01_08 Mother...
MMC_SCENE01_09 Mist... That song...
MMC_SCENE01_10 Oh, Ike! You're awake!
MMC_SCENE02_01 Father... What's gotten into you?
Hold on. I'm coming!
MMC_SCENE02_02 (blank)
MMC_SCENE02_03 (blank)
MMC_SCENE02_04 (blank)
MMC_SCENE02_05 Father!
MMC_SCENE02_06 Ike? Stay back!
MMC_SCENE02_07 Here. Use this blade.
MMC_SCENE02_08 What are you doing?
MMC_SCENE02_09_01 I've been waiting for this for a long time.
MMC_SCENE02_09_02 I would prefer it if you used your proper weapon,
so that I might witness your full strength...
MMC_SCENE02_10 General Gawain, Rider of Daein.
MMC_SCENE02_11 That was my name once,
MMC_SCENE02_12 but I
MMC_SCENE02_13 threw it away. The only weapon I need
MMC_SCENE02_14 is right
MMC_SCENE02_15 here.
MMC_SCENE02_16 Do you want to die?
MMC_SCENE02_17_01 Your voice... I remember you.
MMC_SCENE02_17_02 You think you can defeat me? The man
who taught you how to fight? What a fool.
MMC_SCENE02_18 Come on, boy! Come try me!
MMC_SCENE02_19 (blank)
MMC_SCENE02_20 Is that all there is?
No challenge? No resistance?
MMC_SCENE02_21 Father!!!
MMC_SCENE02_22 Don't... Don't leave...
MMC_SCENE02_23 Don't leave me! Father!
MMC_SCENE05_01 Don't I know...
Mist, isn't that Mother's song?
MMC_SCENE05_02 Not quite. But it... It is close.
MMC_SCENE05_03 Ike, look! Up there!
MMC_SCENE05_04 It's incredible!
MMC_SCENE05_05 The lord of the forest... He's returned...
MMC_SCENE08_01 What's wrong.
MMC_SCENE08_02 Everyone's waiting to see you.
MMC_SCENE08_03 I'm nervous.
MMC_SCENE08_04_01 I've spent my whole life
in hiding.
MMC_SCENE08_04_02 No one ever taught me
how to rule a kingdom.
MMC_SCENE08_04_03 I don't think I'm ready to be their queen.
I don't think I'm ever really going to be ready.
MMC_SCENE08_05 What's the matter with you?
MMC_SCENE08_06 Ike, stop it! How can I--
MMC_SCENE08_07 Did anyone nteach you how
to hire mercenaries? (sic)
MMC_SCENE08_08 No, but that's not the same--
MMC_SCENE08_09 How to win back lost allies?
How to win back your lost kingdom?
MMC_SCENE08_10 But that's... That's different.
MMC_SCENE08_11 No, it's not.
MMC_SCENE08_12 You've done such an amazing job.
MMC_SCENE08_13 And I think you always will.
MMC_SCENE08_14 I see.
MMC_SCENE08_15 All right, come on.
We'll do this together.
MMC_SCENE08_16 Thank you, my lord Ike. I am...
I am so blessed to have met you.
MMC_SCENE08_17 And so it was that, in the spring of
the year 646, Elincia Ridell Crimea
saw peace return to her homeland.
In the years to follow, the story of
Queen Elincia and her noble hero, Ike,
spread across the land and inspired the
songs of many a wandering troubadour.

Deleted Messages

In the Japanese version, the following message string can be found in many chapter script files, as well as the common.m file, as a placeholder for dialog sequences that once existed but were scrapped. Unsurprisingly, the localizations removed almost all of these, but exactly one instance survived in the script for Chapter 28 and was made... much angrier.

Message Name Display Type Speaker Message (JP) Message (EN)
Various (JP)
MS_28_OP_04 (EN)
No background Anna このメッセージは削除されました。
(This message has been deleted.)

Deleted Supports

In the Japanese version, the support script file (yell.m) contains a large number of empty message entries for 32 abandoned support pairs. The localizations removed all of these entries.


Zihark Ending

The epilogue script in mess\c31.m contains a slightly extended version of Zihark's farewell. Considering it has him talk about a future duel with Ike that comes up at no other point in the script, and that all other alternate versions of character farewells are related to support relationships with Ike, this may have been intended as the endpoint for the cut support between the two characters. Oddly enough, the localization translated it and left it in.

Message Name Display Type Speaker Message (EN)
MS_31_GED_Day_zih_a No background Zihark Crimea's an interesting place, but
I've decided to travel to Daein.
...We never did have our match, did we?
Of course, I'm no longer in the same
class as you...
I'll be training hard for the
next time we meet!
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Bonus Experience Criteria

While the final game features a rather limited and repetitive selection of achievements which reward the player with bonus experience, the Japanese version's mess\common.m text file suggests that many, many, many more were planned, covering a wide variety of activities. All of these strings were removed from all localizations of the game.

Intended Chapter Message Name Message (JP) Translation Notes
Chapter 1 Ms_ach_02_minka 村訪問 Villages visited Generally, these achievements fit into one of several stock categories: visiting each map's buildings...
Ms_ach_02_alive 全員生存 All units alive ...Having no allied casualties...
Chapter 2 Ms_ach_03_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 3 Ms_ach_04_marcia マーシャ生存 Marcia alive ...Keeping NPC and certain enemy units alive...
Ms_ach_04_minka 村訪問 Villages visited --
Ms_ach_04_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 4 Ms_ach_05_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 5 Ms_ach_06_boss 敵ボスを撃破しない Boss not defeated (The final version of Chapter 5 gives absolutely no bonus experience.)
Ms_ach_06_boss_dead 敵ボスを撃破 Boss defeated
Ms_ach_06_annihilate 敵の全滅 Enemy routed
Ms_ach_06_alive 全員生存 All units alive
Chapter 6 Ms_ach_07_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 7 Ms_ach_08_wayu ワユ仲間 Mia recruited ...Recruiting new allies...
Ms_ach_08_box 宝箱入手 Chests obtained ...Unlocking chests...
Ms_ach_08_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 8 Ms_ach_09_annihilate 敵全滅 Enemy routed ...Defeating all enemies in chapters where the main objective doesn't outright require it (e.g. seize, arrive, defeat boss, defend, escape)...
Ms_ach_09_elaice イレース仲間 Ilyana recruited --
Ms_ach_09_boss_dead ボス撃破 Boss defeated ...Defeating bosses in chapters where fighting them isn't necessary (e.g. defense and escape maps)...
Ms_ach_09_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 9 Ms_ach_10_minka 村訪問 Villages visited --
Ms_ach_10_annihilate 敵の全滅 Enemy routed --
Ms_ach_10_boss_dead ネタダ撃破 Nedata defeated --
Ms_ach_10_marcia マーシャ仲間 Marcia recruited --
Chapter 10 Ms_ach_11_box 宝箱 Chest --
Ms_ach_11_boss_dead ボス撃破 Boss defeated --
Ms_ach_11_annihilate 敵全滅 Enemy routed --
Ms_ach_11_talk 会話成立 Conversation held (Since Sephiran is the most important NPC in this chapter, he's the likeliest candidate for who needed to be talked to for this achievement, but there's no way to be sure anymore.)
Chapter 11 Ms_ach_12_minka 村訪問 Villages visited --
Ms_ach_12_secession 全員離脱 All allies escaped This one is unusual for two reasons. Firstly this criteria is used in Chapter 6 and Chapter 10. Secondly the objective of this chapter is Arrive, not Escape, though it would make sense for this map to have been one.
Ms_ach_12_boss_dead ボス撃破 Boss defeated --
Ms_ach_12_zihark ツィハーク仲間 Zihark recruited --
Ms_ach_12_jill_live ジル生存 Jill alive --
Chapter 12 Ms_ach_13_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 13 Ms_ach_14_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Ms_ach_14_box 宝箱 Chest --
Ms_ach_14_boss_dead ボス撃破 Boss defeated --
Ms_ach_14_stella ステラ仲間 Astrid recruited --
Ms_ach_14_gatrie ガトリー仲間 Gatrie recruited --
Ms_ach_14_annihilate 敵全滅 All enemies defeated --
Chapter 14 Ms_ach_15_minka 村訪問 Villages visited --
Ms_ach_15_annihilate 敵全滅 Enemy routed --
Ms_ach_15_lagu ラグズ撃破 Laguz defeated Notably, the next chapter awards bonus experience for each laguz enemy that is left alive.
Ms_ach_15_makarov マカロフ仲間 Makalov recruited --
Chapter 15 Ms_ach_16_item 砂漠の宝 Desert treasure A unique objective for, appropriately enough, this chapter's unique buried treasure hunt.
Ms_ach_16_soanvalcke ソーンバルケ仲間 Stefan recruited --
Chapter 16 Ms_ach_17_annihilate 敵全滅 Enemy routed --
Ms_ach_17_box 宝箱 Chest --
Ms_ach_17_dalahowe ダラハウ仲間 Devdan recruited --
Chapter 17 Ms_ach_18_annihilate 敵全滅 Enemy routed --
Ms_ach_18_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 18 Ms_ach_19_annihilate 敵全滅 Enemy routed --
Ms_ach_19_box 宝箱 Chest --
Ms_ach_19_chinon シノン仲間 Shinon recruited --
Chapter 19 Ms_ach_20_tauroneo タウロニオ仲間 Tauroneo recruited In the final game, Tauroneo doesn't appear at all, let alone become available for recruitment, for another two chapters.
Ms_ach_20_bullet シューター残弾数 Ballista ammo remaining The last new type of bonus experience objective here: not using up all of the durability for the chapter's siege weapons.
Chapter 20 Ms_ach_21_minka 村訪問 Villages visited --
Ms_ach_21_annihilate 敵の全滅 Enemy routed --
Ms_ach_21_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 21 Ms_ach_22_box 宝箱入手 Chests obtained --
Ms_ach_22_annihilate 敵の全滅 Enemy routed --
Ms_ach_22_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 22 Ms_ach_23_chinon シノン仲間 Shinon recruited Evidently, the game was at one point going to offer a second chance to re-recruit Shinon if he was missed in Chapter 18.
Ms_ach_23_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 23 Ms_ach_24_bullet シューター残弾数 Ballista ammo remaining --
Ms_ach_24_luchino ルキノ生存 Lucia alive --
Ms_ach_24_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 24 Ms_ach_25_luchino ルキノ、ジョフレ、ユリシーズ生存 Lucia, Geoffrey, Bastian alive --
Ms_ach_25_bullet シューター残弾数 Ballista ammo remaining --
Ms_ach_25_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 25 Ms_ach_26_bullet シューター残弾数 Ballista ammo remaining --
Ms_ach_26_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 26 Ms_ach_27_annihilate 敵の全滅 Enemy routed --
Ms_ach_27_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 27
(part 1)
Ms_ach_28_turn クリアターン Turns to clear Although this is the most common of the used achievements for every other chapter, this specific iteration of it isn't used (instead, Ms_ach_29_turn covers both parts of this two-parter) and accordingly was cut in the localization.
Ms_ach_28_box 宝箱入手 Chests obtained --
Ms_ach_28_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 27
(part 2)
Ms_ach_29_blackknight 漆黒の騎士撃破 Black Knight defeated --
Ms_ach_29_secession 離脱 Escaped
Ms_ach_29_alive 全員生存 All units alive --
Chapter 28 Ms_ach_30_learne リアーネ生存 Leanne alive Leanne only appears in this chapter in cutscenes.
Ms_ach_30_naesala ネサラ生存 Naesala alive Like Leanne, Naesala's only appearance in this chapter is in cutscenes, and he doesn't become available to recruit until the next chapter.
Ms_ach_30_naesala_blue ネサラ仲間 Naesala recruited
Ms_ach_30_tibarn ティバーン生存 Tibarn alive --
Ms_ach_30_alive 全員生存 All units alive --

Menu Leftovers

The common.m file has a handful of miscellaneous leftover strings, occasionally pointing to features that didn't make it into the final version of the game.

Message Name Message (JP) Message (EN-US) Notes
M地 地の祝福 Earth Bounty A set of menu command strings, and accompanying help descriptions, for the Boon and Blessing skills, suggesting that at some point they were intended to be manually triggered on one ally when moving their users, rather than being passive effects affecting all adjacent allies. ("Earth Bounty" and "Sky Boon" are more literal translations of those skills' Japanese names; Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn also had a habit of inconsistently using those terms instead of "Boon" and "Blessing")
M天 天の祝福 Sky Boon
MH地 となりのユニットの状態を正常に戻します Return an adjacent unit to normal
MH天 となりのユニットのHPを回復します Heal an adjacent unit.
Mess_Help2_skill_Steal 盗む
Help 2
Branch of army
skill so not used.
A placeholder for a second version of the Steal skill's help text, intended for the skill assignment menu. However, since Steal is a permanent "soldier skill" (or "branch of army skill", as the placeholder puts it), it can never be seen or interacted with in the assignment menu.
Mess_Help_skill_Tackle 表示なし (None; removed in localization) Placeholders for help text for the Shove skill, which is not visible on skill lists in this game.
Mess_Help2_skill_Tackle 表示なし No display

Unused Graphics

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Investigate window/butai.tpl, which may include development remnants.

Character Portraits

Fire Emblem's traditional silhouette placeholder makes its second appearance. The writing says "絶賛制作中" ("Work in progress"), and is slightly squished in the profile screen version to prevent being cut off.

A spare portrait set for Ike in which he is facing the camera, like what Lyn, Eliwood and Hector occasionally did in the seventh game. Includes all of the necessary eye and mouth animation textures.

An alternate portrait set for Soren with his hood raised, including all of the necessary eye and mouth animation textures.

An alternate portrait for Anna, which is identical to the used one except that she's positioned higher and more of her waist is visible. Unsurprisingly, it has no profile screen counterpart, since its only difference wouldn't be visible at all in the profile view. Includes all of the necessary eye and mouth animation textures.

A portrait set for Renning, including all of the necessary eye and mouth animation textures. Renning is only ever seen as a background illustration in narration scenes. Of particular interest is that both his face and overall pose are exact matches for the portrait of his Bertram identity. Perhaps one portrait was used to create the other?

Two variants of a generic portrait for thieves. Both have eye animation textures. They have no full-sized equivalents.

Experience Meter

FE9 exp bar.png

FE9 exp bar fill.png

FE9 exp font.png

Graphics for an older version of the experience meter are located in window/exp.tpl, whereas the used graphics are in window/expup.tpl. Interestingly, the numeric font resembles the font used for characters' health points in prerelease images.


There are a handful of unused icons for items, skills and parts of the interface in the window/icons.tpl file.

Fire Emblem PoR Icon T0 Armored.pngFire Emblem PoR Icon T0 Cavalry.pngFire Emblem PoR Icon T0 Pegasus.pngFire Emblem PoR Icon T0 Wyvern.pngFire Emblem PoR Icon T0 Tent.pngFire Emblem PoR Icon T0 Beast.pngFire Emblem PoR Icon T0 Dragon.pngFire Emblem PoR Icon T0 Bird.png
The item sheet (Texture0) has a set of what look like early icons for unit weight types. From left to right: armored, cavalry, pegasus, wyvern, a blue tent, beast laguz, dragon laguz, bird laguz. The actually used ones are on the skill sheet (Texture1) and are much larger than the unused ones. The cavalry, pegasus and wyvern ones from this set more closely resemble their counterparts from the GBA games, while their used counterparts are less stylized.

The tent one is unusual since it has no obvious link to anything in Path of Radiance. Its design is identical to Merlinus's transporter tent from the seventh game. It's worth noting that Path of Radiance is one of only a few Fire Emblem games which does not give the player any means of accessing the surplus item convoy during maps, a la Merlinus's purpose, whatsoever.

Fire Emblem PoR Icon T0 Status.pngFire Emblem PoR Icon T0 Empty.png
Two placeholder icons in the item sheet: a beige box in the shape of the status affliction icons repeated 19 times, and the kanji 空 ("empty") repeated 15 times.

Fire Emblem PoR Icon T1 Skill 1.pngFire Emblem PoR Icon T1 Skill 2.pngFire Emblem PoR Icon T1 Weight.png
Three more placeholders for the skill sheet: a skill icon frame with a black fill repeated 8 times, another skill icon frame with a beige fill repeated another 8 times, and a weight type frame.

Fire Emblem PoR Icon T1 Tent.png
Another instance of the blue Merlinus tent, sitting in the middle of the weight type icons on the skill sheet. There's nothing else in the game's interface that has an octagonal shape like it.

Help Window

FE9 ctrlinfo other unit.png FE9 ctrlinfo show range.png FE9 ctrlinfo order.png

Some of the options for the simple controller help window in window/ctrlinfo.tpl are unused. "Other Unit" is replaced by "Next Unit" in-game, whereas "Show Range" is replaced by a toggle between "Range: On" and "Range: Off". "Order" seems to be a reference to Ike's Order ability, which is done in a menu after moving instead.


Fire Emblem PoR Early Title.png

An alternative title screen featuring a preliminary English logo. Note that Lehran's Medallion is part of this logo - that's where it is in the Japanese logo, but the final English one omits it entirely. Naturally, this file is only present in the localized versions.

Fuuin no Tsurugi Illustrations

Because it was never released outside Japan, the localizers had to disable link access to Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi in the North American and European versions of Path of Radiance, and its section in the Illustrations gallery was completely removed. However, all 64 of its illustrations are still on the disc in the illust/gba1 directory, completely unedited.

(Source: Fire Emblem Wiki)


These files can also be found unused in the sequel, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.



This file contains the full set of item and skill icons from Thracia 776, plus a few from Seisen no Keifu, albeit with a different palette from the original games. They were probably used as placeholders before the final icons were drawn out; early screenshots of Fuuin no Tsurugi also show these icons being used as placeholders.



An image of Lehran's Medallion, captioned To Be Continued.... This file is only present in the localized versions. It may have been created and used for an as-yet unidentified, and presumably American or European, demo release.


Fire Emblem PoR Phase.png

These look like placeholder graphics for announcing player and enemy phases. There aren't any equivalent images for the partner and other phases.


Fire Emblem PoR Game Over.png

These look like placeholder graphics for the game over screen and, presumably, the end of a demo build.

Hidden Details

Ilyana's unpromoted model has a bow, composed of a whole 12 pixels, textured onto her underwear. Technically used, but the placement renders it impossible to see in-game.

Unused Characters

Numerous NPCs have sets of stat data that either the player never sees or are never loaded into the game at all.

Note that the way Path of Radiance works with character stats is, it stores a base stat individual to a character and adds that to their class's base stats to produce the total stats the player sees them with. The base stats for these characters are listed in parentheses after their total stats.


Nealuchi is briefly seen on the map during a cutscene in Chapter 28, but never remains there in gameplay so his stats can't be seen. Given that he also has retreat and death dialog, he might have been intended to be playable at some point; the same indications are there for Leanne. He doesn't have a unique battle model.

Nealuchi is playable in Radiant Dawn.

Level Class Affinity Weapon Levels
10 Bird Tribe (raven) Light None
Stats 33 (9) 14 (5) 4 (0) 17 (7) 18 (6) 12 (12) 14 (6) 11 (4)
Growths 110% 35% 0% 40% 40% 65% 20% 20%


Caineghis's stats are remarkably similar to those of his bodyguard, Giffca. Radiant Dawn adds him as a playable character.

Level Class Affinity Weapon Levels
20 Beast Tribe (lion) Earth None
Stats 68 (38) 40 (22) 12 (10) 33 (22) 28 (17) 23 (23) 30 (15) 19 (14)
Growths 160% 70% 5% 75% 60% 45% 50% 30%


Many of Zelgius's stats - growth rates, weapon levels and affinity - are identical to those of the Black Knight, which early data-miners took as one of the first hints that they are, in fact, one and the same person before Radiant Dawn confirmed this.

Level Class Affinity Weapon Levels
20 General Dark Sword: S / Lance: A
Stats 63 (40) 26 (18) 18 (16) 25 (21) 23 (21) 26 (26) 34 (24) 29 (26)
Growths 80% 60% 0% 55% 50% 30% 50% 40%


Sigrun is briefly seen on the map during a cutscene in Chapter 13, but never remains there in gameplay so her stats can't be seen. Although she has a unique map model, it only covers her using swords, so having her equip a lance will crash the game. Unsurprisingly, her battle model is just the default.

Sigrun appears as both a playable unit and a boss in Radiant Dawn.

Level Class Affinity Weapon Levels
15 Falcon Knight Water Sword: A / Lance: S
Stats 26 (8) 13 (7) 4 (2) 15 (9) 19 (10) 10 (10) 11 (6) 14 (9)
Growths None

Lekain and Hetzel

Even though both are very minor characters as far as Path of Radiance is concerned, appearing only in one cutscene, both Lekain and Hetzel have a set of stats apiece, although all of their data (aside from affinity) is identical to that of both each other and Oliver. Neither of them have unique map or battle models.

Both characters appear as bosses in Radiant Dawn, with a greatly expanded role in the game's story.

Level Class Affinity Weapon Levels
5 Bishop Wind (Lekain)
Thunder (Hetzel)
Staff/Light: A
Stats 28 (7) 2 (1) 16 (10) 13 (8) 11 (6) 15 (15) 4 (1) 17 (6)
Growths 65% 0% 65% 40% 50% 30% 20% 40%


Heather (ヘザー) is a female sword knight. Unsurprisingly, she doesn't have any art or model assets of her own and just uses the generic Begnion enemy crest for her portrait; also, the localizations completely removed her name string. She shares her base stats and growths with Tanith's pegasus knight reinforcements.

Radiant Dawn has a playable character called Heather, but she doesn't otherwise have much in common with what few distinguishing features this Heather has (rogue with a fire affinity compared to a sword knight with a light affinity).

The behind the scenes book Tellius Recollection Vol. 2 includes a portrait of Heather among the early Path of Radiance portraits.

Level Class Affinity Weapon Levels
10 Sword Knight Light Sword: D
Stats 24 (6) 11 (6) 2 (2) 12 (10) 14 (8) 10 (10) 10 (5) 7 (6)
Growths 65% 35% 5% 55% 50% 40% 15% 40%

Leftover Names

The Mess\common.m file has a fair few name string entries that have no other associated unit data and are not called to be displayed in dialog scenes' name tags. Yet again, the localizations removed a fair few of these.

Message Name Name (EN) Name (JP) Notes
MPID_SANAKI_BLACK Black Sanaki ブラックサナキ
(Black Sanaki)
Listed right below regular Sanaki.
A duplicate string for Sephiran. Listed right below regular Sephiran.
(Good Sephiran)
Listed right below the duplicate Sephiran.
(Dark Knight)
A duplicate entry for the Black Knight, whose actual data is always internally referred to as "DARKKNIGHT".
Listed right below the regular Black Knight.
MPID_MONICA Monica モニカ
Listed between Largo and Astrid.
a.k.a. Ashera, the order goddess of Tellius.
MPID_YUNE Yune ユンヌ
Yune was later introduced in Radiant Dawn as the chaos goddess and Ashera's other half.
Duplicate name strings for two early-game bosses - Havetti and Nedata - although these ones' internal names are spelled very strangely.
Listed in the middle of the late-game bosses.

Cutscene Stand-Ins

Oddly enough, whenever characters appear in cutscenes acted out on the maps, the game doesn't use their actual playable/boss selves from gameplay. Instead, the game uses duplicates of those characters, with very different stats and inventories from the actual ones, as stand-ins. There's an absolutely huge number of these but they're individually not all that interesting other than the fact that they exist.

(Source: Fedule)

Unseen Class Data

Bandit Promotion

Despite being enemy-only, the Bandit class has fully-functional promotion data. They promote into Berserker, with the following stat gains:

3 3 0 3 3 4 0 1 2
(Source: Fedule)

Fog of War Vision

To do:
Test and confirm the vision stats for Bandit (the wiki lists it as 5 on the fog of war page but as 3 on the page for the class itself) and the unused classes.

Uniquely to this game and Radiant Dawn, every class has its own set vision range for fog of war maps. This includes classes that are never playable on a fog map without hacking:

Vision Class
1 Bird Tribe, Hawk, Raven, Heron
3 Lord, Hero, Princess Crimea, King Daein, Dragon Tribe, Citizen, Child
5 Assassin, Berserker, Lion, White Dragon, Red Dragon
(Source: Fire Emblem Wiki)

Unused Skills

There are a large number of unused skills, and like the cut items, none of them have much in the way of associated text.

Debug No. Icon Skill Name Effects Cap. Help Text File name Notes
13 (N/A) 値切り
Reduces item prices at base shops by 50% 1 (N/A) SID_BARGAIN A skill from Seisen no Keifu and Thracia 776. Unlike in those games, it drops prices for all units, not just whoever it's equipped to. Not visible in stat screens, aside from the increase to the capacity gauge.
15 (N/A) 大魔法
(Big Magic)
Has no observable effect. 20 (N/A) SID_WLUPTOS Its file name suggests it might have originally enabled weapon levels to reach S rank, but in the final game that function is actually handled by a different hidden skill (SID_HIGHER) which covers all class change functions. Not visible in stat screens, aside from the increase to the capacity gauge.
17 Fire Emblem PoR Impregnable Skill.png 鉄壁
(Iron Wall)
Has no observable effect. 5 Mess_Help_skill_Impregnable SID_IMPREGNABLE The only unused skill that displays properly on stat screens, the only one with an icon, and the only one with a matching scroll item.
20 (N/A) 飛行
Has no observable effect. 0 (N/A) SID_FLYTHRU Not to be confused with the hidden skill SID_FLY, which disables terrain effects on flying classes. Not visible in stat screens.
21 (N/A) 突破
Has no observable effect. 0 (N/A) SID_WALKTHRU Not visible in stat screens.
25 (N/A) HPの歌
(Song of HP)
Has no observable effect. 0 (N/A) SID_CHANTHP These may have been special counterparts for Canto that temporarily gave stat boosts, similar to the dancer rings from the seventh game. None of them are visible in stat screens. Radiant Dawn didn't use any of these specifically, either, but it did reintroduce the idea of galdrar with effects other than allowing allies to move again.
26 (N/A) 力の歌
(Song of Strength)
Has no observable effect. 0 (N/A) SID_CHANTSTR
27 (N/A) 魔力の歌
(Song of Magic)
Has no observable effect. 0 (N/A) SID_CHANTMPOW
28 (N/A) 技の歌
(Song of Skill)
Has no observable effect. 0 (N/A) SID_CHANTTECH
29 (N/A) 速さの歌
(Song of Speed)
Has no observable effect. 0 (N/A) SID_CHANTQUICK
30 (N/A) 幸運の歌
(Song of Luck)
Has no observable effect. 0 (N/A) SID_CHANTLUCK
31 (N/A) 守備の歌
(Song of Defense)
Has no observable effect. 0 (N/A) SID_CHANTDEF
32 (N/A) 魔防の歌
(Song of Resistance)
Has no observable effect. 0 (N/A) SID_CHANTMDEF
54 (N/A) 混沌
Has no observable effect. 8 (N/A) SID_CHAOS Not visible in stat screens, aside from the increase to the capacity gauge.
64 (N/A) 絶対移動
(Absolute Move)
Has no observable effect. 5 (N/A) SID_ABSMOVE Not visible in stat screens, aside from the increase to the capacity gauge.
66 (N/A) 一騎討ち
(Single Combat)
Has no observable effect. 0 (N/A) SID_CONFRONT Not visible in stat screens.
71 (N/A) 邪眼
(Evil Eye)
Has no observable effect. 10 (N/A) SID_EVILEYE Not visible in stat screens, aside from the increase to the capacity gauge. Used in Radiant Dawn as Glare, Nailah's unique skill.

Other Leftovers

The common.m file contains a separate set of name strings for various skills earlier on in the file than the actually used ones. Both the English and Japanese sets feature some odd differences from what they're actually known as in the finished game. What these strings would've been used for, if anything, is anyone's guess.

Message Name Message (EN) Message (JP) Notes
MO_流星 Starblade 流星剣
(Meteor Sword)
Meant to be Astra. Different in both English and Japanese.
Matches what it was called in Seisen no Keifu and Thracia 776 with the "sword" suffix.
MO_太陽 Sundblade [sic] 太陽剣
(Sun Sword)
Meant to be Sol. Different in both English and Japanese.
Matches what it was called in Seisen no Keifu and Thracia 776 with the "sword" suffix.
MO_月光 Moonblade 月光剣
(Moonlight Sword)
Meant to be Luna. Different in both English and Japanese.
Matches what it was called in Seisen no Keifu and Thracia 776 with the "sword" suffix.
MO_鳴動 Rumble 鳴動
Meant to be Colossus. Different only in English.
MO_衝撃 Impact 衝撃
Meant to be Stun. Different only in English.
MO_狙撃 Snipe 狙撃
Meant to be Deadeye. Different only in English.
MO_太陽月光 Aether 太陽月光
Different only in Japanese.
MO_瞬殺 Lethality 瞬殺
(Instant Kill)
Different only in Japanese, where it matches what the skill was called in The Sacred Stones.
MO_武器破壊 Corrosion 武器破壊
(Weapon Destroy)
No differences in either language.
MO_キャンセル Guard キャンセル
No differences in either language.
MO_カウンター Counter カウンター
No differences in either language.
MO_見切り Nihil 見切り
No differences in either language.
MO_待ち伏せ Vantage 待ち伏せ
No differences in either language.
MO_陽光 Sunbeam 陽光
Meant to be Flare. Different only in English.
MO_怒り Wrath 怒り
No differences in either language.
MO_勇将 Resolve 勇将
(Brave General)
No differences in either language.
MO_連続 Adept 連続
No differences in either language.
MO_一発屋 Slugger 一発屋
Meant to be Gamble. Different only in English.
MO_能力勝負 Balance 能力勝負
(Ability Duel)
Meant to be Parity. Different only in English.
MO_祈り Miracle 祈り
No differences in either language.

The model viewer mode contains two unused start-up flash effects for mastery skills. Both even have unique unused sound effects.

  • One for a separate mastery skill for wyvern lords; in the finished game, their mastery skill is Stun, the same as falcon knights. This effect is a red recolor of the Stun effect.
  • One for the recurring Pavise/Great Shield skill from other games; the hawk laguz mastery skill, Cancel, is identical to Pavise but uses completely different visual and sound effects when it activates.

Additionally, the Colossus skill's activation sound effect is named "SFX_BTL_SPECIAL_ANGER1", while the Battle Previewer calls its effect "Mastery: Wrath". This seems to suggest that at some point, Wrath was meant to be a mastery skill, before becoming a regular skill with the generic activation sound and visual effects.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Models

Map Models

To do:

There are a handful of unused map models that are just sort of sitting by themselves, unconnected to any unused characters or classes.

  • Deghinsea
  • Caineghis
  • Sanaki as an adult. This one actually has a slightly more complete set of animations than Sanaki's actual, used ten-year-old model, including having a proper animation for casting magic. Concept art for this Sanaki design was published in the Tellius Recollection art book.
  • Sothe as an assassin. Oddly enough, if the game is hacked to promote Sothe into an assassin, he just uses the generic class model rather than this one.
(Source: Serenes Forest)

Black Knight with Lances

Fire Emblem PoR Black Knight Lance.png

As a boss, the only weapon the Black Knight is ever seen wielding is his sword, Alondite, but since he's a general he is able to wield lances as well. As it turns out, his map model for when he has a lance equipped features a very elaborate lance design that's seen nowhere else! His battle model's lance-wielding is less interesting since, unsurprisingly, he just uses the same lance animations as regular generals.

For what it's worth, Radiant Dawn does allow the player to mess around with giving the Black Knight lances during the brief periods in which he is playable.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Fire Emblem PoR Leanne.png

Leanne has a complete, unique untransformed battle model, although her wing textures are a bit buggy. The player never gets a chance to see this at all in the maps where she appears as a NPC, since a) Ike is carrying her the entire time and is not allowed to drop her, and b) even if he could, NPCs never play battle animations.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unshifted Red Dragons

Fire Emblem PoR Red Dragon.png

Generic red dragon laguz have a complete battle model for their humanoid state. This is never seen because the only generic red dragons ever encountered in gameplay are Feral Ones, who never revert to humanoid form. Their battle model for their humanoid state is used in Radiant Dawn.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Cutscenes


Fire Emblem PoR Dummy Movie.png

A one-second-long clip of the Black Knight taken from the "Greil's Fall" cutscene, with the addition of two instances of the word "DUMMY" fading in and out on top of it. It doesn't have any audio. The clip is also in Radiant Dawn, completely unchanged.

If the game attempts to play a movie file that doesn't exist in the game data, it plays this movie instead, although this cannot occur in the final game without hacking.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


The script for the Prologue chapter contains a check for if the game is an E3 build, and if so, would play an E3 version of the introduction movie. Naturally, the check always returns a false value in the final game, so the game always plays the used movie, movie/s01.thp, instead. The E3 file, movie/s01_E3.thp, doesn't exist in the game data, so even if it is scripted to play by hacking, it just plays the "Dummy" movie detailed above.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Sounds

Mastery Skill SFX

There are several unused sound effects among the batch of mastery skill activation sound effects, whose file names hint at abandoned plans for mastery skills.


The accompanying sound effect for the wyvern lord mastery flash.


A leftover from a separate mastery skill for bishops. In the finished game, their mastery skill is Flare, the same as sages. Radiant Dawn gives a unique mastery skill, Corona, to the bishop class family.


The accompanying sound effect for the Pavise mastery flash.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Music


An unused theme for funny cutscenes.


An alternative game over theme. Radiant Dawn later recycled this for its game over screen.

Debug Menu References

The listings in the debug menu's BGM player contain references to numerous music tracks that don't exist on the final disc at all, which hint at some abandoned concepts.


Evidently, individual battle themes were planned for the bosses Bertram, Ena and Petrine at some point. In the finished game, all of them use the standard "A Mighty Foe" theme shared with most important bosses. What the "magic" battle theme listing could have been is anyone's guess, though.


Path of Radiance is the only Fire Emblem game where no theme songs are played on the title screen, aside from the brief jingle played when you press Start. It's also one of the few Fire Emblem games to not have a "class roll" attract mode introducing all of the game's classes. However, these three listings seem to suggest that both a class roll and a musical accompaniment for the title screen were planned at some point.


A few abandoned themes for cutscenes, including leitmotifs for Ashera and Sephiran, both of whom received used songs in Radiant Dawn.

  • BGM_PRO00
  • BGM_PRO04
  • BGM_PRO05
  • BGM_PRO06

Four more themes for the world map narration sequences were evidently planned.


Path of Radiance is one of only a few Fire Emblem games not to have an arena minigame for training units, but there are listings for abandoned arena tracks. The 25th anniversary "Making of Fire Emblem" book confirms that an arena facility was planned for the game.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


  • In the final chapter, Ashnard can only be damaged by Ike (wielding Ragnell), Nasir/Ena (depending on your actions in Chapter 27), and the Laguz royal you brought to the chapter (either Tibarn, Naesala, or Giffca). They also have their own unique battle dialogues against him. Strangely, a number of other characters also have such dialogues themselves despite never actually being able to damage Ashnard. Some of these (Elincia, Haar, Taureneo) specifically reference attacking and defeating the final boss, suggesting it was once possible for all units to be able to damage Ashnard. And yes, Reyson does have a battle quote against a boss who can one-shot him.